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Sheff U v Wolves match verdicts/player ratings thread

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Mutchy, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Mutchy

    Mutchy Administrator

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    Jun 28, 2005
    As before, all discussion on the separate thread please.
  2. Bossworld

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    Jul 7, 2005
    First back, my own stupid fault for parking in Wincobank then testing my new fancy tomtom rather than going straight home. Ended up going via Broomhill, Ecclesall Road South, bottom end of Meadowhead, top end of Manor and Mosborough to get back to the Derbyshire border :rolleyes:

    I won't bother with ratings, but i'd like to say a couple of things.

    We were lucky. They had a lot more of the ball, perhaps 5-10 mins camped in our half in the 1st half. Difference was we took our chances and took them well. Both sides hit the bar, Ebanks-Blake dragged one wide late on, and i have no idea what happened with the one that was ruled out for United. Still, all the possession in the world means nothing if you can't score, and our second was an emphatic strike.

    They were dirty $$$$$$$s, I don't care what their assistant coach said, Morgan deserves all the abuse he gets. Plus that ref - sod them being unhappy over that disallowed effort, he only had two cards in that game - and one of them was a signed effort from all the Utd players after the match. Absolute disgrace, booked Ebanks-Blake for knocking the ball back - not kicking it away, then booked Hennessey for time wasting, despite the United player knocking the ball into Hennessey's net for no reason (flag was already up).

    Thought Ikeme didn't have too much to do, pulled off one fantastic save before he unfortunately came off. Hennessey looked sharp, pulled off some great saves, one in particular was fantastic, will have to watch the replay but looked as though he dived one way, then came backwards to save again.

    Iwelumo deserves all the plaudits, was our best forward player with some fantastic touches, and also defended resolutely.

    Ebanks-Blake toiled away but suffered from a lack of service. I don't want to blame the players, especially with a 3-1 result - I think Utd stopped us playing football and forced us to defend - we were sat very deep for periods of the game. Credit to McCarthy though.

    Kightly did a lot better in the second half in all fairness. Showed some neat runs down the side, but as has been the case in recent years, United are a tall team and can snuff out most of the threats.

    Overall, very happy :)
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  3. ProudWolf

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    Aug 20, 2005
    What a night!! One of the best away performances in terms of spirit and finishing you will see!
    It was, without doubt, the most physical game of the season. Injuries were stacking up but the lads gave their all and more, it was a pleasure to support them tonight, even more than normal! Every ball was contested. Yes we were up against it, especially first half, but as the game went on they got more and more direct and we were picking them off on the break. A real team performance.

    Ikeme - 7 - one stunning save first half from a long throw. Got clattered by Billy Sharp and had to be replaced.

    Foley - 8 - superb positional play again at right-back but gave away a couple of dangerous free-kicks. In central midfield second half he was sublime. Broke forward at every opportunity, tackled, passed well. The guy is quality!
    Stearman - 8 - competed and won pretty much everything. Top performance. One poor clearance under pressure almost gave them an equaliser but Hennessey made a great save.
    Collins - 7.5 - very solid at centre-half and at right-back in the second half.
    S.Ward - 7 - was put under a lot of pressure but stuck to the task and his battling qualities and never-say-die attitude saw him come out on top.

    Kightly - 7.5 - not his marauding self but it wasnt that type of game. Two more assists and close with a brilliant first half effort that was a couple of feet wide. Much more disciplined with his positional play and never stopped running. Played last five with suspected broken nose (was back helping clear yet another long ball)
    Henry - 7.5 - superb assist for second goal and was his usual busy self, picking up the scraps on the edge of our box.
    Jones - 6 - didnt really get many touches as we were up against it first half.
    D.Edwards - 6 - off early due a heavy fall.

    SEB - 7.5 - much improved from last two games, battled hard and worked his nuts off as we often had to clear our lines and balls up to the front guys weren't the best. Wonderful strike for the goal.
    Iwelumo - 9 - he's getting better believe it or not! Two superb finishes and his general play was also top notch. MOTM

    Friend - 6 - needs to impose himself more and be positive but did a good job for team and held his position well.
    Hennessey - 7.5 - maybe an 8 but not sure what happened with the corner that was cleared off the line? Couple of cracking saves and took some good crosses.
    Shackell - 7.5 - won nearly every header and came in for the second half with no problems. Unlucky not to be starting but the competition is very strong.

