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Fitter & Stronger

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Uncle Festa, May 20, 2008.

  1. Uncle Festa

    Uncle Festa Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Interesting comment from Keogh in the E&S about the team need to be fitter and stronger next year. In some games, notably against Albion at home we looked to be out on our feet for the last 20 minutes. Has the loss of the fitness coach to Reading had a bigger impact than we were lead to believe?
  2. Big Mack

    Big Mack Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 29, 2005
    This has been bothering me. We want young, fit and hungry players who 'put a shift in' but if they are running around like headless chickens for a percentage of the match then our results are going to suffer. Someone at the club needs to address this issue, either build a team of superhumans or teach and train them to use their energy effectively.
  3. WTID!

    WTID! Senior Member

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Keogh saying the squad need to be fitter and stronger, I hope he reads the article back and takes the stronger comment on board !
  4. dazmanwolf

    dazmanwolf Guest

    Well our fitness coach going to Reading didn't do them much good did it? ;)
  5. DognGun

    DognGun Guest

    To be fair the way Albion play football ie pass and move,would knacker most teams
  6. glasgowwolf

    glasgowwolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 30, 2005
    it's due to youth and experience.

    Experience - Knowing when to slow the game down, knowing when to take a breather etc

    Fitter and stronger comes when bodies have fully developed, Blake has, Keogh stilll looks like a teenager.

    They should certainly be fitter and stronger next year, if they are not may be ot's time to look at our fitness coach.

    Are they working to hard pre matches ?

    Not working hard enough pre-season.

    Lets be honest, Pre Season Builds core fitness, the season hones that fitness.

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