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Wolves v Blackpool match verdicts/player ratings thread.

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Mutchy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Mutchy

    Mutchy Administrator

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Match reports and player ratings only please, any discussion on the separate thread... its not that complicated!:)
  2. Edgmond Wolf

    Edgmond Wolf MolMix Poster of the Season Runner Up 2011-2012

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    Nov 10, 2007
    You can stick your $$$$ing tower up yer $$$$

    Another three points in the bag, blouse up next.. We played well in the first half but went to sleep for 30 minutes in the second before the second goal killed off Blackpool

    Ikeme - 7 - Another solid game, came for the crosses well and had a good save in the second half when he pushed the shot round the post

    Foley - 9 - This bloke is class. Calm on the ball, wins the headers, wins the tackles, always available as an outlet

    Stearman - 8 - Another solid performance from Stears, solid in tackle and air and always willing to get forward

    Collins - 7 - Good solid game from Collins with the odd moment of indecision that did not cost us

    Ward - 8 - How does he fill in week after week? He stopped any threat on the left and gave great support to the attack

    Kites - 6 - Thought he was quite today, not at his best and a bit greedy with the free kicks

    Edwards - 8 - Played a great game particularly in the first half when he won every 50 - 50 ball

    Jones - 8 - Solid game for Jones , put himself about again particularly in the first half

    Gray - 7 - Good link up play with Ward and SEB, wish his legs were younger

    Iwelumo - 7 - Seemed to be carrying a knock for much of the match but still won loads in the air. His first goal was a sublime take down and shot

    SEB - 6 - Good link play with Iwelumo and Gray but a bit quiet


    Keogh - 7 - Came on and injected a bit of life at a time we needed it

    Shackell - 7 - Came on for Stears who took a knock and played solid with Collins

    Vokes - 6 - Not on too long but looked lively

    Mick - 8 - Good performance in first half and good substitutions when necessary

    Crowd - 22034 today and noisy first half especially when told over the tannoy to sit down.... Yeh got the reaction you would expect.
  3. Wolv3nsam

    Wolv3nsam Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 15, 2007
    Surely you mean the Blades next, not Blouse.
  4. we love jez moxey

    we love jez moxey Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 5, 2007
    i went in the player's lounge with Ikeme's dad, it made me realise how old i am getting, the players look really young, especially keogh, he looks about 12!! Unfortunaltley the view aint great from the seats they give you by the side of the tunnel (apart from the player's wives and girlfriends, that view was terrific :D). As for the match, we didn't really start to play flowing football until we scored our second, kightly and SEB had poor games, and we looked much brighter when keogh came on. I really think we need a player to come in and challenge kites for his shirt, might be the kick up the $$$$ he needs. Big chris had a great game, what an absolute gem he is!!
  5. Wolv3nsam

    Wolv3nsam Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 15, 2007
    A good victory when you take in to consideration that we had (arguably) our first choice centre-half missing and also our captain who IMO is vital to our style of play. The score line flattered Blackpool - it easily could have been four or five.

    Player ratings

    Ikeme, 7 - Dealt with everything and put in a very commanding display. Pawed away a very good Blackpool chance in the latter stages of the second half and claimed the ball well when it came to corners. Not tested that much I thought.

    Foley, 7.5 - He just gets better and better, there really can't be many better right backs in the Premier League than him. His usual high level of passing wasn't up to standard today and he was left exposed due to Kightly coming inside on numerous occasions, but still his standards didn't slip.

    Stearman 7.5 - Excellent and confident display from Stears. Easily could have been on the score sheet any other day if not for a wayward header from a Jones free-kick and an excellent save from the Blackpool goalkeeper.

    Collins, 7 - Calm and collected, came in and did a job during Mancienne's absence. I don't think he deserves the stick he gets at all and he's certainly not as $$$$ as some people claim but he's not really brilliant either.

    Ward, 7 - He really is a find at LB and gets forward very well. We could easily have another Mr. Consistent this side of the field as well.

