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Blackpool v Wolves. Player Ratings.

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by SanFranWolf, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. SanFranWolf

    SanFranWolf Transfer summary thread supremo

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    Jan 2, 2007
    Post your player ratings here.

    Wolves: Hennessey, Foley, Hill, Henry (capt), Collins, Stearman, Edwards, Mancienne, Ebanks-Blake, Iwelumo, Jarvis.
  2. Tarcisio Mifsud

    Tarcisio Mifsud Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 4, 2005
    After I saw the match direct on tv.

    Hennessey - I am really disappointed with him and I cannot understand why being such a good stopper, would make such simple errors which have cost us 4 points in the last 2 matches. 5.

    Stearman - Not so sure in full back position. Was out of position when Blackpool scored their first goal.5.5

    Collins - He settled in nicely after the first 10 minutes. 6.5

    Mancienne - He did not play that well yesterday and gave away too many fouls. 5.5

    Hill - He was rather weak and that is the cause of the Blackpool's pressure in the first half. When he was replaced, Wolves played much better. 4.

    Foley - I prefer him as a full-back rather than in midfield, most probably it was a hobson's choice for MM. 6

    Henry - Not one of his best games - 5.5

    Edwards - Wolves played better when he was replaced. 4.

    Jarvis - He is a good winger, and although he scored he missed to score a hatrick, at one instance being selfish, shooting wide, when SEB was waiting to his pass as he was in a much better position to shoot. Still as he scored a good goal, from one of the few open play actions played on the ground by Wolves, he gets 6.5.

    Iwelumo - He needs to be rested for a few games. It was him who did not take the ball from the cross which enabled Blackpool to get their first equaliser. 5.

    SEB - Played much better, when Wolves decided in the last 30 minutes to play the ball on the ground rather than hoofing it to Iwelumo from the back. 7 and my Man of the match.


    Jones played better than Edwards, but nothing great 6.

    Ward - he is a totally different player this year. He changed the match for Wolves when he came in. He was unlucky to be given a yellow card, when it was not even a foul, which resulted in a freekick that Blackpool scored their second equaliser. 6.5

    Vokes - I think he needs to get a start. He looks so good when he comes in, and therefore hope that he would also be effective if he has a start. 6.5

    Referee - I think he was good and looks to be a really good friend to Wolves, whisling 50/50 decisions in Wolves favour.

    Blackpool - a decent team which will give opponents a good run for their money, but Wolves dropped 2 points yesterday. Although they had more possesion, Wolves had much more scoring opportunities and Jarvis alone should have scored a hatrick to make the game safer for Wolves.
  3. AmericanWolf

    AmericanWolf Guest

    Disagree that Jarvis should have scored a hat trick. Half of his chances came when he should have laid the ball off to a player in a better position. He was desperate for a goal, and it clouded his judgment in a big way.
  4. SaleWolf

    SaleWolf Guest

    Bloody hell was it cold last night, only just warmed up!

    Hennessey - Drop him now Mick - two mistakes in two games and two goals conceded - he couldn't catch a cold 2

    Hill - Very average Championship player from what i've seen 6

    Mancienne - Had a nightmare last night 4

    Collins - Slightly better than Mancienne 5

    Stearman - Another who was poor 5

    Foley - Played out of position, average to poor 6

    Jarvis - Easily our biggest threat and our best player. Maybe should have done better with his earlier chances 8 MOM

    Henry - Did ok but cannot play with Edwards for some reason 6

    Edwards - Shocking and did everyone a favour when he came off 3

    Iwelumo - Another poor display, not helped by the worst refereeing performance for sometime 4

    Ebay - Good penalty, played ok in parts 7


    Jones - Did better than Edwards and we looked more solid with him in midfield 6

    Vokes - Made more of an impact than Big Chris in the short period of time he had on the pitch 7

    Ward - Superb cameo performance 8

    Referee - The worst performance since Rennie against Bolton in the Prem. Absolutely awful in everyway.
  5. Really bloody frustrating and I saw it as 2 points lost.

    A great start and I was amazed we were given the pen, even though Iwelumo was clearly being fondled. I think the ref evened it up for the rest of CI's game though as he was constantly penalised for nothing.

    We were very poor after we conceded that shocking first goal and couldn't string more than 2 passes together. It was a really unattractive game to watch for the remainder of the half.

