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Wolves v Birmingham match verdict/player ratings thread.

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Mutchy, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Mutchy

    Mutchy Administrator

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Anything other than stand alone match verdicts/player ratings will be deleted. All discussion on the other thread please!
  2. glasgowwolf

    glasgowwolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 30, 2005
    Hennesey - 7, Nothing wrong a little bit flappy on the corners.
    Foley - 7 good game goning forward defensively sound
    Stearman - 9 His mistake on the goal, but totally quality the rest of the game.
    Mancienne - 7 Did well, struggled early on against Bent.
    Jones - 6 poor game, the whole game hust seemed to pass him by
    Henry - 8 Close to MOM played really well.
    Kightly - 5 Tried too much, he is better, when he passes and moves he is better.
    Gray - 3 Was not in the game. Touched the ball twice.
    Ebanks Blake - 6 Fits and starts, superb goal
    Iwuelmo - 5 Poor, not really in the game, Ridgwell, played him well.


    Edwards - 8 Excellent movement great passing
    Keogh 7, gave us better shape, held the ball up well battled well. Is not a winger but played ok.
    Vokes - 8 excellent could have scored, played better than Iwuelmo.

    Ref missed 2 challenges, but other than that was excellent.

    MM - Subs changed the game, once we had made the changes, we looked a top of the table game.
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    KAZZZZ Senior Member

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    Nov 10, 2007
    Wayne...a little arogant for my liking, but good kicking but should stay on his line a bit more when they were attacking, and be a bit more asured for corners. 7

    Foley..relaxed and composed with good defending and passing. 8

    stears...this guy will be awsome when his older, makes a load of mistakes evrey game but makes up for it somehow, great with ball on the floor. 8 can see his not good enough to get into chealsea team on this performance, but he will do for us. 8 so impressed with him, i was not a fan untill today, worked his nuts off and backed up the wingers with some great runs and foward passes. 9 have him on the feild is enough, as his double marked, played well when the team started actually trying to use him. 7

    henry..come into the game 2nd half, but i think he can improve with passing. 7

    jones...a little quiet and seemed to lack quality..5 work work with no quality. 5

    iwelumo..tried hard but not his day, was well marshalled today. 5

    ebanks...went through a lot of work, wish he would stay on the last man a little more, great goal and well deserved. 8

    subs...keogh...does nothing for me, lacks quality and confidance..5

    vokes..he will be a gem, eye for goal and was good in the air. 6 around like headless chicken and offers options going foward. 6.

    mick...made the changes when he needed to early on, his finally showing us all what a great manager he is. 9

    crowd from what i heard from the tv 10.

    chuffed to be wolves on that second half performance and effort, if they show no respect to the teams and do what we do well, will go up as champs.. they proved they can take on the best in this div..
  4. singwolf_1

    singwolf_1 Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 9, 2005
    Wayne...nervous I thought, and kind of flappy 6
    Foley..composed, steady with good defending and passing. 8
    Stears...a tale of 2 halves..... kept us in it in the 1st half 8 (MOTM) dodgy 2nd half 6
    Mancienne...played well enough... not really ready for the big time on this display.. but
    didn't make any mistakes either 7
    ward...played great... 8
    kites...marked out of it in the 1st half, came into it after the Brum goal.. great pass that
    set up the goal.... 6.5
    henry.... midfield was missing in the 1st half...but came better in the second... 6.5
    jones...see Henry, but only for the 1st comment.. anonymous in the 2nd.. 5
    gray...worked hard.... 5.5
    iwelumo.... we kept pumping balls at him... 5.5
    ebanks...quiet, disinteretsted , reminded me of Nathan Blake a bit...1st half.. much better
    2nd .. and a great goal... 7

    subs...keogh...was involved but I am not sure there was much quality... 5.5
    vokes.... was involved, had a couple of chances... 6
    edwards..was involved but I am not sure where he ws.... 6.
  5. Hennesey - 6 Didnt really have much to do. Decent kicking but slow off his line when crosses came in

