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    Wolves Summer 2022 Recruitment Plan by Dan Butler

    Option for Wolves to extend in both cases +1y for Dendoncker and +2y for Semedo
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    Is Mendes still useful?

    We certainly came out of things prettybadly in Sep 2020 as I’ve posted before here Benfica sign Darwin Nunez for €24m and we sign Fabio Silva for £35m the next day with Porto and Mendes taking sizeable cuts after Silva signed a new deal at Porto raising his buyout clause materially. Recent...
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    Rumours from the pub

    According to someone on another thread, this one has legs which is always a pretty good attribute in a new signing. The poster did say the deal could get sabotaged though…legs chopped off from under him maybe
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    At the start of the season I’d have been delighted with a top half finish. Given where we were in January though, it seems like a real missed opportunity. Points and position don’t tell the full story either. If you look at the Understat expected points table here we’re 17th and the three teams...
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    Marcal dropping truth bombs

    Marcal didn't let anyone down. Defensively and positionally he was solid. He came in relatively cheaply and performed to a decent level when he was fit. Think he gave away the odd penalty but no more (and probably less actually) than Saiss, Boly, Semedo, Kilman, etc.
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    Saul Niguez on loan with an option to buy could also be plausible if one or both of Neves and Moutinho go.
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    Rumours from the pub

    If Lage stays I could see Palhinha coming in for sure. If there’s any truth in the Lopetegui rumours, he’d probably want to bring in specific players to fill the specialist roles in his preferred system ( e.g DCM, AT) especially if he thinks there are gaps in the current squad. Imagine he might...
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    Marcal dropping truth bombs

    The left-hand side of our defence was pretty competently locked down in the first half of the season when Marcal and Saiss featured. Since January it’s been much less so and a lot of the goals and chances conceded have come down that side with not a huge compensating upside in terms of looking...
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    Rumours from the pub

    Re. the whole scratch and sniff thing, isn’t that more Joachim Low’s schtick. The ‘Loppety guy’ might be into it too I don’t know, but let’s not unduly cast aspersions If rumour 1 is true (and I hope it is) then Lopetegui favours a flexible 4-3-3 switching to 5-2-3 within games with the...
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    U18 & U23 news and info...

    Lage was talking up Giles earlier in the season claiming he was a similar level to RAN and would likely be in first-team contention next season. Watching Bueno, I think he could gatecrash that. Looks a real talent and if he keeps up his rate of progression and continues to improve defensively...
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    No Clean Sheet Since MARCH 13TH

    A Cundle - Shi midfield it is next season then :) The recruitment needs to be absolutely spot on over the summer just to tread water, especially if Moutinho doesn't get a new contract and Neves gets sold. Neves isn't a 70m player that's true but he's still comfortably one of our best players...
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    No Clean Sheet Since MARCH 13TH

    The XG league table makes worrying reading https://understat.com/league/EPL Filter by the last 3 months and we're third worst for both expected goals scored and expected goals conceded. The only teams arguably worse than us are Norwich, Watford and Leeds who might all be going down. Our top...
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    Team for Naaarrwitch

    If we play 4 at the back, your lineup with Toti for Mosquera and Raul for Fabio. I don’t think Trincao and Neto have started together yet or overlapped much on the pitch. Would be good to see some attacking intent against Norwich
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    City Verdict

    I didn’t watch the Burnley game last season but it’s as bad as I’ve seen Boly. If you watch De Bruyne’s 4th goal tonight and Leeds first goal from the 2-3 a few months back, and watch Boly closely it’s pretty rank defending. He’s been one of my favourite players under FOSUN but looks spent
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    City Verdict

    Defensively we were all over the shop. Boly’s been a great player for us over the years but he looks miles off the pace - constantly out of position and regularly seen ambling back 5-10metres behind play and it affected the whole back line. We looked solid when we played City and Liverpool...
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