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Southampton - The Verdict Thread

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by The Bear, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. The Bear

    The Bear Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Shan't bother with a full one as everyone will have seen it.

    First clean sheet of the season away to a high profile team. That'll do me. I'm pleased to say Edwards acquitted himself well against a tall centre-forward.

    Cort was encouraging as well. Still thought Seol wasn't quite 100% sharp.

    MOTM - Cort.
  2. wolf of sedgley

    wolf of sedgley Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Well at least we won't be playing against Niemi every match. We were
    definetly the better team, and had the best chances from which we would
    have scored if it wasn't for the mentioned niemi. Still want us to sign
    another couple of players -idiakez?!. A draw is not a bad result away
    at southampton and its one of the harder games crossed off the list.
    Wins against palace and hull and we are sitting pretty!

    MoM- Cort or lescott
  3. I didn't think that Cort won enough in the air and seemed to get knocked off the ball a bit to easily first half.

    Lescott again was the star player - some of his challenges (such as the one leading up to the sending off) were first class.

    I think we still need another striker, unless Ganea and Ndah can
    provide more goals (which I doubt). Someone like Nugent would do.

    Overall, I think we were the better team, and on another day, could have won the game quite comfortably.
  4. Wombourne Wolf

    Wombourne Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Played well - lost our way abit when Wise came on for the Saints IMO. Id of taken a point before the game though. Edwards impressed me at Centre back didnt put a foot wrong, McNamara was impressive and made 2 crucial tackles on Walcott in the last 5 mins. Cort had a good game, and i dont think Kennedy gave the ball away?

    MOM - Lescott
  5. Good news is that not many of the "apparent" competing teams won, so a draw keeps us in a reasonably gud position - albeit the first game
  6. OldWolvesfart

    OldWolvesfart Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Looked solid overall in the first half, just thought our first touch let
    us down in a number of situations and Cort seemed a bit of the pace
    in that half.
    McNamara was very, very good and gave the defense along with
    Edwards a new in control look which I have never seen in recent
    years. Of course Lescott was his usual solid self.

    One more midfield dynamo and maybe a striker and the rest is just
    the usual nail biting stuff we all know and love.Edited by: OldWolvesfart
  7. Stan Cutlass

    Stan Cutlass Guest

    Promising performance, especially as we were weaker in defence, with Edwards. We're a much better team when we play through the midfield, we briefly lost our way when we stopped doing that, which led to those chances for Fuller.

    I'm glad young Theo didn't start- he's going to be a star.

    Happy here - bring on Palace.
  8. peckhamwolf

    peckhamwolf Guest

    Thought we were outstanding and delighted that everything I expected of us was apparent in the sides style of play, calmness under pressure and resilience.

    Today you saw a side that is easily capable of winning this league. Considering Theo Walcott came on so late with pace to burn, the defence acquitted theirselves superbly, only giving away a dangerous free-kick once, which was probably the only real blot on the copybook.

    Very promising display for me and the re-emergence of players like Miller and Naylor were real bonus points in a tight affair that in all honesty would have brought three points had Niemi not been on top form.
  9. NewarkWolf

    NewarkWolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005

    Completely agree with that. Lets just hope we take maximum points from the next two home games andwe're off to a great start. Up the Wolves[​IMG]
  10. Mutchy

    Mutchy Administrator

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    Jun 28, 2005
    It was an enjoyable game and an encouraging performance. Wouldn't rate us as anything like outstanding though.
  11. Golden Oldie

    Golden Oldie Guest

    More than happy with a point although we deserved all 3.

    MOTM - Lescott
  12. Serge_Romano

    Serge_Romano Guest

    I was satisfied but nothing more.

    The defence was excellent and Lescott in particular was
    faultless. </span>Edwards can definitely do a
    job in that position at this level.
    </span>McNamara was very classy.

    The problems came when going forward and I, for one, was
    bitterly disappointed. </span>Most of our
    chances came from set-pieces and Miller and Cort barely linked up once. </span>I'm still not convinced by this partnership
    despite the goals they scored last season.
    </span>Ricketts, Seol and Kennedy seemed to be allowed to roam about, but we
    sacrificed width and the full-backs didn't overlap enough for my liking. </span>Seol and Ricketts drifted in and out of the
    game and left Ince and Kennedy to do a lot of the donkey work (and we struggled
    when Wise came on). </span>

    Tbh, I'd much prefer a normal 4-4-2 with Seol and Kennedy on
    the flanks and Ince and Ricketts/Olofinjana in the middle.
  13. Big Mack

    Big Mack Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 29, 2005

    Couldn't agree less! When are we going to put teams to the sword FFS? We dominated the first half yet once again couldn't turn it into a positive scoreline. Ricketts looked a poor Newton and Seol was well off the pace. When they went down to 10 men we still looked weak. And had Fuller not been so wasteful we'd be coming back with nothing.[​IMG]

    MOM Joint to McNamara and Lescott
  14. siunt

    siunt Guest

    We played well today, we were the better side and but for Niemi, and that bloody bar [​IMG], we ould have won this game by two or three. Although Fuller had two great chances too.