    Foley - 8 Solid game

    Mancienne - 7 Nothing special, nothing wrong, decent performance

    Stearman - First half 8/Second 6 Too long on the ball for the blues goal

    Ward - 8 Solid game again

    Kightly - 6 Not his best but some good moments

    Gray - 6 Not really in the game but good effort

    Jones - 6 Didnt look fully fit

    Henry - 6 Decent second half

    Iwelumo - 6 Not his best performance

    Ebanks - 7 Took his goal well

    Subs -
    Keogh - 5 Another square peg round role scenario
    Vokes - 6 Maybe should of got a goal from his couple of chances
    Edwards - 5 Not involved much
  6. Edgmond Wolf

    Edgmond Wolf MolMix Poster of the Season Runner Up 2011-2012

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    Nov 10, 2007
    We take a point

    Blouse came and for long periods were first to all the 50 - 50 balls. There front pairings were a real handful, Philips - Bent in the first half and Jerome - bent in the second. Happy with a draw at the end although we could have nicked it at the death.

    Hennesey - 6 - Looked a little nervous, flapped a little at the crosses but his kicking and distribrution were good. Made one excellant save in the first half.

    Foley - 8 - Solid defending from Foley and it was needed at times. Supported well going forward

    Mancienne - 7 - Solid performance although was given a hard time by Bent, particularly in the first half.

    Stearman - 8 - MOTM - Saved Hennesseys blushes with a goal line clearance in the first half and made two crutial tackles in the second. He amy have been at fault with Jeromes goal but he gave his all and deserves a goal when he forages forward

    Ward - 8 - Can not say enough about Ward at the moment. He is playing awesome at left back and supports the forward runs superbly

    Kightly - 6 - Double marked for much of the match and was perhaps guilty of holding onto the ball too long at times

    Henry - 6 - Hell of a battle going on in the middle of the park and to be honest we came off second best a lot of the time

    Jones - 6 - Set piece delivery OK butwas bested in the middle today

    Gray - 6 - Tried hard but we needed Jarvis on the wing today.

    Iwelumo - 7 - Won nothing from the ref today... Still worked hard for the team

    Ebanks-Blake - 7 Took his goal well and battled all day


    Keogh - 7 - Added so much needed shape when he came on
    Vokes - 6 - Maybe should of got a goal from his couple of chances
    Edwards - 6 - Lively performance shook up the middle when he came on

    Ref - Gave us $$$$ all all day, Iwelumo only had to look at the ball

    Mick - Excellant substitutions at the right time

    Crowd - 26329, Good crowd today and made plenty of noise in spells. Even heard the North Bank sing then again it was going to be on the telly!! Bloody hell it was cold.
  7. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Mark Rankines Lovechild Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Very vocal crowd today, drowned the Blues fans out. Birmingham were, in my humble opinion, extremely unimpressive. They reminded me of a Bolton in that they were big, physical and looked to play it very directly over the top. Poor first half performance from Wolves, much improved after the break and with the substitutions.

    Hennessey - Did nothing wrong, one good save - not too convincing on crosses (7)

    Foley - Solid performance as ususal- got forward well (7)

    Ward - Top class today, worked hard got the crowd going, superb football in making the equaliser (9) MOM

    Mancienne, very tidy - reads the game very well and make some great interceptions. lokks quality on the ball (8)

    Stearman - Odd performance - at fault for the goal but again made telling interceptions and tackles (8)

    Gray - Anonymous, kept cutting inside and conceding possession (6)

    Henry - reasonable game today but seemed in a daze for the first 20 minutes and was often caught in possession and some poor passing. (7)

    Jones - Dreadful performance today, lightweight in the tackle, passed the ball poorly - rightly substituted early in the second half. (5)

    Kightly - Poor first half, seemed scared to death of Quedrue. much improved second half when he switched sides and skinned their replacement full back at will. (7)

    SEB - Poor first half - much improved second which was capped with a well taken goal (7)

    Iwelumo - No joy against a tall Blues back line, but grafted hard (6)

    Keogh - I hesitate to write anything bad about Keogh for fear I will e accused of getting on his back - but **** it - he was an absolute non-entity today. Got the ball and was scared to use it or go forward with it. Square peg - round hole? Play Gobern then when he is fit...but on this form Keogh wouldn't even make the bench. (4)

