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QPR v Wolves match verdicts/player ratings thread.

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Mutchy, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Mutchy

    Mutchy Administrator

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    Jun 28, 2005
    No discussion please... use the separate thread for that.
  2. glasgowwolf

    glasgowwolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 30, 2005
    Really strange game.....

    Hennesey - 7, no chance with the goal... A bit dodgy with the crosses.

    Foley - 6, not much wrong.

    Stearman - 7 again not much wrong

    Mancienne - 6 Struggled somewhat against bigger players.

    Ward - 7 Linked up well, excellent going forward, really solid defensively

    Edwards - 5 Poor really poor, passing was poor

    Henry - 7 Battled and covered well.

    Jones - 6 Poor again no passing and poor movement.

    Kightly - 5 Poor not in the game. Did not beat his man, did not pass it well

    Iwuelmo - 5 came up again a big strong centre half and for the second game got absolutey no joy.

    Ebanks Blake - 6 movement was really poor, control was really poor, should have scored just before there goal.


    Jarvis - 9 Did what I said at half time gave us width went past players, got good delivery .

    Vokes, 8 far better movement than Iwuelmo, gave us exactly what we were lacking mobility.

    Keogh 8 - Again gave us movement, and a threat in behind, some excellent touches, thats where he should play up front, looked really good.

    MM, I agreed with the starting line up, however I would have bought Keogh on for Iwuelmo not Vokes, As I said at Half time we needed movement in behind and Vokes did not give us that.


    Overall deserved to lose, yet it took a wonder strike to beat us.

    KAZZZZ Senior Member

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    Nov 10, 2007 not a fan at the moment, think he is to big for his boots. come to get crosses and was flapping in thin air, was at fault for the goal because he think he is a sweeper and cant stay on his line. did however make 2-3 decent saves. 5

    foley...tried to do the right thing, looks carm on the ball and always looking to play the right ball. 6

    manciane..did not play well today, was slipping over all the time and had a torrid time against agyman. 5

    stears...letting the ball bounce AGAIN, never had a good game, but did mop up most stuff. 6

    ward...bad throws, bad balls, and defended not so good today. 5

    kites...this is a 1st for me as his my fav player, but rubbish, gave the ball away a lot, never beat his man all game, and genrally not with it. 4

    henry...his defends well for a midfeilder but not his job to creat anything which he did not. was out played/battled by there midfeild. 5

    Jones..looked like he had some effort in him, but no class bar a couple of lovely free kicks..5

    edwards...offered nothing on the wing and little in the middle, had a bad game like evreyone else. 5

    chris...nothing worked for him, won few headers and offered nothing else, was well marked out of the game, but does not help when people are not trying to use him. 4

    ebanks..watched him close today, he run his socks off and tried to make things happen, not his fault that the rest of the team were still asleep when he was on. 6

    subs... super JARVO, im so glad his back, he caused nothing but problems and looked 10 times better then kites on todays showing. 9 into good possitions and some lovely touches, he will never be a goal scorer but offered himself going foward. 7

    vokes..looked very very good when he come on, 8

    the picth was small and they made as look like a very avargae side with there effort, we are far better then what we showed today and are key players looked so far off the pace its scary.
  4. singwolf_1

    singwolf_1 Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 9, 2005
    TV View...
    Hennesey - 7, flapped a bit but kept us in with a few crucial saves
    Foley - 6, not much wrong, not much right
    Stearman - 5 I have a real problem with his positioning, and in the first half especially both of our centrebacks ahd a torrid time with Agyemang and Blackstock before he came off. Much better second half
    Mancienne - 6 See Stearman but slightly better
    Ward - 7 played well enough without being spectacular
    Edwards - 5 faded after some early promise.. not sure why he was on in the 2nd half
    Henry - 7 Played a captains game... My MOTM
    Jones - 6 Nearly scored twice with his fk's, but needs to work on overall contribution.
    Kightly - 5 Poor Poor Poor, better in the 2nd half.. but not by much
    Iwuelmo - 5 Did not have a good game. This is twice in a row now
    Ebanks Blake - 6 nearly scored just before their goal - tried but nothing came off

    Jarvis - 8 Gave us width when he came on. Took people on, and got us into the game much more

    Vokes, 7 better movement and had a few 1/2 chances
    Keogh 6 - Not sure about Keogh. I'd have kept SEB on to capitalise on Vokes' flick on's
  5. The Weasel

    The Weasel Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Kazzzz that is a spot on assessment in my book. We were second best bar the last 20 mins. A wonder goal beat us but they deserved to win. Onwards and upwards.

