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Molineux Mixers fc ALT match reports

Discussion in 'OT Forum retired' started by SOUTHBANK_BULLY, Jul 24, 2006.


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    Jun 29, 2005
    Mixers Reach Quarter Finals

    Molineux Mixers fc Reached the quarter finals of the Amy Lewis Tournament,

    The group Stage consisted of 4 teams Molineux Mixers fc , ect fc , Molineux way wanderers and Amy Lewis team A

    the 1st game for the Mixers was against ect fc it was a fairly even game with both teams having plenty of the ball , ect managed to break the deadlock and scored with 5 mins to go, final score mmfc 0-1 ect fc

    the 2nd game for the Mixers saw them face a team called molineux way wanderers , the Mixers men dominated all of the game, Mixers goalkeeper Jonathan Bartlett never had a save to make , the Mixers created plenty of chances but couldnt break the deadlock final score 0-0

    in the 3rd and final game the mixers found themselves needing a win to progress to the knockout stages , they faced amy lewis team a and found themselves 1-0 behind due to a mis-hit backpass from Steve Cartner on his debut , several Minutes later saw Paul Godridge pop up with the 1st of his 2 goals against amy lewis team a , then with 2 minutes keft of play saw Dan butcher volley the ball into the back of the net which signalled that the mixers were through to the quarter finals

    Final score mmfc 3-1 amy lewis team a

    the game in the quarter finals saw the Mixers face ect wanderers , it was a fairly even match with both teams having plenty of the ball Both goalkeepers were busy and Mixers Keeper Jonathan Bartlett made some fine saves , with the game 10 minutes gone ect wanderers broke the deadlock with a fine strike, the Mixers men didnt let their head's drop and with the final seconds of the game remaining saw Mixers player Paul Godridge have a shot which seemed to be going into the back of the net saved by the ect wanderers goalkeeper final score MMFC 0-1 ect wanderers
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  2. Kenny-11

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    A routine save
  3. Stan

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Our game wasnt even you utter spacker. You had a good 5minute spell...
  4. Wivey Wolf

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    ...but they failed to put you to the sword...
  5. Visage Wolf

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    Why did you omit the part where you had a spazz attack at an ex-player? Thats not very Mourinho-esque, is it?

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