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Hull Vs Villa

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by sy king, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. sy king

    sy king Guest

    ive been reading though some sites today and some comments about the 'penalty' incident, and some of the comments coming from Hull are ridiculous....

    Steve Bennett, who is a pretty Crap referee at the best of times IMO, due to his card happy and school master approach towards players, did exactly the right thing,

    i agree that he was hasty in blowing his whistle or the penalty, however, how else was he to stop play? he consulted the Assistant who advised it did not hit ashley youngs hand and the decision was changed,

    Hull are up in arms about it, god knows why. it was the correct decison!! the assistant referee had a much clearer view of the incident

    now the Hull chairman is 'DEMANDING' answers from the FA, about how this could have happened and this information could have got back to referee and if he was correct in law to change his decision?
    All the officials are radiod up together, plus a buzzer pager that assistants use for offside and the call the referee if needed (the 4th official has a button to call the referee as well. any one of these could be used for this to get to the referee that an error has been made...

    its just madness how they are going on acting like they have been cheated...
  2. Kenny-11

    Kenny-11 Guest

    Mr King.........have you ever blown your whistle for a decision then changed your mind??
  3. sy king

    sy king Guest

    damn straight i have..... :D:D

    (it was the correct decision in the end also) :p
  4. Kenny-11

    Kenny-11 Guest

    Was a good call.

    Anyone regarding Hull.............just the typical hard done by moans and groans. If it had been done against us there would be a 50/50 split on here about whether the ref got it wrong or right (you and Jonzy in the wrong of course)
  5. sy king

    sy king Guest

    i think he got it right!! :)
  6. OCD Wolf

    OCD Wolf Guest

    I am sick and tired of Hull and their fawning idiot of an attention seeking manager. Any opportunity of a soundbite, punditry or comment and he's there like some sort of ego-maniac 'superstar'. It's become more about 'him' than the team - adequately demonstrated by his 'aren't I so clever - team talk on the pitch' effort.

    His ego is running away with him.

    From being plucky 'have a go heroes' whom I wished well at the start of the season I know want them to go down and see his smug 'aren't I great' look wiped off his face.

    They are only 7 points ahead of safety, it could happen - please!!
  7. Big Mack

    Big Mack Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 29, 2005
  8. derbyrameater

    derbyrameater Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 14, 2005
    He was the same at Derby and in the end it was his downfall, during a local radio broadcast it came to a peak where he `really attacked` the fans and anybody else, (I remember it like yesterday).

    As he was speaking I thought `you have just talked yourself out of a job`, it was that over the top.

    In an interview a few months ago he made a statement saying he had learnt his lesson..

    Perhaps this shows that sunbeds not only frazzle your skin but also the brain:eek:..
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2008
  9. Jonzy54

    Jonzy54 Just doesn't shut up

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    Jan 3, 2007
    Steve Bennett may not be the best referee around,but the important thing is he got it right in the end-End Of! There have ben suggestions that he was too hasty in blowing his whistle for the penalty and he should have looked across at his Assistant. In his opinion,and from his position he thought it was a penalty,that is why he blew. It is a big man,whether some fans like it or not to go across ,consult and then change his mind. So how does that make me wrong?LOL.
  10. sy king

    sy king Guest

    jonzy... we're always wrong....:)
  11. Dewsburywolf

    Dewsburywolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 29, 2007
    You're a ref of course you're wrong.

    If you give the decision against our team. ;)
  12. Exile Wolf

    Exile Wolf Guest

    The one thing you are forgetting is that the ball was already dead. He did not have to point to the penalty spot, he could have radio'd the assistant and asked him if it had hit the hand. Thus only having to deal with the demented McShane who was claiming hand ball.

    However as Jonzy points out after giving the decision he then checked with the assistant, realised he was wrong and changed the decision, end of
  13. Bilston_Wolf

    Bilston_Wolf Guest

    Referee's are by nature people who can't play the game so they've took refereeing up to spoil it for those of us who can play(a little)...especially gooalkeeping referee'

    Oh...and Bennett got the decision right in the end
  14. JR's Boots

    JR's Boots Just doesn't shut up

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    Nov 9, 2006
    Good decision and the right result. How the hell that mouthy berk Brown can complain when the ball clearly hit the bar and nothing else is laughable.

    Villa tried to play decent football but lacked any presence up front while Hull ran around a lot but that was it. Poor entertainment and a lousy advert for the premier league.
  15. Space Wolf

    Space Wolf Guest

    Correct decision was eventually made but Ashley Young was extremely stupid to be putting his hand up there.

    When they asked him why he'd done it after the game, he couldn't give an answer.
  16. OCD Wolf

    OCD Wolf Guest

    If it was going in, perhaps it would have been worth punching it over to concede the pen. A one match ban and as Friedel is a decent penalty saver it might have been worth the gamble, for the sake of a possible two extra points.

    Cynical I know, but that's the game these days.

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