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Wolves v Derby match verdicts/player ratings thread

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Mutchy, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Mutchy

    Mutchy Administrator

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Match reports/player ratings only. Comments/discussion on the other thread please.
  2. Del Woppio

    Del Woppio Guest

    Hennessey - Some iffy distribution, but claimed 2-3 crosses well. Not assured, but not stretched. 6
    Foley - One error, where he came inside facing his own goal and played Henry into trouble 18 yards out. Other than that, his usual self. 7
    Hill - Steady, if unspectacular. I'd have liked to have seen him overlap more, but he may have been under instructions to keep things tight. 6
    Stearman/Mancienne - As usual, great on the ball. Worrying in the air - neither seem to attack the ball unless it's on the deck, and a more effective strike partnership would have punished us. It's great to see comfort and confidence on the ball, but part of me thinks we need more ariel ability and strength in the partnership. 6
    Kites - More like a winger, and more like the Kites that has courted so much attention. Some great examples of old fashioned wing play, and a wonderful ball through to Keogh for the third. 8
    Ward - A more natural wide threat than Edwards or Gray, and a different player to last season's Ward. Triffic. 8
    Henry - A great 'spoiler' display, with a few cracking balls thown in for good measure. 8
    Edwards - Took his goal excellently, but I think his desire to get forward cost us little bit of shape in midfield at times. Real energy, and some very good movement, though. 8
    Keogh - His movement off the ball was absolutely superb. While he doesn't offer the arial ability, the strength or the finishing of Iwelumo, his pace, intelligence and excellent link up play make him a good option. Really pleased that barring a few $$$$s, his contribution got the vocal appreciation it deserved. 8 MOM
    SEB - Good penalty, good second, and some good strong hold up play. Showed a couple of excellent bursts of pace too. Looked a lot sharper. 8

    McCarthy - I've been advocating a Hill/Ward left hand side for a while, and I'm glad he's tried it. It looked decent. Everybody who came in, did well.
    Fans - It was quiet at times, but I'm so pleased that Keogh got some support. He deserved it, and barring a few morons whoare incapable of open mindedness and independant thought, I was pleasantly surprised.
  3. cannockwolves

    cannockwolves Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Hennersey was fine 7
    Foley 7
    stearman 6, a little ragged at times and against better forwards would have been punished.
    Manciene 8 just to good for them to get the better of.
    Hill, I know I should give the bloke a chance but I didn't like the look of him. I thought he was poor 5.
    Kighly much better tonight than in recent games 7.
    Edward just ok, but took his goal well 7
    Henery, started slowly but got better. Still prone to give the ball away to much 7
    Ward very good gives a bit of height on the wing and attacks the ball, developing into a fine player 8
    Keogh, let me get this straight I never boo keogh, but I don't see everyones big love in with him. Again what was a poor side he won nothing in the air and missed every attempt on goal. He got a lucky break with the ball coming back to him off the keeper to square for SEB. Sorry as a goal scorer he is a waste of good oxygen. But for he running into the channels and a quick cross (after missing his second one on one) 6
    SEB good penalty and used his power to get his tap in 8
  4. A wanderer from Bristol

    A wanderer from Bristol Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Hennessey - 7 - didn't have anything to do
    Foley - 7 - Mr dependable
    Mancienne - 9 MOM - Majestic. Despite a 20 minute period in the first half when they tried to rough is up, they never looked getting past him. Disagree with an earlier post - thought he won nearly everything in the air, and consistently out jumped Hulse
    Stearman - 7 - gets the wrong side of attackers some time but pace gets him out of trouble
    Kites - 8 - As above. Attacked the byline more than I ave seen him recently. Classy slide rule pass for the last goal
    Henry - 8 - won a lot of ball
    Edwards - 7 - good goal, good energy. Goes to ground a little too easily sometimes
    Keogh - 8.5 - really good display. He does bring something different to the front line with his pace and movement and clever distribution. An intelligent player.
    SEB - 8 - two well taken goals but my favourite was the explosive shot from nowhere with no back lift which hit the post in the first half. Ball was behind him and looked as if the chance had gone.