    Edwards - Worked hard, tackled well -one beautiful pass to Kightly - he uses the ball well. No coincidence that Wolves drastically improved when he came on (8)

    Vokes - Going top be a good player, one lovely flick, won his headers, good snap shot which could have won it (7)

    A draw was probably a fair result, and certainly one that was better for us than the Blues.
  8. North West Wanderer

    North West Wanderer Just doesn't shut up

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    May 9, 2008
    Good result against a very good Birmingham side that in McFadden have a player well above Championship standard. Best o player on the pitch by a mile.

    Hennessey - Did what he needed to 6
    Foley - Excellent - easily Player of season to date 8
    Ward - Very solid again - growing into the role 7
    Stearman - BUT for one mistake was top notch - this lad is a diamond 8
    Mancienne - What he lacks in height he makes up for in ability - excellent 9
    Kightly - When he learns when to release the ball he has everything 6
    Gray - Didn't offer anything for me and was rightly substituted. 5
    Jones - Did well against 2 Premiership standard midfielders 7
    Henry - MIA 1st half - stamped his authority second half 7
    Iwelumo - Nothing special today 6
    SEB - WHEN he woke uo did very very well. 7

    Keogh - Completely lacking in any confidence whatsoever - ability wise has it all but won't achieve anything when every touch is greeting with howls of derision. Time to go Andy. 6
    Edwards - Busy 7
    Vokes - Achieved for than Big Chris in his cameo - hugely promising 7

    Crowd were good rather than great although the Blues support was dire!! "You're just a bus stop in Aston" always makes me smile!

    Referee had his good bad and downright ugly moments!

    Well done to MM and the lads for a very good result against a very good side who in fairness dominated the 1st half more than we did 2nd half -lacked any real clear cut chances but always lookeddangerous. Today is a measure of how far we've come.

    Never been so cold at a game ever!
  9. Adrian_Monk

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    Apr 17, 2006
    Hennessey 6, foley 6, ward 7.5, stearman 7.5, mancienne 7, kightly 5.5, gray 5, henry 7, jones 5.5, ebanks-blake 6, iwelumo 5. I'm a harsh marker i know, especially as i felt we played our part in an absorbing game that in the second half was like a bout between two great heavyweights with both sides looking dangerous on every attack. Hennessey didn't have his best game and showed why ikeme is number one with a less than assured display. Foley was also below par but stuck to his task and even on off days still has the positional sense to limit danger. The two centre halves are not especially suited to the way we play in that both like to attack the first and second ball every time which against the better strikers leaves big gaps high up the field, as we saw with jerome time and time again breaking clear of the defence. They'd have benefitted today from a sweeper instead of gray who was totally anonymous. Ward patrolled the left flank outstandingly and was just shy of stearman for man of the match- i don't think we realise what a talented young player we have on our hands, his touch is sensational and has learnt the position commendably well. Jones and henry lost the battle but got some help when edwards came on and henrys influence grew in the second half. Kightly tried too many times to run the ball in and needs a reminder he has team mates who can be just as effective as he can in the penalty area. Iwelumo won little and seemed conscious of his early booking, and ebanks-blake struggled against a rugged blues back line but toiled well. Overall a good game with us more than playing our part. Well done lads.
  10. dolmanrj

    dolmanrj Guest

    I cant understand all these low marks for kightly? some are only giving gray 5's and 6's and kightly .5 more, cant understand that, 2nd half he was like his old self, sprinting down the wing taking players on, worked well with ward for the goal.