    Seol was off the pace, as was Ricketts!

    Cort played well up front and caused problems, won most of the headers, although often there was an aimless punt up to him. Good debut for McNamara. Plus Kennedy did well too!

    MOM - Lescott!
  15. Guests

    Guests Guest

    i think we looked good but still cant win games, nowhere near as good as against villa last weekend, thought seol looked tired and rickets is not the man for that position, edwards looked good again though, in my opinion we need a man for that whole where rickets plays e.g idiakez, and a player like ndah up front, someone to run at teams with pace.

    overall we have gotta be pleased we made them look tripe,

    motm - take your pick from lescott(solid) cort(tried hard) miller(worked his socks off) mcnamara(mr dependable)Edited by: RoseyStones
  16. SCB

    SCB Guest

    May this not get to be a habit, like last season.

    Draws are good in the short run - in the long run they sinks the team.[​IMG]
  17. SCB

    SCB Guest

    MOTM Lescott - a sheer pleasure to watch playing.[​IMG]
  18. NorfolkWolf

    NorfolkWolf Groupie

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    Jul 5, 2005
    Just got back from the Game. I'm happy with a point, as Southampton away was a tough proposition for most premiership teams.

    OAKES - Spectator for much of the game. Hesitated twice but made 2 quality saves. - 7

    McNAMARA - Looked solid, confident on the ball, thought he may have got forward more. Skinned in the second half by their sub. - 7

    NAYLOR - Got forward well, crossing a bit rusty at times, but its only the first game. - 7

    LESCOTT - Quality game from a quality player. The only way of having a better game was to score.MOTM - 9.

    EDWARDS - First time i've seen him at centre half. Did well against fast and bulky opposition. Never got caught on the blind side, a no-nonsense game. - 7

    INCE - Didn't seem his vocal self, good game non the less. - 7

    KENNEDY - Drifted in and out of the game, wayward passing, didn't defend when he lost the ball. One notable shot on goal, fine save from Niemi- 5

    RICKETTS - Same as Kennedy, got forward, never took the man on to the by-line. - 6

    SEOL - Mostly non-existent. Tried his one-touch flicky football, to no avail. - 5

    CORT - Won a lot in the air, worked hard, nothing else really fell. Good game. - 8

    MILLER - Typical Miller performance, ran every where, chased alot down, unlucky not to score but for the brilliance of Niemi. - 8

    GEORGE - Nothing to right home about, won a few battles with Wise. Not on long enough- 5

    CLARKE - Hoddle should have bought him on alot earlier. We were crying out for pace down either wing to exploit their back four. Not on long enough - 6

    Mr T KETTLE (Referee) - Some very strange decisions for both teams, aswell as flashing cards about like its christmas. Definate sending off, some bad tackles went unpunished, where yellows were given for nothing. - 4

    WOLVES FANS - Awesome as ever, well up for the game, loud and proud. - 10.
  19. SSW

    SSW Guest

    I didn't go to the game but I will comment on what I saw on the TV in the pub.

    We looked well organised and quite fit. Our passing was quite fluent
    and we kept our shape very well. We were by far the better side in the
    first half but we were always going to be on tenterhooks during the
    second period because there was no way Southampton would play as ****
    in the second half as they did in the first.

    Dennis Wise's introduction made a difference for them but we really
    should have already put them to the sword by then which basically
    points to a lack of cutting edge. It's not rocket science, Hoddle
    probably knows that which is why he's been linked to the likes of

    I thought we looked good defensively. I was impressed with Jackie
    Mac who makes the game look easy in the same way the newly signed Irwin
    did, and I thought Edwards did well considering he was out of position.
    I was also impressed with our wide play and how we got our crosses over
    from the flanks. It's obviously something we've been working on and is
    something that was totally lacking from our play under Hoddle last

    Rohan Ricketts looks a bit lightweight for this division but his
    pace might offset that. However, the Division One hatchetmen will make
    him a target.