    Kightly, 6 - Not at the races at all. I'm not sure why he is so reluctant to take his man on lately especially when his opposing number is Mo Camara who doesn't have a $$$$ing clue. Lacklustre but still probably could have scored. I think Kightly is getting too 'comfortable' because we really haven't got a player to challenge for his place and give him a run for his money.

    Edwards, 8 - Fantastic I thought. He didn't give Blackpool a minutes peace and was always first to the ball and in their faces, he hasn't done his chances of a first team place any harm today but you can't really drop either Henry or Jones so it'll be interesting to see what Mick does. Didn't waste a single ball. MOTM

    Jones, 7 - Quality set pieces delivery as always and similarly to Edwards didn't waste a single ball. He can go missing in games from time to time but I think he conducted the play very well today.

    Gray, 6.5 - Did his job but he can't beat a man with pace which is what Jarvis and Carlos were experts at. His defensive abilities allow Ward to venture forward and I thought he had a pretty decent game, though it's doubtful he'll be playing on Tuesday after completing 90 minutes this afternoon.

    SEB, 6 - See Kightly. Looked leggy and out of it, he couldn't hold the ball up to save his life but did have the odd moment where he'd ghost past the Blackpool players. It's a shame we can't rest him really as we have two very important games coming up.

    Iwelumo, 7.5 - Took his goals well and really did put in a captains performance. I'm not sure why the referees have a vendetta against him especially when Rob Edwards was suspect of tugging on his shirt once or twice during aerial challenges - lead well from the front and I only hope his knee injury isn't too serious, but he looked fine in the warm down so I imagine it was just a pre-caution.


    Keogh, 7 - Made a big impact when he came on, played some lovely balls and probably could have been on the score sheet himself. He is a fantastic substitute to bring on with his pace and energy.

    Shackell, 6.5 - I'm not really keen on him and Collins playing together as they're too similar in my opinion. Made a fantastic block which surely would have been a goal for Blackpool and did what was necessary. Sadly won't be getting in to the side anytime soon with Mancienne and Collins ahead of him in the pecking order, but he didn't do his chances any harm.

    Vokes, 6 - Not on long but forced a good save out of their keeper and played some nice flicks. I reckon he will be quite the player if not next season then the season after. It's nice being able to bring some height off of the bench.


    Andy D'Urso is the bloody awful referee I remember him for. On more than one occasion we had the ball in a good position and he'd pull us back for a foul committed two minutes ago. Like many referees also this season he finds it necessary to blow the whistle when Iwelumo is going up for a header and not really making any fouls. However, I thought both lines men were decent.


    Only just over 22,000 but certainly in full voice and gave the team plenty of encouragement. The ground looked fuller than that though I thought.
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  6. rincewind

    rincewind Just doesn't shut up

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    Jan 22, 2008
    In the end comfortable but a bit nervy for 15 minutes after half time. Anyway my take on performances -

    Ikeme 8 ....... Little to actually do. Collected crosses well and a couple of good saves.
    Foley 7 ........ Thought their winger gave him a relatively tough time today especially 2nd half. Got forward more than usual though.
    Ward 9 ......... Excellent. Would have a 10 but for some poor distribution. So good they concentrated on Foleys wing!
    Stearman 8..... Very solid until he went off. Should have scored though!
    Collins 7.......... Solid but dwelt on the ball occasionally.
    Jones 8 .......... More inolved throughout. Perhaps felt more responsible defensively without KH.
    Edwards 8 ....... At times seemed to be everywhere. Faded a bit in the 2nd half but MM may find him hard to drop!
    Kightly 7 ......... OK but not special. Did look fitter though taking on his full back more often than of late.
    Gray 7 ............ Solid performance.
    SEB 7 ............. Still doesn't look quite right but general play was good today. Limited chances and strangely he seemed to snatch at the few he got.
    Iwelumo 8 ........ Scored 2. As normal very involved though still strangely unloved by refs but who cares.
    Keogh 8 ........... Did well when he came on and nice to hear a Keogh chant.
    Shackell 7 ........ Looked a little uncertain at times but may lack match sharpness.
    Vokes 7 ........... OK in brief time on the pitch.
  7. The Weasel

    The Weasel Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Pretty comfortable win against a half decent side. We dominated for large periods and they were reduced to shots from distance. Second half they threw everything at us but the second goal killed them off. 10pts from third placed Reading now - result!