    Hennessey - 7
    Foley - 7
    Stearman - 7
    Mancienne - 7
    Ward - 8 MOM
    Kightly - 7.5
    Jones - 6
    Henry - 7
    Gray - 6
    SEB - 7
    Iwelumo - 6

    Keogh - 6
    Vokes - 7
    Edwards - 7
  11. Jim Bowen

    Jim Bowen Just doesn't shut up

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    Nov 7, 2005
    Hennessey - 7
    Foley - 7
    Ward - 8
    Stearman - 7.5
    Mancienne - 7
    Kites - 7
    Gray - 5
    Jones - 6
    Henry - 6
    Ebanks-Blake - 7
    Iwelumo - 5

    Vokes - 7
    Edwards - 6
    Keogh - 4
  12. Boss Hogg

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    Jun 29, 2005
    The only attacking threat for us seemed to be when Ward joined the attack, Blues cancelled us out and neutralised Kightly and Big Chris really well.

    Hennessey - 7 couldn't do much for the goal

    Foley- 8 solid as usual

    Ward S- 8 great game, looked good on the rare occasions he went forward

    Stearman -9 superb game, great last ditch tackles and goal line clearances. One mistake all game when he was done by Jerome for the goal

    Mancienne 7 - not his usual match sharpness

    Jones 6 - didn't really get into the game today, Carsley won the midfield battle
    Henry 6 - too many misplaced passes for me
    Gray 6 - tried hard, didn't attack enough
    Kightly 6 - neutralised really well by Brum, who won the midfield battle

    Iwelumo 6 - couldn't get into the game
    SEB 7 - worked hard, great finish for the goal, which he deserved

    Keogh 5- lacking confidence, wants to play the ball back, not forward. makes the wrong decisions too frequently.

    Vokes 7 - a great cameo, won plenty in the air, but SEB not close enough to him to profit

    Edwards 6 - lots of energy as usual

    We won't face many better teams than Brum all season, good result for us. Thought their support was poor and quiet, even though they packed the lower stand
  13. Poole Wolf

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Watched on TV. A stunning performance I thought. Well it was for me half way through the second half my wife shouted "Cat". Thinking a new 'deposit' was about to arrive on our patio, I jumped up to to leap into the conservatory to scare it off forgetting that I had closed the patio doors. Smack!!! I look like I've been 6 rounds with Ricky Hatton. Still managed to enjoy the rest of the game in double vision.

    Thought it was a mature performance today against a physically strong and experienced side that we would have won with ten minutes more on the clock. In the first half we were outplayed and stretched by their movement. In the second half Mick made some astute changes and there was only going to be one winner when we ran out of time.

    Hennesey - 7, I don't think he's as good as Ikeme at the moment but that is part of the growin up process. No major errors but gets trapped at corners
    Foley - 8 Again very good against players with Premier CVs.
    Stearman - 8 One error but several sublime moments
    Mancienne - 7 Couldn't dominate Bent but maybe he was still recovering a bit from illness.
    Ward - 9 MOM I thought this was a great fullback performance and made the equaliser with supurb play
    Jones - 6 Worked hard but without an outlet on the left options were restricted
    Henry - 8 Equalled the opposition and a major factor in us not losing this one
    Kightly - 7 Some good runs and made major inroads when he moved to the left.
    Ebanks Blake - 8 What a great finish. Worked hard all match.
    Iwuelmo - 6 Not his best game.
    Ward - 5 He's done really well lately but the wrong choice tonight.

    Edwards - 7 Very close to starting with Henry or wide, always makes an impact
    Keogh 8, I think the crowd have it wrong, I'm changing my mind about Keogh because every time he comes on whether it is up front, on the left or right he changes the game.
    Vokes - 7 Still learning and rushing his chances. Will be a major asset in a year or so.

    MM - Shsssss I'm starting to like him. After my vitriol of last year I feel quite humble. I actually think he's quite good now. Maybe that is the secret give them a chance - Alex at Man U Kendall and Moyes at Everton Thank god for Steve Morgan. Great subs great press conferences.
  14. jlovatt

    jlovatt Guest

    From the game, not TV.