    The second half was miles better once the totally ineffectual Hill went off, with Ward offering some real width down the left to counteract Jarvis's pace down the right. This also took some of the pressure off Stearman who I thought had a dreadful first half. We deservedly scored and should have seen it out but for Hennessey's indecision. Blackpool didn't look like scoring at all - how the hell did they come out of that with 2 goals?! I actually thought both Collins and Mancienne played well and never looked troubled, but the full back positions (particularly 1st half) left a lot to be desired.

    Hennessey - poor tonight and I personally would like to see Ikeme get another run. As good as Wayne is with shot stopping (made a good save in the first half that he tipped around his right hand post) his poor decision making ultimately cost us last night. On the plus side, his kicking is excellent. 5

    Hill - not impressed with him whenever I've seen him. Looks nervy and uncomfortable on the ball. Not having a settled partnership down the left can't be helping him, but correctly subbed. 4

    Mancienne - didn't do a lot wrong, and looked calm and composed on the ball. Not at fault for either goal. 7

    Collins - impressive I thought. Similar to Mancienne and I never saw him lose a header. I'd start him alongside Mancienne on this showing ahead of Stearman. 7

    Stearman - terrible first half in which he was at fault for their goal, tried his best to give away a penalty and was booked. Much better second half, but didn't look comfortable at full back. I like him as a CB but would be 3rd choice at the moment IMHO. 5

    Foley - odd seeing him on the left side of midfield, but didn't disgrace himself. Looked much more like the reliable KF we know and love when moved to LB when Ward came on. 6

    Edwards - taken off early (I presume with a knock?) so didn't really get the chance to get into the game at all. Poor passing and looked well off the pace. 5

    Henry - started badly but improved. Got stuck in a bit more in the second half - looks better alongside Jones. 6

    Jarvis - frightening on the ball. Blackpool's full backs just couldn't deal with him, and he found space constantly. Could have had a hat-trick but for a bit of bad luck and a very good save from their keeper. However, his final ball is very frustrating. Still, credit where it's due, he was a constant threat and took his goal excellently. Looking forward to seeing him and Kites back on either flank again. 7.5 MOM

    SEB - battled and battled with little reward. Confident as ever with the penalty, and an excellent pass to Jarvis for the 2nd goal. 7

    Iwelumo - I really feel for him in this type of game, because he is constantly penalised for simply being big. He doesn't need to use any spring to win headers, but that means LAZY referees constantly blow up for fouls against him. I was amazed we won the penalty but by god the treatment Iwelumo seems to get every week by picky refs is very frustrating. Had to come off really. 6


    Jones - I thought we looked better with him in the centre and we actually started to pass it in the second half with Jones usually the fulcrum. A better option in the middle than Edwards on this occasion. 7

    Ward - excellent and helped swing the game in our favour. A great surge to set up the goal as he poses a genuine threat going forward. His presence helped the balance of the team hugely. I'm sure he'll back straight back in for the next game, hopefully in place of Hill. 7

    Vokes - every time I see him, we create chances. Won his fair share of headers (not the same physical presence as CI so maybe not penalised as much for it?) and was very unlucky with his backheel. I have a very exciting feeling that this lad will go on to big things - hopefully with us. 7

    Fair do's to McCarthy for making 3 subs which I felt helped the balance of the team. The starting line up didn't work and he saw to that. We certainly ended the game much stronger than when we started and if it hadn't have been for some crap defending, we would have earned a valuable but deserved win.

    7 points clear going into New Year? I'll take that I think.
  6. glasgowwolf

    glasgowwolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Sep 30, 2005
  7. dolmanrj

    dolmanrj Guest

    Was at the game:

    Hennessey - Apart from the mistake for the second goal didnt have to do alot - 6
    Stearman - Very ropey first half but got better as the game went on - 6
    Mancienne - Salewolf really 4?from where i was sitting Mancienne anticipated the ball coming so well and cleared it everytime. This guy is a class act - 7.5
    Collins - Typical Collins, wins everything in the air - 7
    Hill - From where i was sitting could have given away a penalty, looked a bit shaky - 5
    Jarvis - Looked really good last night, pace was electric albeit against Ian Harte but again his final ball let him down, put some very good corners in though - 7.5
    Henry - Usual Karl Henry performance - 7
    Edwards - Looked a bit lost again, kind of a relief that he came off - 5
    Foley - Back to full back please, solid at right mid but not as effective on the left - 6
    SEB - Great penalty, great pass for the second goal and did his best trying to hold the ball up, difficult game for the front two - 7
    CI - I feel sorry for him at the mo because he never gets any decisions going his way and i think its holding him back a bit - 6

