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Top of the league fantastic boys well done!

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by dr cool, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. dr cool

    dr cool Guest

    3 points clear, 7 points ahead of the 3rd place team and 15 clear of the 7th place team. :D

    that coupled with 15 wins ....:)

    what a magnificent effort lads so far, keep it going who would have thought it at the outset of the season, bring on derby....

    support the lads, you may be surprised...!

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  2. wwfc9

    wwfc9 Has a lot to say

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    Jun 16, 2007
    Well said that man!!!! Come on you wolves!!!!!
  3. Wolfion

    Wolfion Senior Member

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    Jul 4, 2005
    Exactly. One loss and suddenly we are at panic stations.

    Although it would be nice to win all of our matches it isn't going to happen, especially away from home, so we will occationally loose matches and we know the lads can pick themselves up. There is no need to panic just because a few players are having a two/three match blip.

    Anyway I had the match down as a draw, which means we will just have to get promoted with 96 points instead of the 97 I predicted ;)
  4. Had we beaten Blooze we would have been 9 points clear....but we didn't, and now we're only 3 points clear. Not quite so cheerful a prospect.

    KAZZZZ Senior Member

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    Nov 10, 2007
    Yes well done so far in respect of points and possition, but you have achieved nothing yet, so dont let this go to your head and keep trying to improve and win games.

    Reading-blues will not slow down so its upto the team to make sure they keep there advantage.
  6. 3 points clear at the top of the table (with a better goal difference so effectively 4 points ahead of them). To be in this position at the start of december, I, and I'm sure all of you, would have taken this at the start of the season.

    The benefit of having a point gap is that you can lose or draw and still stay top. We had an off day, and for only the second time this season we failed to score a goal. QPR looked very decent. We are still top of the league and I am still happy. Well done Wolves and MM for the season so far.
  7. PabloWolfo

    PabloWolfo Guest

    And let's not forget the Brum play Reading before Xmas AND they'll both have off days for themselves and drop points in the not too destant future, I'm sure.
  8. Wolf Pack leader

    Wolf Pack leader Has a lot to say

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    Jun 26, 2008


    We have some games in December that we should win and Blooze have both Reading and other top six teams to play.

    By the timew we play in the FA cup I predict that our lead will be bigger than now.

    Birmimngham have 2 away ganes at Plymouth and Preston

    Reading have 2 home games against Black pool and Norwich

    Birminmgham will not win both, Reading should if we can get 6 points then our leadwill be increased to 5


    But a midfield leader in Jan would be gr8
  9. Atlas 1951

    Atlas 1951 Guest

    Fancy us to bounce back on Tuesday.

    "Fight, fight, wherever you may be..."
  10. " Come on here the noise........":)
  11. SaleWolf

    SaleWolf Guest

    Win the next three games (which we should) and we will be fine, even 7 points would be satisfactory.

    We are going to have blips and as long as we bounce back from them, we will be fine. Absolutely no need to panic at this stage.
  12. Powelly

    Powelly Guest

    The gap on 2nd place doesnt matter too much at this stage .

    The gap on 3rd, 4th and 7th is far more important at this stage of the season.. as it stands at the moment another 6/7 points before xmas and we'll more or less be guaranteed a top 6 finish at worst before Xmas... That is a fantastic achievement in this division
  13. dazmanwolf

    dazmanwolf Guest

    QPR has always been a bad place to play at for us and many teams.

    Put it behind us and lets get back on track.

    I'm more than happy about where and how the team are in the league.

    Bring on the rest of the season. :)
  14. - according to Sky we hadn't lost at QPR for over 20 years, so there was always a chance that run would end.
    - their goal was a speculative shot that could have gone anywhere.
    - they are a probable play-off side with a good manager and an improving team.
    - it was our first defeat in goodness knows how many games.

    Having said all that just one point out of six is relegation form isn't it? :D
  15. Poole Wolf

    Poole Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    I'm just hoping for 50 points at the halfway stage. We can't complain about that at all, so one win from two matches. That will leave a 42 point target for the second half which isn't going to be easy. I have revised my view now and think automatic promotion will need a higher score than usual this year as there are three players involved.

    Still 50 points and B'ham and Reading play each other the next match and its the long slog to the end with us starting from the leading position. Hopefully a bit of quality and a bit of steel added in the January sales. It will be interesting to see how many points each of us need in the second leg to hit 92 as a reasonable target. If we beat Derby and Barnsley I can see the other two under a lot of pressure.
  16. Sozzled Wolf

    Sozzled Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Good thread dr - I'm sure many will appreciate an injection of optimism.

    Yes, before the season started you'd have been delighted if someone told you where we'd be at this point.

    However I guess others are just a little nervous about this tremendous position, in that it would be devastating to players and fans alike if we were to eventually surrender it.

    No doubt about it - Tuesday is a MASSIVE game for us. We've got to get back on track and prove Saturday was a minor blip; nothing more. It ain't gonna be easy though. Derby will be up for this one.
  17. Its a great start but 25 games to go, alot of work to be done

    NOKASPLACE Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 29, 2005
    QPR are this seasons Ipswich - formidable at home (didnt they beat Blues as well?) crap away.

    Not a bad result IMO
  19. MobNet Wolf

    MobNet Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Loser talk.

    Losing is always a bad result. To any team, in whatever position.
  20. jabbawolf

    jabbawolf Guest

    The result was not a particular concern - the level of performance was - a good run now could put us in an incredibly strong position - a bad run could mean playoffs only and the lottery that it is.

    The games are coming thick and fast, so we need to get the verve back and quickly.
  21. PabloWolfo

    PabloWolfo Guest

    As much as don't want to propagate the belief that the return of Jarvis to full fitness somehow is somehow the return of a mini Messiah, I do think he'll bring back a certain dimension we've been missing.

    What the hell, i'll say it - It'll be like a new signing!
  22. Virginia Wolf

    Virginia Wolf Senior Member

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    Jul 4, 2005
    Pressure is on Birmingham not us. They have to win to catch us up and count on a loss for the team with the most wins in the football league this season.
  23. wolfyjoe

    wolfyjoe Guest

    Although optimistic about the rest of the season, I'd gladly take a second place finish at this stage, which, suppose, is pretty pessimistic.. :eek:
  24. WolvesAreBoringOnCeefax

    WolvesAreBoringOnCeefax Moderator

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    Nov 3, 2007
    Me too. I actually can't see us finishing top, but can see us finishing second. I dunno why, but the look of a final league table with us second seems very satisfying (more so than at the top), maybe it'd put less pressure onto us next year? Maybe because it's slightly believable, whereas finishing 1st is beyond my wildest dreams!?
  25. This is an absurd point, especially in the context of this thread. Obviously beating Brum would have been better, guess what we'd be further ahead of Reading if we had beaten them too.

    The point is not that the every individual result has been perfect, but that the collective effort of the course of the season to date has been superb, which it has.

    Everyone (including myself) is saying what an impact Jarvis had on Saturday, he looked comfortably our best player when he came on. Well we just won 7 consecutive matches without him so how good an achievement is that?

    Recognising the achievements of the lads so far isn't going to make them all big time Charlie's who stop trying. If anything they will double their efforts because they will see that the fans recognise what they are trying to do even when they don't win a game (heaven forbid). I hate losing and the last performance was poor but there is no reason they can't get right back on it.
  26. The pressure is on now for all the top clubs.
    Some of them inevitably will blow up, some will be unlucky and lose vital players at the wrong time and some will show character ( and have the luck! ). The next three games should give us a clue about which way we are going.

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