    Hennessey - 7
    Foley - 7.5
    Stearman - 8.5
    Mancienne - 8
    Ward - 8.5
    Kightly - 8 (I can't understand other's ratings of him either)
    Jones - 7
    Henry - 6.5
    Gray - 6
    Iwelumo - 6
    SEB - 7.5

    Keogh - 6
    Vokes - 7
    Edwards - 6
  15. Hennessey-7- good game on the whole but wasnt his best performance
    Foley-7- good game again fairly solid
    Mancienne-6- good player but not big enough for a CB too short no real presence in the air he jumps with no chance of winning the ball.on the bright side he did recover for Stearman on a couple of occasions.
    Stearman-8-at fault for the goal but made up for it very well gave a 100% and made a few crucial interceptions and tackles.
    Ward-7.5- Not bad at the back great runs going forward almost did the Business himself a few times and a very nice cross for the goal
    Kightly-7- Nothing really fell for him today but didnt do anything wrong that comes to mind never stopped working though
    Henry-7- Decent game came close with a shot early in the second half again like Kights didnt really do anythin wrong
    Jones-5- very quiet today only thing that caught my eye was his free kick attempt
    Gray-4- Wasnt in the game off the pace but got crocked a few times
    SEB-7- Worked hard got the goal we desperately needed not the best that ive seen him though
    Iwelumo-5.5- nothing came off for him really

    Keogh-4- looked like he was there to make up the numbers very poor silly offsides very poor passing most of the time the team had to carry him for the full amount of time he was on the pitch when we were pushing for a winner in the added time he was very lack luster and looked like he didnt give a damn.
    Edwards-7- did well in the time he was on the pitch made a decent impact fast movement tried to influence the attacking play
    Vokes-4- wasnt impressed at all with him today he wanst on the pitch long and he was moving around like he had been goin full pelt for the full 90 quite dissappointed with him

    I was very worried about the CB partnership the marking was poor and they were always having to make last ditch tackles it needs to get sorted.

    Probibly sounds like im moaning but im happy with a point from this game. What i am not happy with is the way we played when we were going for the winner Keogh and Vokes looked uninterested and there was a lot of backward passing to Wayne when we should have been really pressing and pinning back Birmingham.

    Still 6 points clear so i wont complain too much.
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  16. Toon Wolf

    Toon Wolf Guest

    Tense and nervy performance in the 1st half, poor in the opening of the 2nd half (seems to be a pattern emerging on that one) and played our way back into it once we fell behind and deserved a point.

    Hennessey - 7. Looked a bit lightweight when collecting croeses and seemed to me like he kicked the ball long too much in the first half and played it out shorter more in the 2nd and I think this helped improve our game.

    Foley - 8. Solid, looked pretty comfortable most of the time. Got lucky when he stepped out to play offside, McFadden scored but the linesman wrongly flagged.

    Ward - 9. My MOTM. Good defensively, and really made a difference when he got forward. One good overlap in the 1st half and set up the equaliser really well. Any doubters about this guy must still have their heads up their arses. He's a VERY good left back.

    Stearman - 9. Might have got MOTM if not for the goal and a couple of other iffy moments. I really like the way he carries the ball out of defence, he is clearly very comfortable on the ball.

    Mancienne - 7.5. Don't think he won a single header against Bent in the 1st half and was given a bit of a lesson. Improved in the 2nd half and nipped in to win a few challenges. Looked composed when in possession.

    Kightly - 7. Anonymous in the 1st half, once he switched to the left he gave their makeshift right back a torrid time. Busy and involved, just delayed playing the right pass a few times.

    Jones - 6. Quiet. A few good passes, but part of a midfield that was completely outplayed in the 1st half (I'm detecting a theme here, are you?) Not surprised when he was withdrawn.

    Henry - 7. Not gonna mention the 1st half (whooops, there I go again). Got more involved as the game went on.

    Gray - 5. I like Gray and think he can definitely play a part in games this season. Just didn't today.

    Iwelumo - 5. Thought while he was on we played in one way and against their defence it was the wrong way. He won nothing in the air (and nothing from the ref), and he didn't do too much to hold the ball up and bring others into play.

    SEB - 7. Did he play in the 1st half? 2nd half he looked much more lively as we stopped looking for the long ball so much. Took his goal very smartly.


    Keogh - 5. And that is purely for his movement off the ball. The rest of his game was poor (and I am not a Keogh basher).

    Edwards - 7. Should have been on earlier. Some nice passes, and seemed quite dynamic. Tempo definitely upped with him on.