    So, with a bit more of a cutting edge we would have come away with
    the points. It's a decent start, but I will be a lot more satisfied if
    we can get maximum points from our next two home games. Seven points
    from games against Saints, Palace and Hull would be a good return.</span>
  20. 19th Holer

    19th Holer Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Agree mostly with SSW although I thought Naylor's crosses were of poor quality.

    We looked as though we lacked a cutting edge butit maybe a different story at home,we'll see.
  21. LIQ IV

    LIQ IV Guest


    I watched on telly and was pleased with many aspects of the game. I felt we should have won the game and our roving forward line makes it hard to create the clear cut chances we perhaps should with the players at our disposal and the fluid way the midfield works.

    My MOM was lescott, I thought he looked a class above everyone else.....well until Theo came on, there's a prospect!!

    The only negative for me is that Ince seems to coast too much IMO, he playedlike a wise old boxer who does nothing for 2 minutes and then tries to do his work in the last minute of the round to impress the judges. Wise came on as sub and had more influence on the game than ince did in the 90 minutes, maybe that's how we should use Ince?

    All in all a decent point, but I cant help feeling the movement and flexibility we have in midfield shouldn't be replicated up front, too many times we had the wrong striker in the wrong position and nothing came of it, the only time Miller played as the 'main striker' he created a excellent chance out of nothing. I hope I am proved wrong and in the next dozen games our opponents have more trouble with the switching than our strikers seemed to today.

    I know its only one game but I saw sheff utd v Leicester and us and saints looked a class above, hope that continues.</DIV>Edited by: LIQ IV
  22. Only watched the second half , but seem to follow on from what i saw in
    pre-season, the front three need to get closer together. Wise
    seemed to unsettle us when he came on. Their sub Walcott looked a
    handful, but didn't really cause to many problems.

    From what I've read it was probably 2 points dropped but by the time
    the season pans out it will be a good point gained. Onwards and

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  23. Bankswolf II

    Bankswolf II Guest

    Overall i was very impressed with the way we played but very dissapointed that we didnt finish them off considering the amount of chances we had but i hope at least that this doesnt start off a whole new of drawing runs.

    Defense as everyone has said looked solid with no real problems but attacking lacked the finishing touch but overall plenty of postives to go ahead and take into the palace game where hopefully we can get that all important 3 points

    MOTM Mc Namara (he will be a big signing for us no doubt about it)
  24. Serge_Romano

    Serge_Romano Guest


    When was this then? I thought we didn't get down the
    wings anywhere near enough and when we did the crosses were of very poor
    quality. Naylor never really got past their 18-yard line and McNamara was
    even less of a threat down the wing. The one time Seol managed to get
    down the wing he pulled the ball back to Ricketts. I'll watch it again,
    but from one viewing I thought we posed no threat whatsoever with crosses apart
    from dead ball situations.
  25. UEAwolf

    UEAwolf Moderator

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    Jul 9, 2005
    They played Soton off the park for most of the game- Kennedy i thought played well, as did J Lo.

    Just what a difference in style between Hoddle's regieme and DJ's.

    I dont know what game you were watching Serge but at times Naylor looked like he was playing left winger!
  26. Serge_Romano

    Serge_Romano Guest

    His crosses were mainly from around 30-yards out and found a Southampton head with worrying accuracy.
  27. EasternWolf

    EasternWolf Guest

    Seems I disagree with many about Cort. his defensive and midfield work were fine, but does not impose himself in the box. Not juming for the headers. Not getting behind the defence.His header against the bar was a poor effort. If he had jumped he could have headed down. He didn't. IMHO the reason we dont score goals is that neither Cort or the otherwise admirable Miller do not spend enough time being strikers. We need Ndah and Ganea fit and in contention. If they cant do it we need to get a qualityfinisher in.

    I thought Edwards had a good game. In fact the whole back 4 did well. Of the midfield, I thought Kennedy was the pick.

