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Recent content by Kingswood Wolf

  1. Kingswood Wolf

    New Shirt Sponsor/Reveal

    It's okay ... new sponsor is clearly streets ahead of ****ing ManBetX. Still too many random black bits and probably white bits I can't see yet. KISS: keep it simple, stupid. 7/10
  2. Kingswood Wolf

    The same old, same old, repeated arguments transfer thread

    We'll sign some rando 17 year old from Belenenses to keep us quiet soon, and then that'll be it, despite plenty of rumours also designed to placate. Then right near the end of the window, we'll sell Traore and Neves. Jeff and Scott, pain etched all over their faces, will insist we tried to sign...
  3. Kingswood Wolf

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    7. Soap Ah yes, I await the glorious day when our new 30 million pound midfield maestro is paid for entirely by the proceeds of getting knocked out of an eSports league in the first round because it turns out we're gash at that, too.
  4. Kingswood Wolf

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    6. Your opinion ( ;) ) Jeff has constantly mentioned it in his Ask Wolves video - why doesn't he stfu about it when he clearly knows it's a) fallacy and b) we want to hear about the soccer, sorry, football on the pitch. If eSports is really the life raft we're clinging to then god help us, and...
  5. Kingswood Wolf

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    1. Socks 2. The colour grey 3. Gravy
  6. Kingswood Wolf

    Rumours from the pub

    Matt Murray says Bruno kept playing Hwang to prove a point (the point being he's crap) to Sellars and Jeff and show them up, so he and Mendes can recruit instead. Comes straight from the urinals at The Combermere this one. I did then say why didn't Bruno do the same with Fabio and the fella...
  7. Kingswood Wolf

    Julen Lopetegui

    I too would like to swap 30 degrees, blue skies, orange groves and the Champions League for the Wolves. (Well actually I would, but no way JL would).
  8. Kingswood Wolf

    Burnley verdict thread

    I'm dangerously close to not giving a **** anymore (this season!).
  9. Kingswood Wolf

    Molineux future capacity

    It's been bloody hard for a casual to get tickets since we went back up; impossible if you want more than 2. So all the while we are doing well, 40K is likely imo.
  10. Kingswood Wolf

    Goal music

  11. Kingswood Wolf

    Bruno Lage

    Since our return to the Premier League, and nearly always playing 541 or similar, up until Arsenal last month, we had never lost from a winning position. Now we've done it twice in a month or so and both in calamitous fashion. Definitely something for Bruno to think about.
  12. Kingswood Wolf

    Everton (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    Just seen our team. I retract this comment. Ffs.
  13. Kingswood Wolf

    Everton (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    Freakishly comfortable win in-coming, that can't really be explained other than Everton want to relegate themselves. Mark my words.
  14. Kingswood Wolf

    Wolves v Crystal Palace comms thread.

    WHAT CHANCE A BLOODY SHOT ON TARGET?! 6 points to ****ing Palace ffs.
  15. Kingswood Wolf

    Wolves v Crystal Palace comms thread.

    This aged well
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