    Vokes - 7. Another sub who helped change the tempo and the way we played. A lot more effective than CI today, seemed to win more headers though he seemed to be coming a bit deeper for them than Iwelumo.

    McCarthy - 8. Good subs, good tactical changes which changed the game in our favour, especially Kightly onto the left. But what the hell happens in the dressing room at half time? We seem to be sluggish at the start of the 2nd half quite often. Still, we took control after we conceded!

    Happy with the point to be honest, especially after we went 1-0 down.
  17. Atlas 1951

    Atlas 1951 Guest

    Lost my p2p feed just before SEB's goal, but for what its worth I'll make some pointers on what I did see:

    Hennessey looked good to me.

    Centre backs: unlikely to have as tough a day as this this season, and they were very much second best to Phillips and Bent. The line was not held very well, and needed all the young men's pace to recover from errors. That said, all the focus was on them until the B'ham goal, such was the pressure they were under, so they evidently played their part in keeping us in the game, but the lack of experience showed today, IMO.

    Ward: Wholeheartedly excellent; very good distribution and a fantastic run from deepin the second half.

    Kightly: I felt he really got a lot more space when Keogh came on, despite the many criticisms levelled at our Andy by other posters. I really thought that he made the difference, albeit more from the tactical shape of the side than his performance itself.

    Henry: Ball winning was good but he lacked any accuracy in distribution, probably not helped by a rather wayward Jones.

    Jones: See above

    Gray: I felt he was having a decent game until pulled off but we needed more attacking threat and we got it with keogh.

    McCarthy: Gray for me is a defensive option, and that's not really what I want to see at home. Had we played Keogh first I think we would have got a lot more out of the Blues defence; they grew with confidence as the game went on and we weren't in with a sniff until Keogh came on. Perhpas Mick showed them too much respect but he got a good result today; I wouldn't complain about the draw.

    In general a great derby game, judging by the TV a fine atmosphere, and a far better result for Wolves than it was for Birmingham. I'm well pleased. I think any Wolves fan would have taken four points from the last two games if offered them.
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  18. Law's Bus

    Law's Bus Guest

    I'll be slightly controversial here and whilst I'm happy with a point, I'd suggest that it was two thrown away rather than one gained.

    Why would I say that? Well, whilst Blouse weren't a bad side, they weren't particularly brilliant either - hell, Burnley played as well as them the other week. Unfortunately, we made them look good in the first half by continually giving the ball away - our passing game was rubbish. It would go from defender to midfielder to Blouse, or a longer ball up to Iwelumo who was crowded out by up to four players and hence couldn't win the ball.

    If we'd played anywhere near as well as we have done this season we'd have won comfortably. Still, credit to Blouse for hassling us, and then doing better than us with their possession.

    Congratulations should go once again to Tony Daley. He was never, ever fit for us but has that really taught him how to keep others fit. Blouse looked exhausted after 70 minutes or so, but we kept going until the end of the game, and there would only have been one winner if the game had continued beyond 90 mins...


    Hennessey: Not bad at all, though after a couple of months of having a goalkeeper who comes for everything, it's a bit of a shock to have one who tends to stay back. One great punch out from just under the crossbar from a Blouse corner in the first half, whilst being pushed over by two players. 7

    Foley: A decent game from him again - though not as influential as usual. 7

    Ward: Great stuff. Clearly he's been a left-back filling in at centre-forward all these years. 8

    Mancienne: This was his worst game for the club so far, and generally got outmuscled by the Blouse forward line. His pace got him out of trouble more often than not. 6

    Stearman: I thought he was immense in the first half - whilst he was clearly given a game by Blouse, Philips barely had a sniff. Couple that with his great clearance when Hennessey was beaten, and it was super stuff. It's a shame that it was his mistake that gave away the goal, but he seemed to recover well from it. 8

    Gray: Sorry Michael, but I can't remember a thing you did. The game passed him by entirely. 5

    Jones: Never gave up, but not really at the races today. Guilty of giving the ball away as much as anyone. 6