    I agree with the point about the separate threads. Posting and reading the verdicts used to be really enjoyable, mixed in with discussion and reaction. But now the verdict is on a separate thread, it seems to be wilting on the vine. Can we put them together again please?
  5. The Weasel

    The Weasel Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Not by any means a classic, but definitely a case of 'job done'. Derby were physical and direct and seemed spurred into life by the 'injustice' of the very early penalty (which to be fair looked harsh). They gave us a run for our money and it took us over 30mins of aimless hoofing before we settled down and started to play like we know we can. After that there was only one winner. We closed down quickly, distributed intelligently and attacked fluidly, we could have had 5 on another night.

    Hennessey - 7 - Much better than against QPR but some worrying decision-making
    Foley - 7 - Didn't do much wrong but looked very much like a makeshift right-winger when Collins came on
    Stearman - 8 - Much better performance from Stears and a couple of mazy runs
    Mancienne - 8 - How high does he jump?! Only lost one header all game. Quality.
    Hill - 6 - Very nervy first half, didn't want the ball, didn't venture forward, just played it simple. Much better second half as his confidence grew.
    Kightly - 7 - getting back to the Kightly we know and love. Phew!
    Henry - 8 - Solid, captains performance, some great interceptions but occasional poor first touch and hesitancy let him down a little.
    Edwards - 7 - A 6 really, but for his goal. He needs to work on tracking-back and supporting Henry and he also needs to keep up with play (I mean thinking time, not running, he's a second or two late starting his runs). Having said that some real attacking purpose and a decent goal.
    Ward - 6 - Ward has been a revelation at LB and I feel for him that he's been shifted about to make way for Hill. When I saw the teamsheet I was concerned about a new left-side partnership being our vunerability. In fact they were reasonably solid, but we don't get the best out of Wardy in this position.
    SEB - 9 - MotM, not just for his goals and the knowledge that when we get a penalty we'll probably score from it, but for his all round game. He holds the ball up well, brings other players into the game with excellent vision and timing, some of his flicks into space were sublime. Real, top drawer performance.
    Keogh - 8 - If only he could have put one away. A cracking game from Keogh, his movement, decision making, distribution and vision were excellent. I guess he gets 2 assists (it was his challenge that brought about the penalty) but we'll still get callers to WM saying he's rubbish - madness. Really pleased the crowd got behind him last night.
    Collins - 6 - Looked like he was playing with a makeshift RW in front of him. He was. Did nothing wrong.
    Vokes - 6 - We'd lost our shape with Foley replacing Kightly by then, but he's still a handful
    Jarvis - no score - don't think he touched the ball - shame he was stuck on the sideline while we defended a succession of corners as that was 5 mins less match time for him.

    Ref/Officials - 9 - no complaints. Let the game flow, used advantage rule well, dished out no cards and gave us a lucky early pen! Can we have him every week...

    Fans - nervy opening period despite the goal, so quieter than usual, but great value second half...."why the $%^& are you still here?"
  6. Wolf Pack leader

    Wolf Pack leader Has a lot to say

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    Jun 26, 2008
    Hennessey - Does not command his area and rarely leaves his 6 year box - 6

    Foley - Usual self - 7.5
    Stearman - Dodgy 12st 20 mins good after that - 7
    Mancienne - Back to usual best - 8
    Hill - good debut - 7

    Kightly - better than of late - 8
    Henry - Poor 1st half, when he and Edward were second to the ball and won little in air or on floor. Second half better - 6.5
    Edwards - Apart from gooal did little in 1st half better in second - 6.5
    Ward - Excellent again - 7.5

    SEB - Led line well - 8.5
    Keogh - If he could choot he would be perfect, good effort, hope confidence rises

    Why did Jarvis not come on after 3rd goal for 30 mins did not understand that

    Central midfield is a continuous worry We should dominate poor teams like Derby, but we did not
  7. Lupo Italiano

    Lupo Italiano Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 5, 2005
    Ebanks-Blake MOM for me.

    Classic centre-forward's performance in the absence of his regular strike partner. Could have scored more but his 2 goals were good enough.

    First player to truly grace the fabled no.9 shirt since Bully.
  8. dolmanrj

    dolmanrj Guest

    Hennessey - 7
    Foley - 7
    Stearman - 7
    Mancienne - 7
    Hill - 7
    Kightly - 8
    Henry - 7
    Edwards - 7
    Ward - 7
    Keogh - 8
    SEB - 8

    I've always been a keogh fan because he offers something very different. I recognise that his finishing isnt great but his movement is excellent, hes not bad in the air when he wants to be, his work rate is exceptional his touch is excellent. He provides that extra bit of quality we need to play free flowing football and thoroughly deserved the round of applause.

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