    Hennessey - 5 - And he's lucky to get that. Come back soon Ikeme.
    Foley - 6 - Am I being too kind?
    Stearman - 5 - His worst game in a Wolves shirt?
    Mancienne - 5 - His worst game in a Wolves shirt without a doubt.
    Ward - 5 - After two consecutive MotM performances....what's happened???
    Kightly - 4 - Dreadful touch, dreadful decision making
    Henry - 6 - Largely outbattled but tries
    Jones - 5 - Sublime set pieces but zero other impact
    Edwards - 5 - Better when moved infield later otherwise a 4
    Iwelumo - 5 - One great flick otherwise won nothing
    SEB - 7 - best player of the starting eleven, saw very little of the ball but tried hard to use it well
    Jarvis - 8 - Not yet back to his best obviously but its sooooo good to see him out there taking on his man and winning. Some decent quality into the box too.
    Vokes - 7 - Had more impact in his 20 mins than Big Chris had managed all game
    Keogh - 8 - A cracking cameo, he's starting to knock on the door, looked really lively.

    We're bound to lose the odd game and QPR's home form is fantastic. Reading play Blues in a couple of weeks and hopefully we'll restore the points gap a bit by beating Donny...
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  6. Toon Wolf

    Toon Wolf Guest

    Hennessey - 6. A couple of good saves, some mind-bendingly bad decisions to go for the ball when he had no chance. Not convinced he's the best bet long term.

    Foley - 5. Not bad defensively but definitely one of the guilty parties for hitting the ball long over and over and over again.

    Ward - 5. Caught out of position a couple of times, gave the ball away quite a lot. Looked like he was aware Trappatoni was there and he froze.

    Mancienne - 4. Never won a header, gave away lots of free kicks, caught out of position frequently. Poor. And this guy is good enough for England? Not on this performance he ain't, he almost made me wish for Collins to play.

    Stearman - 5. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. One glaring missed clearance from which Hennessey bailed him out with a good save.

    Kightly - 3. And that's being generous. He was the worst player on the pitch by a LONG way. He did nothing except lose pssession by either running into trouble or by refusing to take the passing option.

    Jones -5. Good set pieces and some composure on the ball at times. But was ineffective for the most part.

    Henry - 6. Decent(ish) hard working performance and tried to get the passing going but for me we definitely need a player with more pace and aggression in the centre of midfield to complememnt a passer like Jones.

    Edwards - 4. His first 3 touches of the ball set the tone for the rest of the game. He gave the ball away far too often.

    Iwelumo -4. Just behind Kightly for worst performance. What's the point of hitting the ball long to a target man who won absolutley nothing? Like Brum, they set out their stall to combat CI and he allowed them to do it far too easily.

    SEB - 5. How the heck did he miss that chance Jarvis laid on a plate for him? Tried to get things going at times and occasionally closed down the defenders but not very effective today.


    Jarvis - 7. Managed to make a difference with some positive runs at their defence, put in a couple of great crosses that weren't taken advantage of.

    Vokes - 6. One good shot that was saved well and he was certainly an improvement on Big Chris.

    Keogh - 6. Once again things started to open up more once Keogh came on. Couple of good touches and started to bring other people in much better than we had been doing.

    Overall a dreadful performance against an average team and we got exactly what we deserved - nothing.
  7. goldeneyed

    goldeneyed Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Speaking as one who got his balls frozen off tonight in a rubbish game:

    Hennessey 6 good shot stopping as usual - lacking confidence on crosses (what is the goalkeeping coach being paid for?)
    Foley 5 - very disappointing, careless distribution no decent overlapping and crossing
    Ward - equally disappointing, often looked like a makeshift full back, little penetration
    Mancienne 6 ok but fails to dominate in the air because of lack of stature
    Stearman 8 - the one bit of good news - a future captain and a genuinely talented and committed player who came to the rescue several times.
    Jones 4 - awful apart from one good free kick which was saved. Ben Watson, Mark Davies or whoever but we badly need strengthening in this area. He was rightly taken off for Jarvis.
    Henry 6.5 - always tried and sought to galvanise the team. Some good interceptions and tackles. Not brilliant but one of the few who actually seemed to care today.
    Kightly 4 - what has happened to him? Offered nothing today and even his normal effort seemed lacking today. POOR
    Edwards 5 Occasional good work and the odd good pass but failed to impose himself
    Iwelumo 6 Kept trying hard till he was subbed and some nice lay offs and headers but like the rest of the team just couldn't make any impression with service from wings and centre midfield being poor.
    SEB 5.5 - occasionally looked dangerous but seemed outnumbered most of the time and failed to worry their defence.

