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54 Global Wolves : WWISC Worldwide

Discussion in 'Supporters Clubs' started by Berlin Wolf, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    54 Global Wolves : Wolverhampton Wanderers Independent Supporters Clubs Worldwide

    Welcome to Global Wolves!

    An Information Centre to help Wolves fans connect with WWISC Worldwide.
    A reference/archive/contact point - a place where fans can enjoy looking back.

    New : 00 Wolves Supporters Flags & Colours
    New : 08 Cambridge Wolves : England
    New : 09 Canada Wolves : Canada
    New : 12 Down Under Wolves : Australia
    New : 36 Russia Wolves : Russia
    New : 45 Turkey Wolves : Turkey

    Calling Wolves Supporters Clubs.. wherever you are based around the Globe.
    Not on the WWISC list of 54 Worldwide? Would like to be on the growing list?
    No matter how big or small you are.. it would be brilliant to get all clubs on it.
    Please message Berlin Wolf with your club information for inclusion, thanks.

    My thanks to Mutchy, bod101, OsloWolf and WWISC for their help and support.


    Berlin Wolf
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