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Recent content by Lawley Wolf

  1. Lawley Wolf

    Rumours from the pub

    You missed Hwang
  2. Lawley Wolf

    See you in August

    Moaning about moaning about moaning
  3. Lawley Wolf

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    I hope he doesn’t get bored one day and read his thread on Molmix, think it would put anyone off playing for us. He has real potential to be a key player for us, but we won’t know if we don’t give him chance to. Would be great to have a local lad making a difference for us on the pitch
  4. Lawley Wolf


    Is he any good?
  5. Lawley Wolf

    Everton’s Finances

    I did say UEFA FFP…………… we are still compliant to both as a result I hope?
  6. Lawley Wolf

    Everton’s Finances

    Yeah I get the urgency with their complaint, fortunately we’ve beat them twice this season, but there will be other teams missing out on points, prize money and table position from playing them, and from Jeffs comments we’ve missed out on transfers! I’d think every team that has been...
  7. Lawley Wolf

    Everton’s Finances

    If we have been sticking to the rules, which was given as the reason by Jeff we haven’t spent more on players due to premier and UEFA FFP, why aren’t we complaining too?
  8. Lawley Wolf

    22/23 season ticket prices

    do you have to have a membership to be on the waiting list?
  9. Lawley Wolf

    Any news on Ruben?

    next season?
  10. Lawley Wolf


    Does anyone have any good Wolves/football related podcasts they can recommend? I used to listen to 'The Molineux View' but that seems to of stopped and tbh unless they had guest was more of an update or Spiers opinion on things which if you are a full time follower you already knew. 'Old Gold...
  11. Lawley Wolf

    Arise Sir Maximilian, England international

    I’m sure lots of scouts were watching, it was live on sky!
  12. Lawley Wolf

    Arsenal Verdict.

    Donk was definitely guilty of a lack of movement , didn’t move to show for the ball in key moments deep in pitch to help team mates, trincao the same in attacking plays higher up, I hate that sauntering style jog. Raul has still got his touch but needs to get rid of that pillow on his head you...
  13. Lawley Wolf

    Thomas Frank

    The man has no shame
  14. Lawley Wolf

    Brentford (A) Pre-Match Thread

    The best vindication for that **** house performance we had to endure earlier in the season would be to absolutely thrash this poxy lot. Come on wolves!! Today is probably the only game id be happy to see us dive, feign injury, spend 3 mins getting attention for a bruised knee and forget how to...
  15. Lawley Wolf

    Kilman Appreciation

    His style of play reminds me of Lescott
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