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Form update

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by wolvesjoe, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. wolvesjoe

    wolvesjoe Just doesn't shut up

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    Feb 1, 2010
    Interesting shift in form patterns over last 10 games:

    Bournemouth P10 W4 D4 L2 Pts 16
    Watford P10 W7 D1 L2 Pts 22
    Boro P10 W5 D1 L4 Pts 16
    Norwich P10 W7 D2 L1 Pts 23
    Derby P10 W2 D4 L4 Pts 10
    Ipswich P10 W5 D1 L4 Pts 16
    Brentford P10 W4 D2 L4 Pts 14
    Wolves P10 W6 D2 L2 Pts 20

    Important to recall that we have also had to play four of our promotion rivals in that 10 game run. Although we lost two of those and drew the other, our near perfect record in the remaining games means an excellent overall return. This does augur well for the run-in.

    If the same form continued until end of season then final table would be:

    1. Watford 87pts
    2. Norwich 86 pts
    3. Bournemouth 84 pts
    4. Boro 83 pts
    5. Wolves 79 pts
    6. Ipswich 78 pts
    7. Brentfor 76 pts
    8. Derby 74 pts

    With Watford's injuries I dont think it will end up like that, and I also expect Derby to revive, but apart from that pretty close. Expect us to have Watford in the playoff semis.......
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  2. Very Proud (AKA Still Proud)

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    Jul 5, 2005
    Crucially in our 4 games in that run against or promotion rivals we've only picked up 4 points. We have 2 more games at Boro and at home to Ipswich. Overall form says 4 points, top 8 form says 2 points. These games are pivotal

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