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Is it unusual?

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by kennyB, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. kennyB

    kennyB Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 23, 2005
    For a team at this stage of the season to a) have more points than the bottom 3 teams combined, as we have and b) to have had 2 series of 7 league wins in a row? (Hopefully an 8 and a 7 after Saturday).
    Reckon it must be a rare thing.
  2. saturday boy

    saturday boy Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 28, 2005
    Don't know about any team, but the 2 runs of 7 is a first for Wolves.
  3. goldfish

    goldfish Just doesn't shut up

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    Apr 23, 2006
    I think the strength of Reading and Blues is actually helping us this season. We know they're going to keep on racking up the wins so we have to too. They're keeping us on our toes. Even if Reading fade, I'd hope Blues and us can motivate each other, in the same sort of way that McEnroe and Borg used to bring the best out of each other.
  4. wolvesman

    wolvesman Guest

    SB.. do you know what all time Wolves record will be equaled on Saturday if we win? I heard a brief reference to this on a TV show but no explanation was given.
  5. Del Woppio

    Del Woppio Guest

    8 wins on the bounce is our longest ever winning sequence.
  6. Well in answer to part A of your question -

    League 1 -
    Top - Leicester 38 points
    Bottom 3 - Hereford, Cheltenham & Crewe 33 points combined

    League 2 - Wycombe 37 points
    Bottom 3 - Grimsby, Rotherham & Barnet 34 points combined
    (I'm not counting Bournmouth & Luton who have yet to reach 0 points!)

    So No, that's not unusual.
  7. wolvesman

    wolvesman Guest

    Ta...I see on paper there should be plenty of more points before Christmas to pick up as well. Here's hoping.

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