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Fond memories of SJH.

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Essex Wolf, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Essex Wolf

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    Jul 4, 2005
    I know there will be a few threads about SJH but just wanted to start this one so as people could post their fond memories of him.

    For some there may be many and others the odd one but whatever it is please post it here if you like. I'm sure most of us know what a great man SJH was but felt it nice for us to all post a comment or two bringing to the fore just how great he was in so many ways.

    I have so many memories but the three that spring to mind are as follows.

    1) Watford away few years back, believe a cup game. Walking down past what is now there new stand and there is SJH in the front passenger seat of a battered looking Yellow type colour Ranger Rover. Smart as ever with his club tie on you could see the excitement in his face as he passed by with every single Wolves fan waving and applauding.

    2) After the play off final win at Cardiff. SJH driving past with a Wolves scarf hanging out of the window. Again he looked so excited.

    3) And my favourite. Many years back my wife and I got invited to a fans forum at the Molineux and SJH paid for us to stay at the Friendly Motel in Walsall where he was also staying. We had chance to speak to him for quite some while. I was somewhat in awe but there are nowhere near enough words to explain how I felt then and do right now.

    He may have done things at times some of us didn't like or agree with but irrespective of what those reasons(s) were he was still a truly great Wolves supporter.:top:

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