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Molineux Mix Tournament 2005

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Golden Bull, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Golden Bull

    Golden Bull Guest


    Saturday 9th July 2005. Goals Soccer Centre (Willenhall)

    7 of the 8 teams have now confirmed their participation. We are waiting on Nikes Magnificent 7.

    The Draw Impartially drawn

    Group games are 20 minutes in length. 10 mins each way

    Group A

    Inter Mixers
    Team JML

    Group B

    Telford Wanderers
    Oceans 7
    Nikes 7
    Bantock Badgers


    2.00pm GROUP A

    Inter Mixers vs ECT Pitch 1
    Slammers vs Team JML Pitch 2

    2.25pm GROUP B

    Telford Wanderers vs Oceans 7 Pitch 1
    Nikes 7 vs Bantock Badgers
    Pitch 2

    2.50pm GROUP A

    Inter Mixers vs Team JML Pitch 1
    Slammers vs ECT Pitch 2

    3.15pm GROUP B

    Telford Wanderers vs Bantock Badgers Pitch 1
    Nikes 7 vs Oceans 7 Pitch 2

    3.40pm GROUP A

    Inter Mixers vs Slammers Pitch 1
    ECT vs Team JML Pitch 2

    4.05pm GROUP B

    Telford Wanderers vs Nikes 7 Pitch 1
    Oceans 7 vs Bantock Badgers Pitch 2

    4.30 Semi Finals 20 minutes.10 mins each way (I originally said these were to be 30 minute games)

    Winner Group A vs Runner Up Group B Pitch 1
    Winner Group B vs Runner Up Group A Pitch 2

    5.20 Final 30 minutes. 15 minutes each way

    Winner Semi 1 vs Semi 2 Pitch 2

    (I am toying with having a 3rd vs 4th place play off, will be confirmed on the day)

    Presentation in the bar afterwards [​IMG]


    £35 per team (inclusive of deposit).

    Thanks to Aidan[​IMG], The Express & Star are supplying the winners trophy. I have also ordered individual player trophies. 10 for the winners and 10 for the runners up.

    Rules (Referee's suplied by Goals)

    1. Only the GK is allowed in the penalty area. If a player enters his own area the opposition will be awarded a penalty. If a player enters the oppositions penalty area a free kick will be awarded.

    2. The Goalkeeper is NOT allowed outside the penalty area.

    3. Pass backs are allowed. But if a player receives a ball from the Goalkeeper he is not allowed to return it.

    4. The pitches are seperated by mesh netting. Once a ball hits the netting, play is dead and will be restarted by a roll in.

    5. Corners will be rolled in.

    6. Each team will consist of 7 players. Subs will be used on a roll on, roll of basis. Please consult the referee before making a sub.

    7. Footwear. Blades or metal studs are not allowed. Moulded studs or astro-trainers are recomended.

    8. If teams finish on level points, goal difference will determine final placings.

    9. If a semi final or the final are level at full time. Penalties will decide the winner. Each team will hav 5 penalties. Sudden death will be used if nessarsary.

    10. No pay, no play!

    11. The referee's have the right to sin bin or send off a player. If a player is sin binned, he will sit out a section of the match, at the ref's discretion. If a player is sent off, he will miss the next game.

    12. If a team fails to show. There opponents will be awarded a 2-0 victory.

    Any further details please email me
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