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  • How many messages do I have to send before you don't have to approve them?
    has sent 13 messages
    i can't remember off the top of my head, shouldnt be many more i imagine
    Hello Bod. Long time no speak, I hope you're well.

    I am not able to access my main account (Jungleee) - so I ended up creating this new one. Do you think it's possible to retrieve my old one? I'm not sure what's happened to it! Thank you very much in advance.

    Hi Bod. I have had 3 posts removed from the joke thread. Sorry if they offended. They date back to 2014 -2016 when they were emailed to me. I will try to be more selective in future. Kind regards.
    Bod I have had a post removed it seems for political reason. I dont know who removed it but I dont see the point of doing this unless you send the post to whoever made it. I dont remember which post and this is the second time I have had a post removed without knowing why. How is anyone supposed to know what to curb then? If its not you can you make this point to your other mods.
    I am back in now Bod, not sure if it something you did or if you was me closing the app and rebooting, but I am ok now thanks .
    I can’t reply to your mail Bod, I have the ‘post reply’ button but cannot see the text control to enter anything, it is the same on the forum;I hit reply to a post earlier and it was posted as an empty reply because the text box did not appear then either.
    Hmm. Odd, what browser and device are you using?

    Also at the bottom of this page make sure the forum style is set to molmix1
    Re the RMT strike. I'm sorry, but I think you are mistaken (unless the match has been moved):

    Sat 23/11 Wolves away to AFC Bournemouth;
    Hi Bod101, You can see from my post of apology to Mol Mixers that there was never any deliberate intentional misleading of that thread I posted. It was a mistake on my part I can see now. Thanks for locking the thread as I was not liking all the OTT verbal abuse I was receiving. Regards JJ
    How do I get my old log in? I have requested forgot password but get nothing back. I was WolfoftheWrekin now WotW just so I can get on the mix?

    Just a quick question and I know this may be a silly one: how can I PM people? Do I not have the capability until I’ve posted say x amount of times?

    Thanks in advance!
    Yes that correct, from memory I think we set it at 10.
    Nomadic Wolf
    Ok, thanks for your response.
    Hello Bod, I was wondering if you could change my username please? It changed from Vösseh to Vösseh when the Mix changed from its old format to the current look (around 2 years back?) I can still log in but Vösseh is a bit weird and I can't type it with that symbol being in there. If you could change it to SanktPauli I'd appreciate it. If not the old Vösseh will do. Thanks kindly!
    done :) I was going to message you that it would need changing with those odd characters in! :)
    Thanks, appreciated :)
    Hi Bod.
    I can’t log into the Mix from my iPad !
    No problems with my phone.
    It says “ Your account has temporarily been locked due to failed login attempts”
    I’ve cleared Safari history and tried with Chrome but no luck......... any suggestions?
    All the best UTW
    Hi bod !!!!!! Got back in on my iPad!!! Didn’t click the “stay connected “ option and whoosh accepted!!!
    Must have got a bug from TV Playback I think
    Keep smilin’
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    Hi Mate, are the guy who started up the forum? I was thinking of setting up one you see for my other passion - snowboarding but wanted to ask some questions. Cheers
    Bod I wanted to start a thread to ask about live streaming but as I know its a sensitive subject I wanted to run it by you first. I see that it looks as if you become a member of bet365 you can watch live streaming so I take it that this must be legal.
    I am not sure of how it works and wanted others' views on this.
    You ant deny I am right when you allow the disgraceful thread about Saunders to persist without taking action. I feel trolled by that thread, so act on my behalf. No? Thought not.

    Ban me if you like, not a problem. You will just fill your message forum with one point of view and no one will come any more because if the bullying that exists.

    Up to you.
    Just wanted to let you know that I had posted my post that edited before I read yours. Just a matter of timing.
    I wouldn't have posted it if yours had been there.
    Alright chap,

    I'm not being funny but I'm not going to take being called a "cretin" via PM after a MOD has closed the thread. I can see why you have closed the thread but for Ice Cream Head to then send me a PM calling me a cretin is out of order.
    Why did you ban me for posting a link of molineuxpride ?
    Better not put .com on end of it as i might get banned again.
    As a mod you have the right to close any thread should you so choose.

    Your decision to close my thread concerning Del Woppio is draconian at best.

    I saved his "confession" and am now taking it to the parliament via other reps.

    Your action has absolutely proved my point about Molineux Mix and it's cliques and inner circle.

    I suspect and hope that my actions will result in this forum no longer having a representative at the fans' parliament.
    Sorry to disturb you mate, but I keep getting bloody pop-ups come up when accessing Mol Mix even though I've got them blocked.

    Not being an IT specialist, is there anything I can do to stop it happening as it's driving me mental?


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