    Henry: Marginally the better of the central midfielders, as his better tackling helped us out. As with Jones, his passing deserted him somewhat, though again it improved as the match went on. 6

    Kightly: Kights really, really needs to learn that he doesn't need to beat teams by himself. He sent himself up all kinds of cul-de-sacs today, and more often than not ran into half a dozen players who proceeded to relieve him of the ball. Improved again as the match went on as he went back to doing what he does so well. 6

    Iwelumo: Not a good game, as he was completely surrounded by Blouse players at all times - with up to four players on him sometimes! Never, ever gave up though. 6

    Ebanks-Blake: Worked hard again, and his finish was typical SEB. You can never count him out! 7


    Keogh: Mmmm. Once again, he showed he's not a winger. Refused to take his man on more often than not, and got few crosses in. What he did get in were very good, mind - and his working his way into good positions helped pull the Blouse defence around and make space for others. 7

    Edwards: Another decent cameo. Plenty of energy just as Blouse were tiring. 7

    Vokes: He got himself into one or two good positions today, and he'll only improve with time. 7

    McCarthy: Good substitutions, made at the right times. Can't think of much he could have done better today. 8

    Officials: All over the place. Some good decisions, some terrible - booking Iwelumo for being tall and standing still was one of the lowlights. 5
  19. Jack

    Jack Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Really, really pleased how we came back after the early second half setback and delighted with four points out of six.

    Similar to Reading at home, the first half looked like we were caught in the occasion, but when we got back to doing what we do best, we looked the better team.

    Hennessey - 7. Did well and commanding his box better in the second half.

    Foley -8. Excellent as usual and just genuine class with his distribution.

    Ward - 9. One of the players of the season and another top notch performance. Added something to our attacking play, which was reinforced with his delightful set-up play for SEB's goal.

    Stearman -5. I must have been watching a different game to everyone else. A good clearance off the line first half and some good attacking runs, but his defending second half was shocking. Jerome ran him ragged and time and time again he lost his man. Not the first time this season he's cost us goals due to really bad errors - he had wayne to thank on Tuesday for saving his blushes against sheff u.

    Mancienne 7: Better of the two and was always going to lose the aerial battle with Bent. However, his ability to recover, read the game and calmness on the ball is premier class.

    Gray 5: A weak link this season. Never convinced he's got the energy or pace to beat his man and that leaves us very toothless down that side. Thanks Mickey for the memories, but think it's time to take a back seat.

    Henry 7: Held the midfield together and, whilst his distribution was not great, his leadership qualities were needed and came through.

    Jones 5: Never at the races and not for the first time, struggles against reallly good midfielders. Goes missing when the going gets tough IMO

    Kightly 8: Rubbish first half, but excellent second when he tore Nafti (?) apart time and time again. Final ball could be better

    SEB 8: Nothing until the goal, but what a finisher. The only player in our team who could have scored that.

    Big Chris 6: Had four men to contend with everytime the ball went up in the air. Carsley also dropped back in front and the ref bought it everytime!


    Edwards 7: Injected the energy we needed - should start next game.

    Vokes 7: Won lots in the air and helped to change the game.

    Keogh 0: One of the worst performances I've ever seen. Looked absolutely petrified everytime he had the ball, especially when we were on the break, he was one-on-one with his man and played foley a hospital ball. He's not even worth his place on the bench anymore, which is a crying shame. His head has gone and, like I said about two months ago, needs to go on loan to find himself again.

    MM: Excellent substitutions 8

    Offical 4: Inconsistent decisions and a love affair with Jaidi.

    Crowd 8: Great noise in the South Bank and a lesson in what support is for the brummies, who apart from their one song, you never heard.
  20. Tarcisio Mifsud

    Tarcisio Mifsud Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 4, 2005
    To avoid repetition I am grouping the best, the average and below average players in our team in my opinion from the match I watched on TV.

    The best:- Foley, Ward, Stearman, Henry, SEB and Kightly.
    The average:- Mancienne, Hennessey, Edwards, Vokes and Keogh.
    Below average:- Gray, Jones, Iwelumo(most probably he looked in that form due to the referee not protecting him, but rather tried to play him out of the match with an unnessary yellow card).