    Ikeme - 8 - not a lot to do but did it admirably, wont lose his shirt anytime soon
    Foley - 9 - Commanding performance and most Blackpool attacks came down his side
    Stearman - 7 - Solid, almost scored twice, took a knock to his ankle and was subbed
    Collins - 8 - Commanding in the air especially against Burgess who is enormous, a no nonsense performance
    Ward - 9 - Brilliant. Excellent defensively and a real threat attacking. MotM. I actually feel sorry for Hill.
    Kightly - 6 - Out-marked? Out-paced by Mo at times, and generally out of sorts. Got an assist though.
    Edwards - 8.5 - Superb first half display. Lost nothing. His best game in a Wolves shirt, made a real claim for a starting birth. Faded a little second half.
    Jones - 8 - Solid, worked hard, formed a good understanding with Edwards. Kights didn't let him take many of the set pieces today which was a shame...
    Gray - 7 - Worked very hard for the team. Not everything came off for him, but a decent showing
    SEB - 6 - First 20 mins looked bright, after that looked off the pace and was beaten regularly by his defender. Could do with a rest.
    Iwelumo - 8.5 - Cracking display and two poached goals. Thank you very much. We really should dig up the thread from when we signed him, for a laugh...

    Keogh - 7 - Lively performance, almost topped with a goal
    Shackell - 7 - Was worried at the though of a Shackell/Collins partnership - I needn't have been. Solid no nonsense performance in the Jody mould
    Vokes - 6 - Not on long but almost scored. Lively cameo

    Ref: A bit fussy but at least he didn't dish out loads of yellows, so exactly the kind of ref we needed right now

    Crowd - 22000 a bit of a disappointment but we made some noise today. Didn't hear Blackpool fans at all
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  8. jlovatt

    jlovatt Guest

    Just got back from a wedding do after going straight from the game but i'll sum up my opinion quickly.

    Ikeme - 7.5 - Fairly solid and claimed some good balls as well as a few good saves although I think the defence saved him on one occasion although i'll have to watch highlights to be sure.

    Foley - 8.5 - Utterly outstanding, full stop.

    Stearman - 7 - Not his strongest games but made a few good interceptions

    Collins - 7 - Shakey on occasion but cleared the hoof from blackpool very well all day long.

    Ward - 8 - I can see why we are leaving him at left back at the moment. Almost a natural.

    Kightly - 6.5 - Didn't look quite right. Possibly tired from the 90 minutes mid week. Cut inside to often I think and left Foley exposed but Foley had an outstanding game anyway.

    Edwards - 7 - Not bad, a few games in the team and he could be an asset. But I think Henry will be back in and he'll be relegated to the super sub role (which he does well)

    Jones - 7 - Dangerous crosses from freekicks. Fairly solid game

    Gray - 7 - Did well

    SEB - 7 - Okay, made a few good changes for himself but a bit quiet.

    Iwelumo - 9 - Solid captain's performance. Why do referee's pick on him so much? Other than that, very impressed. Shame he appeared to pull up on his hamstring.


    Shackell - 7 - Did a good job

    Vokes - 6 - Not enough time but he did have 1 fantastic chance to make it 3 - 0 which he missed.

    Keogh - 7.75 - Lively and much more comfortable playing as a striker. Cleaver footballing brain.
  9. Law's Bus

    Law's Bus Guest

    Another fairly routine win, although there was a time before our opening goal where I thought we might lose it - it was exactly the kind of game we'd have lost 0-1 before this season. We had lots of chances before Iwelumo put it away, and the ball just wouldn't go in! In the second half we went back to playing on the break, and allowing Blackpool to play in front of us a little. We're getting pretty good at that, and I'm starting to not have kittens about the whole thing.


