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Scummy Wolves Fans At It Again

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by PeteWolf, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. PeteWolf

    PeteWolf Guest

  2. Inky

    Inky Senior Member

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    Sep 2, 2005
    Some of the comments made me laugh, how dare we do a conga:rolleyes:
  3. SmokeyGB

    SmokeyGB Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 7, 2006
    I know...with health and safty these days , It can be a dangerous thing todo while happy...

    Please note for Xmas period :D :D
  4. Super Hans

    Super Hans Guest

    That made for painful reading!

    We'd just pulled 7pts clear of 2nd and 9pts clear of 3rd FFS!

    Of course we're going to celebrate like mad!

    Scoring a goal late on in a close game has always caused more OTT celebrations regardless of the opposition. And that is why I often prefer to win a game 1-0 late on than to win comfortably 4-0.

    They sound like a very bitter group of supporters.
  5. North West Wanderer

    North West Wanderer Just doesn't shut up

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    May 9, 2008
    To be fair a few of the more senible Donny posters stuck up for us!
  6. Super Hans

    Super Hans Guest

    That is true NWW, and the ones moaning did sound like a group of frustrated teenagers: 'I do English Literature a-level' was a great argument winner.
  7. North West Wanderer

    North West Wanderer Just doesn't shut up

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    May 9, 2008
    They won us ffs!!!

    Reminded me of 606!
  8. Sideshow Bob

    Sideshow Bob Has a lot to say

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    Jul 4, 2005
    Only a couple of them sound bitter, prob 14 year old cyber warriors.

    What was the crack with the guy who jumped the barrier to hug Collins when he scored.

    Noticed there was a bit of argy-bargy with the stewards afterwards.
  9. BlahBlah

    BlahBlah Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
    He jumped back in the crowd and got back to his seat, then the stewards decided to go in after him.
    Hence everybody else tried to keep them at arm's length....handbags.
    Crazy really...they eventually dragged him out, paraded him along the front with his arms behind his back..then let him go later.
  10. wolfyjoe

    wolfyjoe Guest

    Yeah, to be fair, there are a few fans on there that can't really understand why they are having the justify celebrations of our fans.

    I would have been screaming like a girl.
  11. Seems like its only a couple of posters on that thread that are having a moan, most dont seem to have a problem. Down to earth football fans, its nice to see
  12. Broseleywolf

    Broseleywolf Guest

    Most of the Donny fans seemed quite sound yesterday, I had a chat to a few in the pub before hand. There is always an exception, my brother and I got called 'cheating b******s' on the way back to the car (in reference to Collins not getting sent off).

    The comment that made me laugh on their forum, was the one that said we were fans that wanted to go up too much. Is that supposed to be a criticism? Maybe we should not bother caring and for that matter stop going to the games.
  13. wolves_gal

    wolves_gal Guest

    Yesterday was a fantastic atmosphere, I was proud to be a Wolves fan and it was a great way to start the Christmas break.

    The nicest thing of all was that we all just had a great time and there no was element of trouble making about what went on in the away end when we scored yesterday, it was all good fun and in the right manner, and the stewards and police understood that and left us to it.

    Lets hope theres more to come...
  14. sounded and looked like great fun quite gutted that i wasnt there myself
  15. Black Suit

    Black Suit Guest

    Yeah, fancy dress eh Evolution? One leg, crutches, parrot, you could have gone as a pirate, but they wouldn't have let you in with the sword.
  16. When we score, each player should do a Marco Tardelli type celebration.
  17. RichRalph

    RichRalph Guest

    My comment at the end was "have we just won the Cup?" but I enjoyed it more than any game I've been to for quite a while. It was as though a mental barrier had been broken because I bet a lot of people were thinking "banana skin" and in seasons gone by we would have drawn or even lost this game. Add the Christmas party spirit and Bingo!
    I hope every win will be celebrated like that until the end of the season when we can, hopefully, go propper mental. Let's hope many other teams are commenting on our over-celebrating of wins in the next few months.

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