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Hi mate

Are you the same pq from the wolves forum? Hope you don’t mind me asking . I spent 11 years on there
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Hello mate, yes I am - was there since the start but realised I was spending (wasting) far too much time posting rather than doing things in the real world - I’m on here much less!

Hope alls good with you!

Being an "old fart" and seen 60+ last home match of the seasons, that was one of the flatest. Even the pitch walk round was half hearted.
Thought it was very strange that the winner of the "Young Player" of the year, Luke Cundle, wasnt there to receive the award. please dont tell me that he couldnt be a***d.
thanks for that , is the full adress 8 , church street wellington , and is it very close to wellington railway station , thanks Grenville .
Hi VancouverWolf, hope you are well. You probably don't recognise me from the forum as a I rarely post, but I am regularly reading through Molineux Mix.

This week I'm going to Vancouver on holiday and I'll be there for the Wolves vs Leeds game. I was just wondering if you knew of any sports bar / casino etc near downtown Vancouver that may be showing the game at all? Thanks.
“A person without a sense of humour is like a waggon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”
Hi MobNet Wolf - and congratulations !!
if the tickets are still available I would be happy to take them. Myself and my brother are both members so struggle to get away tickets obviously. Would be great to go to this especially as it’s our ‘local’ game !!
Hello Bod. Long time no speak, I hope you're well.

I am not able to access my main account (Jungleee) - so I ended up creating this new one. Do you think it's possible to retrieve my old one? I'm not sure what's happened to it! Thank you very much in advance.

Your's if you want it. If you give me your mobile number, I will contact you in the morning and arrange exactly where to meet. Good seat in J4
Ned Stark
Ned Stark
That’s great

Hi Portuguese Wolf, i always enjoy reading your posts and find them well informed. i was born and breed from Wolverhampton Nuno has been the best Wolves manager with the best football i have seen a Wolves side play in my life time and i am 63. I love watching the style and skill of play that your players have brought to my club. Who in your opinion would be best suited to taking over from Nuno?
cheers Munromunro
Portuguese Wolf
Portuguese Wolf
In general?
Or a portuguese manager specifically

I would say Sérgio Conceição. But I doubt he would be interested in joining Wolves. Wolves are out of the continental competitions and that is a big "no no" for him.
Portuguese Wolf
Portuguese Wolf
But his style would adapt pretty easily to the Premier League.
He favours a direct to goal, pacey style of play, adding to this the very characteristic fighting spirit of his teams and extreme competitiveness, Wolves could aim for a place in the top
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