    Ikeme: Not as much to do as previous games, but did everything with competence. I'm waiting for him to have the drop in form, but it's not happening yet. 7

    Foley: I'll disagree with some of the other ratings here, and suggest that Foley had probably his worst game of the season today - he made one mistake that I recall
    after all... 7

    Ward: Kept his side well marshalled, and Blackpooll gave up attacking him. 8

    Collins: I was concerned when I saw him warming up, as I'd missed the news about Mancienne. Did pretty well today, including some un-Collins carrying the ball upfield. Shame about the passing at the end of it though! 7

    Stearman: It's all getting rather easy for Stearman, isn't it? Hope his knock will not keep him out of Tuesday. Sensibly asked to be replaced when he felt it rather than playing on it and making things worse. 8

    Edwards: Excellent high-energy performance and caught my eye. Tackled surprisingly well as well as managing to get forward. 8

    Jones: I was a bit concerned before the game with the more attacking combination in central midfield, but I need not have worried. Jones played more defensively than usual and did a good job. Set pieces as good as ever. 8

    Gray: Yes, his pace has pretty much deserted him, but is making up for it by intelligent use of the ball and good positioning. Wasn't really that much of an attacking force, but did OK. We could do with a loan player here, though - or to recall Dan Jones (which isn't going to happen). 6

    Kightly: Below his usual high standards, though I wonder how much of it was down to being unable to beat Fly Mo for pace? Crosses came in from him earlier and deeper than usual, and never gave up trying. 6

    Iwelumo: Captain for the day, and gave a captain's performance. Took his goals well, though if I'm being picky he didn't win as many headers as usual - when he was allowed to compete for them that is! Pulled up feeling the back of his leg before being replaced. 8

    Ebanks-Blake: Worked hard, though not a lot seemed to come off for him. He'll have better days than this. 7


    Keogh: Did well after coming on, but still can't hit a cow's backside with a banjo. Had a great chance near the end, and I was willing him to score for his own confidence levels, but it wasn't to be. 7

    Shackell: Another decent cameo. Perhaps the best praise that can be given is that we looked no worse for losing Stearman. 7

    Vokes: Did pretty well too, though it's all about gaining experience at the moment. 7

    McCarthy: I suspect the injuries to Stearman and Iwelumo robbed him of the opportunity to put Potter on and save Gray's legs for Tuesday - which is perhaps the only thing I can complain about. I'd have started with Shackell instead of Collins, but then Collins performed well so what do I know? 7

    Officials: Rubbish. Again. Forever waiting to see if there was an advantage after a foul, then once there was one, he pulled the play back. In the first half gave every dodgy decision to Blackpool, then in the second half gave every dodgy decision to us. Ridiculous decisions whenever Iwelumo challenged for the ball. 5
  10. woolee9

    woolee9 Guest

    Ikeme 7 - Looked confident and came well for the crosses.

    Foley 7.5 - He looked solid but maybe wasn't quite as good as usual and got turned a few times.

    Stearman 8 - Headed well and didn't put a foot wrong but how did he miss that header?!

    Collins 7.5 - Surprised me today looked really assured.

    Ward 9 - Was amazing and I wouldn't have anyone else in that squad playing LB any more.

    Kightly 7 - Was really quiet today, but then again do we just expect too much from him???

    Edwards 9 - My MOTM today. Didn't do his chances of a start on Tuesday any harm at all. Always to the ball first and wasn't afraid to have a go. MOTM.

    Jones 8 - Looked good and played some nice balls. Turning into a bit of a star in CM.

    Gray 6 - Played some nice football but just can't run.

    Iwelumo 8 - Even with a knock a true captains performance and won lots in the air. 1st goal fantastic.

    SEB 7 - He looked really tired and never really got into it. I have thought he has looked lazy for the last few games. A bit of a swagger for someone playing poorly. He is getting cocky and not trying.
  11. glasgowwolf

    glasgowwolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 30, 2005
    Ikeme 7 Really positive in dominating his area. Good save round the post

    Foley 8 Apart from 1 missplaced pass he was excellent

    Stearman 7 Excellent read the game well, far better distribution that Lescott.