    Jones - Midfield looked far more composed and solid when he came on - 7
    Ward - Very lively when he came on and a great bit of play and determination to get the ball to SEB for the second goal - 7.5
    Vokes - Put himself about again, looks a great prospect, i still think he shouldnt start though - 7
  8. Wolves in Limerick

    Wolves in Limerick Just doesn't shut up

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    Mar 2, 2008
    I think this was an experimental team rather than one assembled on the basis of "hobsons choice". It gave Mick the opportunity to see how certain players would perform if they played in positions other than the ones they have made there own. On the basis of last nights performance I would not be too happy with the displays of those who played out of position. I too was a TV viewer in a pub full of Manure supporters, so I had to view my game in silence. While the ref gave the penalty for holding on "Big Chris", I cannot comprehend why they forever blow him up when as a forward he goes for the ball. On a number of occasions last evening he was either fouled or won the ball cleanly and what does the ref do... he gives a free out.
    Hennessy: Played reasonably, but at fault for the final goal. One suicidal throw out to Steerman, which resulted in his (RS) booking. I suspect he is on the verge of losing his place again. 6
    Steerman: Not his best game and I suspect is currently under pressure from Collins to retain his place at centre half. Blackpool should have been awarded a penalty for his foul on their winger in the first half and it appeared that the winger always had the edge on him. Probably needs more time to play himself back into right back, which he won't get with, with Foley on the team. 6
    Hill: Not particularly impressed by him. Too small and easily bullied/intimidated. Ward should make this place his own when things settle down as they should do from the next league match (should we avoid injuries in the cup). 6
    Collins: I thought he did OK and could hold his place for the next match. 7
    Mancienne: The best of our defenders last night. 7.5
    Foley: I think he is better as a full back, did not particularly impress last night until returning to full back duties when Ward came on. 6.5
    Henry: Not his best display, but still our best central midfielder. 6.5
    Edwards: Largely anonymous for the period I saw, was he on long enough to give a mark to? If so. 6
    Jarvis: Posed a major threat throughout the evening and deserved the goal. A little selfishness is welcome from our forwards and SEB benefits from it himself from time to time. MOM 8
    Iwelumo: I don't think he should be penalised by fans for the eccentricities of referees decisions. Always a wholehearted player who gives his all for the club. I agree he got caught with the long throw in, but then Steerman and Foley both got caught flat footed too. 7.5
    SEB: Some criticism of him recently on threads. On the basis of what I have seen (apart from the QPR game) he has always played his heart out even when living on scraps as he was for long periods last night. 7.5
    Jones, I thought he did OK 6.5
    Ward, I thought there was a significant improvement in our play when he came on and he was in what in the opinion of many fans is his least favoured position. 7.5
    Vokes, I believe him to be still a long short of the player Big Chris is. 6

    I look forward to our next league game, when even if Steerman and Hennessy hold there places we should with Jarvis and Kightly back together on the wings be a much more potent force. Ward to retain full back position also.
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  9. manc_wolf

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    May 29, 2006
    Too many positional changes for me tonight - team looked a class above Blackpool man-for-man obviously, but just didn't really click for us. Was sat with some local fans and they said it felt like a cup game as we looked like a premier league team - and that they felt their side had raised their game considerably from recent matches and could tell they were really up for it. Not much consolation I guess but...

    Missed the first 10 mins due to a puncture :( locals cheering for their first goal as i was entering the ground... Don't get to go that often these days due to living abroad now but... anyway... my shout on the last 80 mins...!

    Hennessey - as usual, great in between the sticks, but you always had your heart in your mouth whenever he came for anything. Not surprised when he flapped at a cross, came nowhere near it for which they scored their 2nd. Love him... but Ikeme back please... 5

    - First time I've seen him at RB. Back in the centre next time please! 5

    - didn't do a lot wrong for me... Assured 7

    - Looked the most solid of our defenders tonight... 7.5

    - Did not look convincing. Ward there next time please... (Oops... Did I just say that!???) 5

    - Lively. Very fast. Selfish. Very Fast. Definitely "up for it". Dead balls pretty good too (mostly). Always looking for the ball. Oh, and he is very fast - you realise how fast on a small close pitch! 8 MOTM

    - Performed his DM role well. 'Pool fans I was with thought he was our best player - maybe we're used to it by now. 7

    - Said before... but a great sub. Nowhere near the quality of Jones sorry! went off half way through 1st half. Luckily. 4

