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henris back today

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by dr cool, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. dr cool

    dr cool Guest

    i wonder what incey may say ??[​IMG]
  2. Irish Wolf

    Irish Wolf Guest

    Will he show up?

    I liked him as a player when he was with us, however matters have changed dramatically since then. It's best that he moves on, and quickly, before we descend into another distracting rumpus.
  3. Stan Cutlass

    Stan Cutlass Guest

    Pink Von Dutch t-shirt and cap, Burberry print jeans, Gormless grin... I cant wait
  4. yammer

    yammer Guest

    If he fails to show again it will probably make it even harder for us to get the money we want for him.
  5. Stan Cutlass

    Stan Cutlass Guest

    No-one wants him... he'll be back
  6. Grinder

    Grinder Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 10, 2005
    I take it he wont be playing in the friendlies this week?
  7. Anglian Wolf

    Anglian Wolf Guest

    What's RAY STUBBS got to do with all this [​IMG]
  8. Stan Cutlass

    Stan Cutlass Guest

    The compliments are flying around today!
  9. Guests

    Guests Guest

    still think it depends on whether they reckon he can get shot of him or not. if they dont think its going to happen, theyre probably going to look at how to rehabilitate him into the side. if he turns up of course....
  10. Notty Wolf

    Notty Wolf Guest

    McKai seems to be slipping these days - OR is it just plain and simple that he just ain't good enough yet to play for a "top" side?

    Imho, If he just shut up long enough to listen, he might learn something under Hoddle - BUT, I don't think his ego will ever let him play in the Championship - It could have been ironic if he would have turned out for Saints in our first game!!![​IMG]

    At least we could have given him the [​IMG]he so richly deserves!!!
  11. Stan Cutlass

    Stan Cutlass Guest

    If he's not good enough yet, he's in trouble being 28. He's got ability, no question but the only consistant run of playing and scoring came in the second half of our Prem season...
  12. Notty Wolf

    Notty Wolf Guest

    No doubt that the "Rat" has pace and ability, but just unfortunate that he seems to have a severe lack of discipline and appears to find it difficult understanding that he has had a hand in relegating 3 teams and beencast asideby Celtic

    If he bagged half of the chances he'd missed - he would have topped the scoring charts in the Prem!

    But alas, It's time to move on, Bye bye Henri - NEXT!Edited by: Notty Wolf
  13. Guests

    Guests Guest

    Hmmm Notty - not sure which side of the miller debate you are on? but the missing chances debate is similar in both cases - well henri misses about 90% of them so thats a bit different, but its his pace that lets him create them when others wouldnt be able to.
  14. Philosophy 101

    Is it better to have created a chance and utterly FUBAR or to have never created the chance at all?
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