    The away end was in great voice and the goals were celebrated wildly!
  4. I think I am the happiest man on the planet tonight. My wife had our first baby on Sunday night (welcome to the world Dougie George) and I got a pass out to go to the match tonight and it's so sweet to win at Bramall lane. We weren't great, but when we played football we scored. I'm glad I don't have to go and watch them week in week out, they play some very ugly football and just try to bully teams.

    As for ratings, well it was hard to give a precise view after no sleep for 3 days and a crap view from behind the goal, but here goes...

    Ikeme - 8 - Looked very solid, coming for crosses and one fantastic save in the first half.

    Foley - 8 - What a player this guy is. Steady as ever at fullback and showed some real quality going forward in the 2nd half when he was playing midfield.

    Collins - 8 - Steady, great in the air and didn't mess around on the ball. Although my heart is always in my mouth when he takes a touch tries to play it out from the back

    Stearman - 7 - Didn't notice him too much which is a good sign, think he was in control.

    Ward - 7 - Solid full back, not just for a striker, he really is a vey solid full back. Glad he stayed there when friend came on.

    Kightly - 7 - looked better than of late and had two good assists, hope the broken nose doesn't rule him out for saturday.

    Henry - 7 - solid. Great run and assist for the goal.

    Jones - 6 - Didn't notice him first half, not sure how he got injured.

    Edwards - n/a - wasn't in the game before he was taken out. Player just stood his ground whilst edwards jumped for the ball - came down quite hard onto his head. Will do well to be back for Saturday. looked very groggy when being carried past.

    Ebanks-Blake - 7 - looked a bit more in it than of late and took goal well, and good job he did as he could easily have slid Kightly in for a tap in. Still not quite got the spark he has previously.

    Iwelumo - 9 (MOM) - not just for the goals, which were fantastic, but also for his alround link up play and flicks. What an acquisition, the perfect striker for this division.

    Subs -

    Friend - 6 - competent, but looked nervous. He got more into the game as it went on, but he didn't show the pace that I thought he had. I was suprised that Keogh didn't come on. Was he on the bench?

    Hennessey - 7 - I thought he looked like our second choice keeper tonight. However, it's testament to how well Ikeme has done that he scores 7. He still needs to work on commanding the area from crosses and his kicking was a little suspect at times, but a couple of cracking saves and no chance for the goal.

    Shackell - 7 - really couldn't see how he did from where we were, didn't see him do anything wrong.

    Overall a great night to end a great few days. Can't wait for Saturday to have the family home, the game on the telly and my little boy on my knee to watch his first Wolves game with us riding high at the top of the league.
  5. Elephant Pyjamas

    Elephant Pyjamas Has a lot to say

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Now I believe!

    For me this was our best performance of the season (that I’ve seen), not because we played fluid, expansive football, but the manner in which we dug in and battled. United threw everything at us early in the second half they bombarded us with corners (they must have had 10+?), Delap-esque throw-ins from Halford, crosses from deep and we dealt with it all. We had Edwards get injured, Ikeme get injured, Jones get injured, Kightly broke his nose yet we still came out victorious. This was a game that a Wolves side managed by Hoddle, Jones, Taylor or McGhee would have lost, the grit, determination and motivation of Collins, Iwelumo, Foley, Ward and Friend saw us through. To have to cope with so many enforced changes and still come out comfortable winners should not be underestimated!

    Ikeme – Had one “shank†when trying to play the ball wide, but made 2 excellent saves, one at the feet of Sharp and the other tipping over from a volleyed effort from 10 yards. Displayed good handling, seemed desperate to carry on after Sharp nailed him. Dealt well with corners where Sharp was impeding his movement off his line, but he still punched or caught several corners and crosses. Iwelumo seemed to deal with the rest! Nice to see both he and Hennessey sharing the applause of the fans at the end. 8 out of 10

    Foley – He just gets better and better, dealt well with the aerial bombardment in the first half, then excelled in midfield in the second half. He made numerous dynamic runs into the United penalty area in the second half, using skill and pace that we don’t get to see too often from right back. Given his age I see no reason why he can’t evolve into a central midfielder for Wolves he’s certainly good enough and given that Edwards and Jones may be injured for Saturday I would have no concerns about him playing in midfield with Henry (other than who we play right back). The second best player on the pitch! 9/10