    Collins 7 biggest compliment I can pay is We did not miss Mancienne

    Ward 8 What a find, excellent

    Kightly 5 Poor distribution, tracked back well, but was poor. Lost our shape through him. Too many times they came down our right and Kightly was somewhere he shouldn't have been.

    Edward 7 Played really well. Excellent passing.

    Jones 7 good work excellent passing, some poor shooting.

    Gray 7 good work nice passing decent crossing

    SEB 7 Some decent movement, some excellent runs. Far too many times though his movement was poor.

    Iwuelmo 8 Scored 1 superb goal 1 poachers goal. Poor movement very poor, far too static. Was not helped by the worse ref I have seen in a long time. How a player can get shoved in the back, and the foul given againts him.


    Keogh 8 came on and gave us what we were lacking movement in behind, held the ball up well. If he had been on balance when he wriggled through he would have scored

    Vokes 7 Not on long, missed a good chance. Showed glimpses of promise

    Shakell 7 Best compliment I can pay him is we did not miss Stearman.

    Ref - 4 Useless total $$$$........
  12. Bedford Wolf

    Bedford Wolf Guest

    I don’t post on many verdict threads as I don’t get the chance to go to many matches, but Saturday was an exception.

    All credit to Blackpool, they tried to play football the right way with the ball on the deck. They played the game in a good spirit, I can only think of one rash challenge, and that came in the last five minutes.

    It’s easy to see why we’ve been winning so many games. Our midfield we so very quick to close down the man with the ball – they were never given any time or space. After two or three passes they ran out of options and had to play a rushed, hopeful ball or were caught in possession. Our movement around their box was very good. The man with the ball always had someone to pass to. Both SEB and CI held the ball up very well. Both looked a threat.

    My one criticism of Wolves is that we tried to play too much in our own third of the pitch, Foley (apart from this had a good game) being a case in point. In the first half on one occasion he was facing his own by line just level with the edge of the area with one of their men putting him under pressure. Instead of turning towards the line (away from danger) and playing a ball up the line with his stronger foot, he turned into his own area and finished up playing a ball across the face of his own goal with his weaker foot.

    Wolves could have been 3-0 up before we scored. Had those chances fallen to a striker instead of a defender we could have been walking in at half time with the game already won. As it was, Blackpool came out after half time and should have been level after we failed to clear a corner. It took us a while to cotton on to the fact that they were playing with three up after half time and caused us problems. Once we adjusted to that we got back on top. Again, we had other good chances to score, on fell to Gray who put it over when he should have hit the target, and we had two others very late on.

    A good game that could have been 4 or 5 – 1, but I’m happy to take a comfortable 2-0.
  13. Poole Wolf

    Poole Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Ikeme 8 Totally confidence in him - commanding and makes the saves when needed.

    Foley 8 Top class again

    Stearman 7 Should have got a hat trick - not troubled much at our end.

    Collins 7 Solid mistake free performance

    Ward 8 Starting to forget he was ever a striker/winger

    Kightly 6 Lacklustre agein as at Southampton till later on when he livened up. Nearly outpaced Camara on one run so he's quicker than I thought. Great corner for the second.

    Edwards 8 Excellent game won the ball in countless tackles - ran his heart out.

    Jones 7 Classy display making intelligent decisions.

    Gray 8 Underrated by some - always, absolutely always available for the ball and taking up good positions throughout. Should have scored to round of an excellent performance.

    SEB 7 An improvement on Southampton - signs that he is about to explode again. Hopefully in the next two matches.

    Iwuelmo 8 Johnny on the spot again and a physical presence throughout. Gives us great balance and occasional touches of real skill.


    Keogh 8 Credit where due - a brilliant cameo. Some arrogance and a clever use of the ball - kept possession well the best I have seen from him for some toime.

    Vokes 7 Unlucky but always lively - a great asset to have on the bench. Definitely has what it takes.

    Shakell 7 Good presence - could be needed against Beattie.

    Ref - 5 Not Andy D'irty's worst performance but he should be advised that you are allowed to jump up into the air and head the ball. CI was pulled up for just being on the pitch on some occasions.

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