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This message(from BBC) made me laugh...

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by jabbawolf, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. jabbawolf

    jabbawolf Guest

    Blades Fans

    I understand that in your view you were on the end of a couple of bad decisions last night, one where you were, in your opinion, given off-side for a corner and another where a goal-line scramble may or may not have crossed the line.

    Inevitably, these two decisions will be the single reason why you don't get promoted and you'll be moaning about this into 2011. So my question is this:-

    How much are you going to sue us for?

    I'm sure you have a strong case. I mean the fact that the corner was not off-side but given because your player did not take the corner from inside the corner area (let's be honest, you'd be embarrassed if you saw that mistake in an under 11's match) will be largely irrelevant to you and the fact that goal line decisions go for and against every club every Saturday and no one knows for sure if it was or wasn't a goal probably doesn't worry you as you're Sheffield United and you have to moan when anything goes against you.

    Let us know and we'll get our guys to speak to your guys.
  2. wolvesman

    wolvesman Guest

    Was Morgan anywhere near Kites last night? :eek:
  3. manc_wolf

    manc_wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    May 29, 2006
    fan-bleeping-tastic!! :D

    t'was you jabba?
  4. It was the GHOST of Warnock !
  5. Just read the inside back pages of the E&S. One of the columns mentions Halford's premature gloat to a journo. Later in the article it also quotes Morgan when he was asked post-match if he thought Sheffield lost to the best team in the league.

    "No, we are" was the reply.

    Incredible belief in their abilities or delusioned neanderthal? Your choice.
  6. dr cool

    dr cool Guest

    just a horrible, thick and dense individual..

  7. haden-wolf

    haden-wolf Guest

    I used to do business with a childhood mate of Morgan the elbow

    Even as a kid in Barnsley he was called TOAD FACE, think yopu can add ugly to your list dr.
  8. andy-in-seat-190

    andy-in-seat-190 Moderator

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    May 7, 2007
  9. RichRalph

    RichRalph Guest

    Like it.

    They also don't seem to realise that nearly every time their fans bleeted the referee gave a decision in their favour. They could also point to poor finishing as another reason for not winning.

    They are probably also under the impression that when a goalkeeper (or two) makes a good save - then the opponents are lucky, as opposed to having good goalkeepers.

    Poor, sore losers.
  10. Edgmond Wolf

    Edgmond Wolf MolMix Poster of the Season Runner Up 2011-2012

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    Nov 10, 2007
    3 points to the good guys and the blades can shove it

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