    The referee :- always gave 50/50 incidents to the blues, he did not notice that Taylor had picked a backpass which would have resulted in an indirect freekick in the penalty area, he allowed Jerome to push Strearman and the latter had to make a great intervention to avoid a second goal by Jerome and the referee was actually on with play, how he allowed that to go on, when he was stopping play for other trivial incidents is beyond me, infact I gave Iwelumo below average, but it was the referee who made him so for he kept giving fouls against him, when he was not at fault.
  21. Super Hans

    Super Hans Guest

    Birmingham are a well organised unit. And I believe far more suited for the Prem than us. However, we deserved the draw at least and could have nicked it. I'm satisfied with a point though.

    Hennessey - 7 - Didn't do much wrong, I've noticed teams realise he can't catch and just aim every corner for him. It nearly worked a couple of times. But as a shot stopper he was spot on yesterday.

    Foley - 8 - He is so good and is clearly Premiership quality. It will be very unfair on him if he is over looked for player of the season. Looked calm all game, even under pressure.

    Ward - 8 - Elowhobi? A neutral would have no idea he was a forward normally. Loved his backheal in the second half and showed great persistence to create the equaliser.

    Stearman - 8.5 - MoM. Obviously had a horror thirty seconds, but his performance throughout the game more than made up for it!

    Mancienne - 7 - I think we have a chance of signing him permanently, showed yesterday at times that he's not quite the finished article yet (although not far off it), and that could play in our favour. Pretty solid throughout though.

    Kightly - 7 - Battled hard, marked out of most of the game, but as mentioned that normally plays into the rest of the teams favour.

    Henry - 6.5 - Nowhere first half, but really stepped up a gear in the second, should have got his strike on target towards the end.

    Jones - 5 - Not good enough yesterday. Rightly substituted.

    Gray - 5 - Legs have gone, no accelaration at all. Put himself about quite well.

    SEB - 8 -Battled extremely well, one a fair few headers given his size and the defenders he was up against! Great finish for the goal.

    Iwelumo - 6.5 - Marked out of the game, three or four men everytime it went up in the air.


    Edwards - changed the game, should start next week. Used the ball very well. Really should have had a dig in extra time instead of squaring to SEB.

    Vokes - Looked a handful, but was under less pressure than Big Chris.

    Keogh - confidence has gone, as somebody has already mentioned he layed the ball back to Foley when there was nothing to stop him skinning his man. Maybe a loan deal is the best option now.

    Ref - Unbelievably biased. I rarely like to criticise the ref but he was awful. Gave some terrible decisions. Mind you, I'm thankful he disallowed McFadden's goal. Sat in the North Bank I could tell there was no way he was offside as was backed up by the highlights this morning.
  22. Deutsch Wolf

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Far too much long ball until they scored which played right into Jaidi and Ridgewell's hands. Their defence is full of donkeys but we didn't try to capitalise on that until we were behind - Queudrue in particular was $$$$ing awful.

    Positives - good management by McCarthy in the second half, I thought he got all of his subs right (although I did say at HT that Edwards should have been on for Gray) and well done for putting Kightly on the left to take advantage of them having a makeshift right back.

    Stephen Ward was superb and the assist was excellent work. Good finish by SEB as well.

    Goal aside, Stearman had a very good game.

    Foley totally nullified McFadden.

    Negatives - I don't like the way Mancienne lets the ball drop in behind him all the time. That'll be pounced upon by better strikers. Is he $$$$$$$$ good enough for Chelsea and England yet, or worth the silly money that some people are talking about. Keep him on loan and see where we are.

    Gray contributes nothing at home, I don't mind him away from home where he's used as a secondary defender on that side (like Blues did with Murphy yesterday) but we need better when the emphasis is on us to attack.

    The ref was toss.

    The crowd were mostly good but hurling abuse at Keogh (all four stands) when he stops and looks for a pass doesn't help anyone. For the record, I thought he did ok when he came on, out of position again.

    All in all, a deserved point and a very pleasing return from two tough fixtures.

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