    Ward – Struggled initially with their right winger. Another that had to deal countless long balls aimed over his head, needless to say he did this well, few fullbacks are as good in the air as he. Fully committed as ever and doubled up well with Friend. Criticisms of him playing too narrow are for me unfair, as this helps prevent opposing runs from central midfield which are more threatening than wide players. 7.5/10

    Collins – This was just his sort of game, had a right good ding dong with Beattie (who doesn’t get as many fouls given against him as Iwelumo, despite being equally physical).
    He won everything in the air, his distribution whilst at right back typically wasn’t the best, but as ever he’s fully committed to the cause. He was a threat from our set pieces; hit the bar/post from a corner late on. 7.5/10

    Stearman – Not his best game, made a mistake that let in Beattie when attempting to pass back to Hennessey, but on the whole he was steady. Had one great run in the first half, that with a bit of luck would have led to him being in on goal. 7/10

    Kightly – Again found lacking, he worked hard, but going forward he created little (though in contradiction I think he got the assist for SEB?). He was lucky not to be booked in the first half. It is however pleasing that despite his poor performances of late that Wolves have still created goals, last season we simply didn’t. 6.5/10

    Henry – Had a great game, hassled and harried the United midfield tirelessly, set up Iwelumo’s second with a great bit of vision following a good run and worked incessantly throughout. Henry was vital to this victory. 8.5/10

    Jones – Set piece delivery was again excellent, and he got stuck in when necessary, although perhaps not enough for this kind of game. Possibly was a blessing he was replaced in midfield by Foley. 7/10

    Edwards – I was looking forward to seeing if he could be the answer to our temporary left wing problem. Unfortunately it ended all too soon, looked like a nasty injury another robust challenge that went unpunished (in terms of cards) from United. Unfair to score

    SEB – Just when I started to think it had been a while since he had scored he creates a goal out of nothing, the sheer pace of his shot left Kenny with no chance despite it being in at the near post, he maneuvered the shooting chance superbly.
    He worked tirelessly all game, chasing down the ball that our defenders at times had cleared desperately. He and Iwelumo worked really well together both aerially and on the deck. I doubt Wolves have had a more incisive forward partnership since Bull and Mutch. 8/10

    Iwelumo – One of the best all round performances I have ever seen from a Wolves player, he was imperious, whether he was back defending corners, or throw-ins or challenging in midfield he seemed to win everything, two superbly taken goals, excellent link up play and arguably our best defender too. He was magnificent, truly magnificent. 10/10


    Friend – The firsttime I’d seen him. I was a little worried when he came on that he may struggle in this type of game. Not at all, it seemed to suite him. I was surprised how big, yet mobile he is. He kept things simple, didn’t over complicate. There was one period of play in the 2nd half where he chased their right winger for 80 yards, dispossessed him, and then ran back forward another 80 yards to receive from Ward. Seemed to have a good engine. His distribution was good, though he didn’t try and beat his man. He also gave us balance that we would have lacked with Edwards on the left. 8/10

    Hennessey – Doesn’t command his area in quite the way Ikeme does and I felt he should have come for their goal that never was, but I think he ultimately cleared it. He made a couple of very good saves when well out of goal, as well as good kicking under pressure. He stood no chance with the goal, it was a good strike. 8/10

    Shackell – Good performance, coped well with the battering that Beattie, Sharp, Henderson and Morgan dished out. Very committed performance and he meant that we were perfectly balanced along the back. 7.5/10

    Officials – What a complete homer, gave 4 or 5 free kicks to United in really dangerous positions that I felt were harsh. Fortunately Beattie couldn’t find the net. We were lucky that he was so inept that he failed to book Kightly in the first half, another ref to give free-kicks against Iwelumo, but not notice Beattie challenging similarly.
    I felt the linesmen were excellent, the offside from the corner that led to our second goal was correct as we don’t have players on the post he simply must have been offside.

    Overall a fantastic win for Wolves, although I felt our second goal came at a perfect time for us, as I felt it was just a matter of time before they equalized, they really did impose immense pressure on us in the early part of the second half, not really through creativity or flair just aerial bombardments! On the back of this performance we should fear nobody.

