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    Loan Thread - 2021/22

    What a waste of money Cutrone has been, as we are paying his wages maybe a loan to Grasshoppers would be best for everyone, so far he has failed at every Team he has been loaned to may as well add another to the ever growing list.
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    The same old, same old, repeated arguments transfer thread

    Thats always assuming that said players in will want to come to the Wolves.
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    Such a talent but such a waste, he has been given so many chances now but thrown them all away, never mind he might learn when its to late.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    While I have always rated Vitinha I never thought he would have teams such as PSG looking to buy him, I can only guess what the people at Wolves that decided against buying him are thinking now? and to think he arrived at Wolves within days of us signing someone else from Porto that someone has...
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    U18 & U23 news and info...

    Think he is to good for U23 football now, but providing he can keep clear of serious injury issues I reckon he has a good future in the game, preferably with Wolves.
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    Bobby Hope dies aged 78.

    RIP, Bobby Hope was One of the last really good footballers the Baggies had, I remember my grandfather (Baggies Fan) often mentioned how good he was, and I myself just about remember him from that really good Albion team.
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    Would anyone like to talk about about Molineux on TV?

    Would the member Paul? (The guy who organises Flag waving, banners etc etc be willing to help) Im sure he would if he knew about this.
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    Derby takeover about to collapse

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61760255 What a ****** the sale has fallen through, he has messed them around for months now left them high and dry, mind it doesnt say a lot about the administrators who chose him over others as preferred bidder over other interested parties, I guess the...
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    Our Academy players- Pre Season

    Agree with your sentiments entirely, but I might add that I think Lage and some of us would like to take a look at Connor Ronan during pre season just to see where he is at these days.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Maybe the window is not open, but according to this deals have been agreed since June 1st. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/transfers
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    Fixture Bias - Big 6 / FA

    The Premier League consists of 20 Teams without fear or favour end of, If any team gets a favour of any kind then its not a level playing field.
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    Fabio Silva Beneficial for a Loan as MGW successful Loan spell

    He needs game time, sitting on the bench at this stage of his development is no good for Fabio and no good for Wolves.
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    Derby takeover about to collapse

    Yes its the same guy, the same guy thats been in the running to take them over for months and months, now its time for the talking to stop and put his money where his mouth his or put another way put his hands in his pocket it seems the pockets might not be deep enough.
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    Blues... In the mire...

    Under the current owners there is only one way Birmingham City are going and thats down, how the club that carries the cities name can get in to this position is beyond me, much prefer Brum to the Vile whose supporters are arrogant at the best of times,.
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    Realistic sale fees

    The problem with signing Sanches is that you would need to sign AN Other to cover for the times he is out injured (Wink).
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