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    Hi Penywern
    Can I buy your Bolton ticket please, i appreciate it very much? Thanks
    Hi Pengwern I have only just noticed you have an MA in British Imperialism which has long been a great interest of mine. I have a large collection of photographs, postcards and books related to the Empire. If you are ever interested in discussing this further then send me a PM/reply to this message and I will let you have my email a/d.
    Hi Pengwern.

    I do indeed currently reside in Lyme Regis - moved here from London around 17 years ago. Originally from Wolvo but left to go to uni when I was 19. I'm in Wolverhampton regularly because I'm a STH and still have family there. Not sure I'll be in Lyme for the rest of my days - I often hanker for a return to London.

    Best wishes to you.

    I'm fine thanks Pengwern. Hope you are well also. Not sure that this football forum is the best place to debate the issues that really matter and if you get involved in a long thread it can take up hours of your time which I'm not prepared to do (unlike Battleship and co). Nevertheless if something comes up where I think it is important to offer alternative views to the received 'wisdom' will no doubt re-appear from time to time. At the moment my main concern is that the likes of Milijas and Guedioura can't get into the team! MM is going to get into trouble if he keeps persevering with players who are essentailly of Championship quality but whom he loves because they are 'triers'.

    All best,

    Ah class! Are you on Edexcel by any chance?
    you're not a racist by the way - far from.

    Just wondering, you've stated previously you're in education. Do you teach philosophy or something?
    Hi! hows it going...I already thought I was your friend mate...but if this is how we do it then I am ok with it.

    You probably know that my name is Phil Cornes and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I better tell you right away that I have just had my 78 birthday...but my age belies my intellect..I still have all my marbles and a whole lot more. ;-)

    If you want to talk to me by email my address is

    [email protected]

    Over to you buddy!
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