    Oh and another thing, possibly been mentioned before regarding Coventry and Southampton, but I think we take it for granted that Molineux has stands named after it’s former heroes. Brammell Lane has stands such as the Valad Stand, the Fraser Property stand and best of all, the visit Malta stand. Awful!

    This was my 7th visit to Brammell Lane and the first time I have seen us victorious!

  6. stever

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    Jul 8, 2005
    quality review EP. nice and indepth!!
  7. Jack

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Excellent report and pretty much how I saw it.

    It was an excellent atmosphere in the away end (despite the god awful view and lack of roof) and I feel like I've played myself. The fact I got two bruises on both knees when I fell into the row behind shows what this result meant.

    For me Sheff United are a blight on the english game, always have been always will. A collective bunch of thugs, who lump it forward and play pressure football - fair play it does work but not last night.

    We didn't play great, but we showed our quality three times and that was enough for us to win the game and prove to the doubters that we are here to stay.

    My observations for what they're worth.

    Ikeme 9: Excellent bravery and his one handed stop from kilgallon was crucial.

    Foley 9: Simply brilliant at full back and in centre midfield. A premier league player in every sense of the word.

    Ward 7.5: Passing wasn't great but the guy has so much heart you can't help but like him. Wished he would have gone through Halford when he was in the corner.

    Collins 9: The perfect man to play against Sheff U. Run virtually everything and was immense at the start of the second half.

    Stearman 7.5: Apart from one mistake that nearly let Beattie in, he did everything that was asked of him.

    Henry 7.5: Overrun in the first half, but his run for our second was fantastic. If you went to war you'd want him in the trenches with you.

    Jones 6: Not his type of game and his excellent recent form sufferred as a result.

    Kightly 8: Two assists, countless runs in the second half and showed a lot of bottle after breaking his nose.

    Friend 7: Great heart, but still learning the game and it showed.

    Ebanks Blake 8: What a finish, typical SEB. Nearly scored at the end after embarrasing Morgan again.

    Iwellumo 9: What can you say about him. Strength, presence, leadership, goals and great technical ability. Has got the potential to be the next big Wolves hero. Apart from being Scottish, he's perfect!

    He also gave Morgan a masterclass on professionalism and made the thug look a complete $$$$$ time and time again.


    Hennessey 8: To come into a game like this and pull off some of the saves he did says everything.

    Shackell 7: Dealt with everything that was thrown at him.

    The ref was shocking and waited for the crowd's reaction before giving a lot of decisions. It wasn't exactly an intimiating atmosphere.

    Must say fair play to the Sheff U fans for the huge attendance, but as always they were quiet throughout. Anybody who criticises our atmosphere should take a trip there and see how bad it can get.

    How did it go again...

    "It's just like Cardiff again, it's just like Cardiff again"
  8. GoldenHorseshoe

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Agreed, well written. Excellent job!
  9. SaleWolf

    SaleWolf Guest

    What a performance, easily the best of the season. We were battered and bruised and got up for more and more. Sheff Utd are one of the dirtiest sides we've played against for years and we beat them easily in the end, in their own back yard.

    Ikeme - One absolutely outstanding save. 8

    Foley - One of the best players i have ever seen in a Wolves shirt - simply magnificent 9.5

    Ward - Struggled against Halford and their young right back from time to time but stood up to them 7

    Stearman - One silly mistake which nearly let Beattie in but other than that, very solid 8

    Collins - Now people know i do not rate this guy but last night was easily, by a country mile, his best performance in a Wolves shirt. Outstanding 10 MOM

    Kightly - Laid on two of the three goals, such a major threat all night. So vital to this team 9

    Edwards - Went off early but played well until his injury 6

    Henry - Captain marvel. Struggled a little against the up and at em style of Sheff Utd but ran his heart out 8

    Jones - Little impact. Subbed at half time 6

    Ebay - Much improved on his recent performances, great finish which effectively won us the game 8

    Iwelumo - Probably the best signing we have, apart from Kites, in years. What a bargain. Sensational 9.5


    Shackell - Dominated at the back against a big and tough side 8

    Friend - Kept things simple and really worked hard 8

    Hennesey - Did ok, but looked shaky 6
  10. manc_wolf

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    May 29, 2006
    so i guess you were pleased with the performance then sale? :D

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