    Jarvis - 7 made a great difference for opening 10 minutes by stretching them on the wings and putting in some decent crosses but was given a poor service thereafter and faded somewhat - nevertheless encouraging.

    Vokes 6 Didn't achieve much accept for one quite good shot on goal. Willing enough but still raw and service was poor.

    Keogh 6 only on for a short time but looked reasonably lively and at least offered something different

    McCarthy 4 - poor tactics should have been much more aggressive - QPR are a poor team with little confidence. The continual attempted booting from Hennessey onto Iwelumo's head for a flick on to SEB was a failure and became boringly predictable. Surely we can be more creative than this. The team geed up a little in the second half but overall an incredibly poor performance and literally three points thrown away against rubbish opposition. No proper pattern or balance to our play. Coaching what coaching?
  8. solid gold

    solid gold Guest

    Hi to all the gold and black army
    This is my first post on here so be gentle.
    Me and my sons are season ticket holders and would like to share my opinion on recent matches.
    We watch a lot of threads on here and we would like to have our little say.
    So here we go,
    WAYNE HENNESSY. Great individual saves but can not command his area anywhere near Ikeame nor Murray. Take the money in january Mick.
    KEVIN FOLEY. Unsung hero of the season so far. If we dont go up surely he is premier league nexy season! Although shakey against QPR our best performer this season.
    STEPHEN WARD. Brilliant for long periods this season at a new position but today aginst QPR he got the $$$$ took out of him and distribution was really poor. surely matt hill must be called upon soon.
    Micheal MANCIENNE. Still impressive but seems to get bullied of the ball too much for a centre half but other than that top class!!
    RICHARD STEARMAN. Seems to get caught with balls over the top but i consider him to be a top defender and a real good signing. Surely he has to score soon.
    MICHEAL KIGHTLY. Well!!! Is he believing his own hype. Given nothing in the last 2 games. Maybe a kick up the $$$$ is needed. He has not been effective in the last few games and defenders seem to have sussed him out!!!
    DAVE EDWARDS. A player i really like. Just been kept out the team because of our good recent forn but surely the footballing brain of Edwards, can Big Mick think twice about centre mid?.
    KARL HENRY. In my opinion another unsung hero. There has to be a song from the terraces soon. He brakes things up and isn't a bad footballer either. Instrumental to our promotion hopes.
    DAVID JONES. Another player that doesn't get the praise he deserves, does the dirty work and can pick a pass as good as anyone i have seen at molineux for years. Also can be devastating at set peices,
    CHRIS IWELUMO. Fantastic season he has had so far but last 2 games he has come up short not really getting into either game. I dont doubt his ability but would it hurt giving Vokes a start?????
    EBANKS BLAKE. Also been quiet but has the service really been there.Not at the top of his game at the moment.
    SAM VOKES. Very useful. For such a young lad what a talent, fair play to McCarthy and team. He will get goals if he can dislodge Blake and Iwelumo.
    ANDY KEOGH. Good player to come off the bench, superb at linking up play but is he a finisher????
    MATT JAVIS. My version of footballing adult entertainment. So glad to see him back. Causes so much havoc and surely has to be the fastest player in the championship,
    MICK McCarthy. Does it seem like we have started sitting back untill our opponents score??????
  9. It's Mixu Paatelainen

    It's Mixu Paatelainen Just doesn't shut up

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    Mar 19, 2006
    TV Assessment

    Hennessey - 6. Looks to have really lost confidence when it comes to crosses. He was never perfect at them, but he never look this shaken last year or earlier this season. He was unfairly dropped, it wrecked his game, and as a result he probably deserves to be dropped when Ikeme is fit again.

    Foley - 6. Poor game by his standards. Seemed panicked in possession and gave the ball away a lot with some really aimless distrubution.

    Ward - 5. Really struggled with Lee Cook, was nutmegged by Agyemang, and was also guilty of giving away cheap possession. A rare poor performance.

    Stearman - 7. Did everything which could be asked of him really.

    Mancienne - 6. A few individual errors, did not seem confident playing in front of a hostile crowd.

    Edwards - 5. Not a winger. Struggled to impose himself on the game.

    Kightly - 6. Starved of service, and wasted most of the possession which he recieved.

