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Albion to be taken over by Britain's richest man?

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix Archive' started by thisisgil, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. thisisgil

    thisisgil Has a lot to say

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    Jul 12, 2006

  2. East Bay Ray

    East Bay Ray Senior Member

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    Sep 8, 2006
    Mittal is much richer than Abramovic. £20billion.

    Perhaps Moxey's been stringing Morgan along trying to get Mittal to invest instead?
  3. Much as I hate the stripey things, if this is a genuine story he would surely invest in a medium sized club with a reasonable ground and moderate support. Not poor old Watford, who are basically a small club who got a bit of money from the "Queen Mother of Pop" a few years ago. Vicarage road is a dump, can't be extended and even if it was Watford couldn't fill the ground.

    But, back to the story. As Mittell is so rich why would he buy a Championship club when he could get a top eight Premiership club off the shelf?
  4. East Bay Ray

    East Bay Ray Senior Member

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    Sep 8, 2006
    Perhaps he just wants to depress us Wolves fans when he announces the signings of Kaka, Totti and Adriano?
  5. kal1000

    kal1000 Guest

    This is Vital Watford, if he wanted to get into football that badly he would have taken Brum whilst it was there.
  6. Bilston_Wolf

    Bilston_Wolf Guest

    This is bad news, Vital watford have an excellent record when it comes to predicting transfers and gossip.
  7. SCB

    SCB Guest

    Wonder how much he can make from buying any of those two, moving the team elsewher, doze the premises and then develop the 'hood into shopping, offices and expensive(ish) housing. Probably a good bit of business...
    Ya know, theres always another BhattiBro lurking;)
  8. Goldwolf

    Goldwolf Guest

    I can't believe you actually typed that!
  9. Why not genuine? A man with more money than he can ever spend fancies turning a little club into European champions just to prove it can be done?

    Mind you, if he really wants a challenge, why not buy Poorsall?
  10. Emperor Wolf

    Emperor Wolf Guest

    OT,but since the Bhatti bros are mentioned...
    What was their first names?
    Did anyone actually see them in real life?
    Were they ever present at a game at Mol?
    There is no photos of them on the net,I´ve googled but nothing!
    Whatever happened to them?
    They went back to SaudiArabia,but all info seems to stop with that.
  11. Kenny-11

    Kenny-11 Guest

  12. Timberwolf

    Timberwolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Jul 5, 2005
    Chas and Dave????

    The timing of the smiley mockney duo's fall from grace does seem a little toooo coincidental.
  13. Goldwolf

    Goldwolf Guest

    If you don't know I'm not telling you. :D
  14. Golden Bull

    Golden Bull Guest

    FFS You f00$$$ clowns
  15. The Bear

    The Bear Just doesn't shut up

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    Jun 29, 2005
    VitalWatford's writer after another first-rate story finishes uploading:

  16. What was their first names? Can't remember
    Did anyone actually see them in real life? Yep
    Were they ever present at a game at Mol? Yep
    Whatever happened to them? Can't remember
  17. I always pictured him as a ginge for some reason
  18. Kenny-11

    Kenny-11 Guest

    Unstable ground Paddy.................
  19. Del Woppio

    Del Woppio Guest

    I'd always assumed he was ginger, and slightly over-weight too. I'm also seeing the clothing of a rapist.
  20. Bilston_Wolf

    Bilston_Wolf Guest

    I'd imagine him with a bit of a limp.
  21. I reckon that when the medics told him he shouldn't drink guinness any more he switched to Bathams just to be safe like
  22. Visage Wolf

    Visage Wolf Guest

    You missed this:

  23. dick??
  24. Visage Wolf

    Visage Wolf Guest

    Dont mind if i do....
  25. Winelord

    Winelord Guest

    Now, that's well out of order.
  26. Visage Wolf

    Visage Wolf Guest

    I bet he can still manage more than 3 pints without vomiting though....
  27. one small burp and I still get castigated for it.

    I am shocked I cannot live down that bloody Vomboy moniker you $$$$$ gave me.
  28. Kenny-11

    Kenny-11 Guest

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