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  • Hi my friend, do you still have those press cuttings 67-75 available, if so i am still interested in purchasing them for you.
    Regards Phil
    Hi, i have made you an offer for Sporting Star Football Pinks 71,72,73,74 do hope you will except this, i will pay for postage just name your price and i will also make a donation to your cause. ❤️
    Regards Phil.
    Hi North, i se from your post re the late John Dee thst you hsve some Wolves memorabilia, i collect items from this era and i am always looking for scrapbooks Sporting Stars from the 67-75 seasons and was wondering if you would be prepared to sell them on to a good home.
    Just name your price my friend.
    Hi mate. Are you still looking for a Man City ticket? Not sure if you saw my response to your post but I'm unlikely to be able to go. Cheers, John
    Hey NNW! Happy New Year to you! Great to meet you on the train on Saturday after the Bristol City game! Hope you had a safe journey home! All the best, Matthew Dean
    Hi Matthew, Happy New Year to you. Great to see you and your pals on the train. What a night, what a game, still buzzing! I'll look out for you in J4 on my next trip up which will be Forest, take care and all the best for 2018, Chris
    Hi. Is qpr ticket still available ?
    Great! Yes I’m going up tomorrow. Am in Steve Bull, but could meet up beforehand (from 1.15 onward) outside the ground? Will have my mobile (07490722920)
    Hi mate can you please give me details of streaming site as I'm watching my daughter and can't go. Thanks in advance ,kev
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