    D. Jones - 6. It was hard to notice he was on the field unless we had a free kick.

    Henry - 7 MOTM. I thought he looked really solid. Always competing in the 50/50s, and was willing to put a foot on the ball and build from midfield.

    Iwelumo - 7. I was suprised to see him taken off. He was our biggest threat IMHO.

    SEB - 6. It's one of those things. If SEB stays on and scores a goal from a half-chance like no-one else in the team can, he scores a 7 or an 8. Because he got subbed, he gets a 6. Harsh world.


    Jarvis - 7. Good to see him back. Consistently beat his marker and put some really teasing balls into the penalty area. Excellent return to the team.

    Vokes - 7. Vokes looked really good - won a lot of headers and his fresh legs really threatened a tiring QPR backline.

    Keogh - 5. I do love the kid, but he was utterly anonymous. Almost exactly the same as David Edwards in terms of both hairstyle, effort and contibution. AKA - Blond, 100%, minimal.
  10. MonkeySpanner

    MonkeySpanner Just doesn't shut up

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Just got home from work and watched the game on TV so probably not a true verdict as you miss a lot from watching live:

    Basically, apart from an Edwards shot and a shot from a free kick in the first half we didn't even enter this game until the 70th minute. The substitutions of Jarvis, and later with Keogh and Vokes seemed to help but I guess not our day. First time I've seen Mancienne play, and again it was on TV; but I'm sorry, not impressed, and on this game defenatly not worth anything close to five mill that has been bounded around (even if we had a chance to signe him).

    Overall we looked horrible, under preassure and our only thought but to hoof out of defence, Hennessy some good saves but please; he made some bad decissions coming for the ball and is not playing to what he was before he got dropped.

    I have been home a couple of times this season and seen us play much better. I agree that if we make one signing in January it has to be an old head in midfield. Nothing against any player but we need a Carsly in there to drive the team and put the boot in, we are light weight when up against teams taking the game to US. With Brum and Reading both winning today it's beginning to get a little tight at the top.
  11. QB Wolf

    QB Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 6, 2005
    Hennessey - 8. Three good saves that stopped it being embarassing - still some work to do on hs game though

    Foley - 6. Did OK maybe should of closed down the guy having the shot.

    Ward - 6. Had a good second half looked a lot better with Jarvo in front of him

    Mancienne - 4. A bad game by his standards hate to say it but I'm not sure he's tall enough and doesn't matter how good he is.

    Stearman - 5. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. One glaring missed clearance from which Hennessey bailed him out with a good save.

    Kightly - 2. Awful again, had Keogh played like that there'd be 6 threads about it. The bloke either needs a rest, some competition or improved coaching - he's been tosh for weeks and for a winger I'd love to know how many goals have been scored from his crosses.

    Jones -5. Nowhere near the player he was at the start of the season, disappointing.

    Henry - 7. Good game, worked hard, broke play up, distributed well

    Edwards - 4. Not good at all, I'm yet to be convinced by him.

    Iwelumo -4. Second game in a row he's done nothing- Keogh won more headers

    SEB - 6. Didn't come off for him but he worked hard


    Jarvis - 8. Needs to start on Tuesday - did everything Kightly didn't, beat his man put crosses in, attacked the box.

    Vokes - 6. Did Ok couple of bright bits, but hasn't quite got it for me

    Keogh - 7.5 Came on and did well, some great touches, we definitely play better football with Keogh, but there's no goal threat from him - I'd still be tempted by Keogh and Seb on Tuesday.

    In summary we were well beaten, but QPR are good at home it was always going to be tough. Need to dust ourselves down and win the next 3!!!
  12. dolmanrj

    dolmanrj Guest

    Hennessey - 6
    Foley - 6
    Stearman - 6
    Mancienne - 6
    Ward - 6
    Kightly - 5
    Henry - 6
    Jones - 6
    Edwards - 5
    Iwelumo - 5
    SEB - 6

    Jarvis - 8
    Keogh - 7
    Vokes - 6
  13. Super Hans

    Super Hans Guest

    Deservedly beaten by a QPR side that were far better organised than Wolves.

    Hennessey - 6.5 - Kept us in the game early on. Flapped a lot at corners and should have dealt with the goal in my opinion.

    Foley - 6 - Had a tough battle with his man, just about held his own.

    Ward - 5 - Looked like a forward playing left back today, for the first time in his defence, but not his best game at the back for us.

    Mancienne - 6 - Not as composed as he has been. Had a tough game up against the very nippy Cook and the powerful Agyemang.

    Stearman - 6 - I was not confident in him all game, but you can't knock him for effort.

