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The Doncaster view of Wolves

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Mark Rankines Lovechild, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Mark Rankines Lovechild Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Generally, some decent comments about us, just aggrieved that Collins should have been sent off (in their eyes) prior to scoring....comments such as...

    "Same old story. However, you deserve to go up - clearly the best footballing side to come to The Keepmoat for a very long time"

    "And we're crap away from home too. Home is where we're decent. Point would have been fair, but Wolves going forward show why they're top. Lovely to watch with the ball"

    "As for wolves they looked very dangerous going forward and although listening to their fans after they didn't play too well you can see why they are up there, and i think they'll be in the top two at the end of the year"

  2. London Wolves

    London Wolves Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 11, 2005
    newspaper journalists must have gone to a different game but we only had 2 shots on target
  3. PeteWolf

    PeteWolf Guest

    "I'm not sure its about damage limitation, more the type of players we have. It was patently obvious that Wolves had very powerfully-running players in the top half of the pitch, a bit like we used to have in Greeny. They had at least 4 like that.

    Wellens and Stock's game does not revolve around that kind of play. Spicer does have it in him, but in a three-man midfield seems to be doing a lot more of the donkey work. There is an old adage in football, which goes along the lines of saving your energy for the times you need it. Stock, Wellens and Spicer certainly play with their heads a bit, so must understand this too.

    Wolves, however, seem to have perfected the hydrogen cell and fitted it to all their lads, because they were taking water on every time there was a break, and then running like mad $$$$$$$s for the next 20 minutes. They must have some seriously hardcore training regimes in place. I was very impressed."

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