    Oakes does not command that box.
  28. LIQ IV

    LIQ IV Guest

    Glad someone else saw it that way. I dont think swapping x for y would help, they are clearly following instuctions. It works perfectly in midfield but upfront it hurts us more than the opponents, well, today anyway.
  29. SCB

    SCB Guest

    Yes - I wondered why Cort was running around doing winger work, and
    Miller long way down the field helping and being a "Team"-man. Why??
  30. SSW

    SSW Guest

    It's definitely worth mentioning again how much
    better we are at defending corners and other setpieces. It was a real
    problem under Jones but it was one of the first things Hoddle sorted

    But we're still flatfooted when it comes to actually scoring from
    corners. What was the corner count to us today? 13? 14? We really
    should have got something out of that. But this is a problem we've had
    for years, isn't it? Most teams rely on a certain number of corners to
    contribute to their seasons goal tally but we have fallen short in that
    area for a long long time. We don't have enough aerial presence right
    now, and we certainly don't have a Ludo Pollet type player to launch
    himself at the ball in a crowded area. I guess we're saving money on
    Band Aid's and stitches, however.</span>
  31. Poole Wolf

    Poole Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Back some time ago but as on TV didn't rush to post. Support was excellent. We were three rows from the back and they kept on all match with "Ifyou love the Wolves stand up".We were up and down more times than a whore's drawers, I was totally knackered. looking forward to the Billy Quieton Tuesday.

    Thought we should have won and looking at Saints Forever most of theirs thought so as well.

    Dennis Wise changed the game which was a bit worrying. We were organised and efficient but lacking in the killer punch and real creativity. Very good though for an away performance to get 10 corners to their 5. See why GH wants Idiakez. We need to spend the Rat money quickly and wisely. No bad performances with Lescott as MOM. McNamara was steady and grew through the game, Kenny worked exceptionally hard and was unlucky, Cort still can't jump and Naylor fell a bit below the second half of next season.

    A little bit concerned we may sink into a draw sequence which would leave us low in the table and attract criticism from some quarters. Staedy but unspectacular start.
  32. Serge_Romano

    Serge_Romano Guest

    Agreed. Miller doesn't play on the shoulder of the last man,
    either through choice or because he's been told not to, and with no
    Cameron running past the forwards we have nobody for Cort to flick the
    ball on to (like we did when The Rat and Cort played together).
    It's too easy to read when Cort is having to play the ball backwards
    all of the time and reduces the time our midfield has because the
    defence don't have to worry about anyone getting in behind.
  33. MK Panther

    MK Panther Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 9, 2005
    I thought for what must have been a verydifficult first game to come away with a point was brilliantand personally watching it on sky I thought we acquitted ourselves very well indeed. We should be difficult to beat and we will score goals. If we play like this all season we will take teams apart as we get better. Both sides had chances but we could have beaten Soton today and I have not been able to say that for a long time.Edited by: MK Panther
  34. SSW

    SSW Guest

    I know what you're saying but it's quite easy to put a positive spin on
    things because the sequence from our last six is WDWWWD. 8 wins, 12
    draws and 1 defeat (to Wigan) so far in 2005. If the sequence is DWW
    from the first three games of this season we'll be delighted, but it's
    a big IF. We need to become more clinical.
  35. Davebull

    Davebull Guest

    Kennedy 5 ???? **** !!!
  36. yateleywolf

    yateleywolf Guest

    Before the game i would of been pleased with a pointand even though we were the better team especially in the first half i`m not to disappointed with the end result. Love to of seen a goal though and if Miller scored when he should of it would of been an excellent game.

    I thought Millerlooked realy sharp just wish he could be more clinical in front of goal.Cort should show some more aggression but did play OK but always get the feeling he could play better.

    Like others very impressed with McNamara and Edwards who did nothing wrong.Disappointed with Naylor who continues to be very frustrating at times.

    Lastly was really surprisedabout how many empty seats there were i thought it would be a near full-house.
  37. NorfolkWolf

    NorfolkWolf Groupie

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    Jul 5, 2005

    Thanks c*ck!!

    Its my own opinion of him. Did you go? How do you feel Kennedy played? Im sure people will disagree with me, aswell as agree.Edited by: NorfolkWolf
  38. SSW

    SSW Guest

    Blimey! I hope I don't end up next to you in the trenches!

    I'm sure you won't mind if I nick your car, burgle your house and empty your bank account.
  39. Vic the Greek

    Vic the Greek Senior Member

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    Jul 2, 2005
    Defence - even with Edwards - was very solid.

    Kennedy I thought played very well.

    I appreciate we didn't score but I thought our set pieces were very threatening much more so than previous seasons.

    Any other goalie than Niemi and we would probably have had a comfortable win.

    Full credit to Wise - he made a big difference to them as did their young guy.

    Watched Sheff Utd v Leicester - we were in a different league to them.

    Compare this game to Stoke last year [​IMG]

    noting to worry about.
  40. Oldgold Wolfcub

    Oldgold Wolfcub Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 2, 2005
    Wish I could agree with you but unfortunately we tend to bring out the best in too many opposition keepers.
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