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OT - Football Manager 2005

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by 28th March 1965, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. Right this is not a dig at SBUK but a plea to get a recent update to the game , I took the plunge and brought the game for a ten spot this afternoon and the only updates I can find is on the dugout but it's way back in March...

    Can somebody help us to get a recent update for the game hopefully not to far past this transfer window just gone...
  2. Wombourne Wolf

    Wombourne Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
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    <DIV>For all of you people eager to start a new game with it all up to date, I may have what you need.

    Since the transfer window opened I have been editing my Football Manager with all the latest transfers, league positions, cup winners etc. and I would like it if you would download my update and try it out.

    The following things have been incorporated into my update.
    <LI>Fully up to date top divisions in Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany
    <LI>Pretty up to date 1st divisons of Italy, Spain, Germany, England and France
    <LI>A few teams finances changed
    <LI>A few player attribute changes
    <LI>All managerial changes I could find
    <LI>Very few created players, mainly youth
    <LI>Several random players potentials changed, to spice up the game</LI>[/list]
    All this up to date to today, 1st September 2005.
    Feel free to post any corrections you want me to make and if there are alot, I will release another update, use this one as a BETA.

    The file is a .rar file for which you will need WinRar, download WinRar from

    Highlight all the files when you open the .rar file and click the extract button, when asked where you want to extract the files to, find the Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2005/Data/db folder and press ok, if you are asked to overwrite existing files say "yes to all". After this is done, start a new game and your game should be up to date.

    The file is 29.5mb.

    Download links

    MEGAUPLOAD - Download
    RapidShare - Download
    YouSendIt - Download

    Thanks in advance.</DIV>
    <DIV>taken from the dugout [​IMG]</DIV>Edited by: Wombourne Wolf
  3. FFS My eyes need testing because I actually looked at that , mind you a nice chicken sannie was placed in front of me so my mind was distracted....

    Thanks WW......I'll pay ya for all this info one day matey..[​IMG]
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