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Recent content by Lisas Husband

  1. Lisas Husband

    What are your rules for respecting a poster ?

    If I'm out in public I refuse to take abuse. So I won't give any out either, on here or in life. Anyone who can't ignore someone on a message board (which has an ignore option) should probably have a word with themselves. There's a serious lack of respect in the world all over, I want to think...
  2. Lisas Husband

    Jamie Carragher

    I take whatever he says with a pinch of salt. He's a wretch of a man and I don't think that is just an opinion but I do believe that he has proven that himself. A half decent premier league defender, a hopeless impartial commentator and a mediocre pundit. If he was levelling those comments at...
  3. Lisas Husband

    Thelwell and Dalrymple

    -don't know of him -I was bewildered when we signed him -He'll be in the curry house. Just don't know which one
  4. Lisas Husband

    Blues... In the mire...

    I would like to give each and every blue nose a drink from me. Firstly, filtered through my kidneys.
  5. Lisas Husband

    Another Scumbag Footballer

  6. Lisas Husband

    Rumours from the pub

    Have a look on Google maps
  7. Lisas Husband

    Verdict Season: 21/22.

    The season felt stale. It's was a methodical yet ponderous season from most of the players and my god it was hard to watch at times. If you're a neutral watching us you're switching the TV off. Some crazy player selections, some crazy play when playing out from the back, we just love to play...
  8. Lisas Husband


    What’s Sheffield got that Wolves hasn’t?
  9. Lisas Husband

    Do Wolves want Liverpool to win league?

    Never. Anybody but Liverpool.
  10. Lisas Husband

    On the beach ?

    I agree to the point that they were better than in recent games, but allowed Chelsea way too much possession in the 2nd half and I thought we were losing confidence quickly again. The Brighton game was hopefully a one off, but whichever player says that they tried as hard in the Brighton game...
  11. Lisas Husband

    On the beach ?

    The way our boys played in the final 10-15 minutes of that game is something we haven't seen for some time unfortunately. Bruno has thrown on as many forward players as is possible in the past when chasing a game but it's never seemed to click like it did yesterday. It's as though they found...
  12. Lisas Husband

    Samuel Akwasi.

    Absolutely awful news and possibly the worst news a family could receive. Rest in peace young man.
  13. Lisas Husband

    Watford Relegated

    Even he's gone.
  14. Lisas Husband

    Watford Relegated

    Ben Foster. If anyone has ever seen his Cycling GK podcast they’ll know what a proper ****ing wet the bloke is. Now then Watford, don’t let the door smack your sorry fat asses on the way out and have the good manners to wait a while until you come back. Those tools are way too close to London.
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