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Local Lads playing Local Football

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by UNCLE REMUS, Feb 6, 2008.



    Reading the thread about Duncan Edwards and why he never played for the Wolves or the Albion, led me to think of how many players played for Dudley, Brierley Hill, South East Staffs, Wolverhampton, West Bromwich Schools et al but were never signed by local clubs.

    Bolton as mentioned in the Duncan thread had a particularly strong presence in area, I can think of 3 names straight of the top of my head, Jack Westwood, Dennis Stevens and "Big" Sam.

    It would be interesting how many we can think of, or is the Blackcountry not that much of a "hotbed" of football.

    Wolves spotted a Uncle of mine, he was an England Schoolboy international, but it transpired that he couldn't get on with Cullis, end of story.

    One really obscure one Steve James, Manchester United.
  2. Dr Wolfenstein

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    Apr 24, 2006
  3. Gold Umbro

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    Aug 18, 2005
    Jack Rowley - another Man United old timer.
  4. Atlas 1951

    Atlas 1951 Guest

    By the same token, Wolves had a youth scheme in Lancashire, did they not, Remus? John Richards (Warrington was in Lancashire back then, for those that are itching to correct me) and Stan Cullis are the only names that readily spring to mind, but I seem to remember reading about it in a matchday programme. Perhaps you or one of your generation could confirm or deny?
  5. Wivey Wolf

    Wivey Wolf Guest

    I'm not sure about Lancashire, although, of course, JR was a Warrington lad as you correctly point out. I do know that for many years, Wolves had a feeder club in Yorkshire called Wath Wanderers, that supplied a number of players including (IIRC) Peter Knowles, Ron Flowers and Alan Sunderland. Is that what you were thinking of?
  6. Atlas 1951

    Atlas 1951 Guest

    Thanks Wivey, I'd forgotten all about Wath Wanderers, but that wasn't what I had in mind in this instance. I definitely remember reading about a Lancs.-Wolves connection, but it may well have been matchday programme hyperbole. I sure as hell can't think of anybody else.

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