    Kightly - 5 - Out of position first half, nowhere near wide enough at times and looked off the pace for the first 80 minutes. I cannot believe we tried a short corner in the 5th minute of extra time. That late in the game you've just got to whip it in and hope for the best.

    Henry - 6.5 - MoM out of the players that started the game in my opinion. Perhaps shouldn't have taken so many touches when he was on the ball at times. Jones' absence the whole time he was on the pitch meant it was Henry vs three across the centre all game.

    Jones - 3 - Terrible, summed up by the two occasions when he just passed the ball out. Looked off the pace all game. In his defence the two freekicks were excellent, but his corners were pretty poor.

    Edwards - 5 - Square peg round whole. I thought he was a lot more effective when moved central. A couple of great ball to spread the play when we were pressing.

    SEB - 6 -Had it tough, battled quite well but was dominated by his marker. Perhaps should have scored with his handball.

    Iwelumo - 5 -Wasn't that up for it today in my opinion. Like Birmingham he was well marked when it went in the air. We desperately need to look at new tactics there.


    Jarvis - 7 - Great performance, slightly off the pace when he didn't have the ball but skinned his man several times with the ball.

    Keogh - 6.5 - Did more than Iwelumo or SEB. Was impressed with his cameo today.

    Vokes - 6.5 - Did more than Iwelumo aerially. Some good movement. Although I was ****ed off when he shot from distance when a Jarvis overlap was on.

    Ref - Quite weak. Fell for the 'backing' QPR did all game.

    Fans - terrible. There was an air of nervousness from kickoff. I had to sit with the QPR lot and was looking forward to seeing what our support looked like but it was non-existant in sound.
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  14. Super Hans

    Super Hans Guest

    Whilst writing my report I have just seen the highlights on 'The Championship' and I completely take my comments back about Hennessey and the goal. Great strike, and he didn't has as much time to pick his shot as I thought!
  15. SaleWolf

    SaleWolf Guest

    Hennessey - Looked shaky, made a couple of decent saves but flaps at everything 6

    Foley - Probably his worst performance of the season 5

    Ward - Shocking 4

    Stearman - Awful in every way 4

    Mancienne - Easily the pick of the defenders but struggled against the height of the QPR strikers 6

    Kites - Poor and completely ineffective for once (drop him and sell him, complete and utter waste of space :rolleyes:) 4

    Edwards - Played out of position and it showed. Poor performance 4

    Jones - Awful first half, came back into it 2nd and was then substituted. Why? 6

    Henry - Sloppy in possession but put in his all 6

    Ebay - Missed a sitter, very quiet. 4

    Iwelumo - Very poor 4


    Jarvis - MOM by a country mile, massive threat. 8

    Keogh - Pointless as usual 3

    Vokes - Did more than Iwelumo in his shot time on the pitch but didn't have the required impact 6
  16. Tarcisio Mifsud

    Tarcisio Mifsud Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 4, 2005
    As I saw it on TV.

    I do not want to be negative because of one match, in which Wolves should have done better, but I was surprised that the Sunday Mirror of today was giving 6 and 7 to our players. I would not have gone higher than 5, except for the 3 substitutes.

    Still let this match to pass and hope that we shall return back to where we were before yesterday coming Tuesday. If that would be the case than our players would have redeemed themselves for me.
  17. Another armchair view...

    Hennessey - 6. Made one excellent save but thought he could have done better with the goal.
    Foley - 6. Used the ball well but struggled with Aygemang early on.
    Stearman - 7. The best of our defenders on the day.
    Mancienne - 6. Struggled with both Aygemang and Blackstock.
    Ward - 7. Not troubled down the left and looked to get forward.
    Kightly - 5. Closed down very quickly and when he did find space not a lot came off for him today.
    Jones - 6. Thought he did OK surprised he was taken off.
    Henry - 7. All over the pitch, my MOTM.
    Edwards - 5. Dissapointing. Thought he would cause problems coming in from the wing like Capello has Gerrard doing for England but sadly not.
    Iwelumo - 5. Some poor touches but didn't get much of the ball to be fair.
    SEB - 5. Ditto Iwelumo and should have scored to probably win us the game.

    Jarvis - 8. Proper winger no mucking about. Glad to see him back.
    Vokes - 7. Caused QPR far more problems than Chris and SEB.
    Keogh - 7. Same as Vokes. If the match had gone on another 5 minutes we would have scored. We are lucky to have 2 strikers as good as this to bring off the bench.

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