    - Sorry... Out of position. Lost possession too many times - looked out of place without the ball... bit of a headless chicken for me - not his fault. 4

    - Looked up for it tonight - better than in recent weeks. Maybe spurred on by the early goal who knows. 7

    - What is it with him and referees??? Watched him get fouled all night only for us to give a free kick away every time! (Apart from the penalty!) Never seen a player attract so much negative referee attention in my life. Crackin player - understandable he gets frustrated and it affects his game. 7

    - We looked sooooo much better when he came on. HAS to start next time please Mick - Edwards injured or not. 7.5

    - Excellent performance when he came on - he really did offer something and give us more drive. Was impressed. 7.5

    - Came on for CI who was obviously getting more frustrated with the ref's decisions as the game wore on. Looked his usual class. 6.5

    Overall I thought we should have won this. We had the quality all over the park - difficult conditions (pitch was like Oldhams 15 years ago) - first half Blackpool were obviously really up for it, but their lack of quality/strength in depth showed in the 2nd half - and to quote Keegan, I thought there was only one team who were going to win it. Then a moment of indecision at the back and it's in the back of the net - their only real attempt at goal in the 2nd half from memory. So on that basis - definitely 2 points lost - but we will get games like that I guess, and not the end of the world given Readings and Bloose's points tally over the last couple of games so...

    Fans in great voice too...
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  10. Adrian_Monk

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    Apr 17, 2006
    Hennessey- 4.5

    Indecision in the defence on several occasions down in no small part to his inability to command his area both physically and vocally.

    Stearman- 5

    Committed as ever but looked lost, back to centre half next time around I think.

    Mancienne- 6

    Reasonable game. Again relied on his pace to correct his misjudgements.

    Collins- 6

    Rarely threatened, aerial threat from set pieces as always.

    Hill- 4

    Struggled and deservedly replaced. Distribution appalling.

    Jarvis- 7

    Pace troubled Blackpool defence until they brought on Martin at left back. Disappointing end product on several occasions. Goal took a bobble but persistence paid off.

    Henry- 6

    Worked hard and could really benefit from some help in the engine room.

    Edwards- 4

    Not his type of game. Completely passed him by for the short time he was on.

    Foley - 5

    Struggled in unfamilar left midfield role. Won't be playing there again.

    Iwelumo- 5

    Same game different day for Big Chris. Penalised over and over by a whistle happy ref.

    Ebanks-Blake- 5

    Toiled to no avail. Rarely threatened but for a neat interchange with Jarvis that should have produced a goal. Livened up after Wards' introduction.


    Jones- 5

    A passenger as the ball mainly flew over his head. Decent opportunity spurned.

    Vokes- 5.5

    Good movement. Back-heel almost found the net.

    Ward- 7

    Introduction woke us up. Direct, intelligent play. Over his bug.
  11. blaenboy

    blaenboy Senior Member

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    Jan 23, 2008

    I only put any real weight on the views and ratings of peo-ple who were at the match. It is never the complete picture on TV. Having said that I now go on to rate players,since -living in ireland-it is toolate yo do so after I go over for a live match!Some brief comments:
    Hennessy: knew it was a goal when I saw the inswinging free kick.Great shot-stopper,but not the complete article. 6

    Stearman:Out of position. A neutral thought him excellent. Not sure why,though his tackling was strong and effective. 6

    Mancienne:Not his best game. Great anticipation,but a bit small. Think he should be tried in CM. 6.5

    Collins:What you see is what you get. Good,but as always lacks confidence on the ball.Nevertheless a solid 7

    Hill:Have seen him live twice and on TV. verdict always the same:a journeyman full back who will do if we are stuck. Thought the same when with Preston. Good decision to take him off. 4

    Henry: Good enough game.Worked hard. Can't help feeling he lacks a little control in the middle. 6

    Edwards: I think people are a bit harsh on him. Got through more work than usual,but does feel a bit lightweight. 5

    Jarvis:MOM. Simply our best player by some way on the night. Could have finished better but still worth 8.

    Foley: Out of position,but improved at LB. 6.5

    Big Chris:some extraordinary decisions against him. Worked hard and caused them lots of problems. 7

    SEB:I differ from most here. Thought he was off the pace. Great ball fro the goal,but largely was easily contained. 5.5


    Jones: Case still not proven. Probably better than Edwards,but neither quite good enough as itn stands. 6

    Ward: Excellent. We improved when he came on. Was everywhere and deserves 8,though Jarvis still gets MOM

    Vokes: Impressed.The lad promises much 7

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