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Families and football.

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by Essex Wolf, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Jul 4, 2005
    Following on from the threads about which areas are Wolves or Albion and the other about Wednesday and United fans travelling in the same direction got me thinking about how support of a certain club effects families?

    I recall years ago taking my parents to a funeral in West Bromwich. It was my fathers sister in law Iris. She was a Wolves supporter as was her husband, my dads brother. Iris used to run the West Bromwich working men's club but that never stopped her letting the locals know she was Wolves through and through.

    On arrival at the funeral I knew very few people, about a handful at best I'd say even though many there would have been likely related. I noticed soon on that there were two main groups of people, which I've noticed is nothing unusual at family gatherings. Usually one family and the other who join up with those they know best or related to as such.

    Thinking the two groups were from the differing sides of the family I asked who was who as such and which group related to my now late Aunty. To my surprise I was informed that it was nothing to do with family but that one group were Wolves supporters and the others boggy followers. Made me realise that day just how far things go at times.

    I have always had a dislike of the boggies, hatred of blouse and a don't really care attitude about Villa but not living in the West Midlands not aware of how deep things run.

    In my neck of the woods the rivalry never seems that intense. Yes there are the odd people who make themselves stand out by how they talk but to find an atmosphere at a funeral was totally new to me.

    Just wonder if anyone else has a tale of a similar nature.

    To end I'll just add that my nearly 6yr old granddaughter is being raised in the right way and taught about Wolves. Bless her heart she came home from school last week and promptly told her dad, my son, that they had made her swear at school while doing dance as whilst jumping around the teacher said it was okay to say boing boing. :D

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