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19 Years 13 Days 22 Hours 20 Minutes

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix memories' started by Bankswolf II, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Bankswolf II

    Bankswolf II Guest

    As a young wolves fan I never got to witness the bad days. Talk about the Chorley defeat and brief mention of the Bhatti Brothers was all the education I had if anything a few duff game against Stockport etc under McGhee and Colin Lee was the end of the world yet the one thing I did share was the disdain of the playoffs.

    To lose out in the season where we should have gone up will live long in the memory. It hurt as did the poor start of the season we had prior to the Newcastle game one cold January I remember calling for the sack long before anyone else yet here we were scrapping our way to the play offs seeing off Reading. The final surely I thought? This time?!

    The drive up on that sunny day was full of nerves pulling up against several wolves coaches and hearing random people beeping their horns in support was only a taste of the masses that were there. Outside the stadium there were thousands of gold shirts kicking beach balls in the air singing so loudly hoping that for the love of god they would finally see an end. It was a proud moment that makes you realise why you love the club. What appears to be the whole of wolverhampton charging through all of them secretly dreading what was to come but too caught up in the moment to care

    And so came kick off and the atmosphere was electric with the noise never dropping not even when we scored with an absolute belter from Kennedy after about 11 minutes or so. The team had confidence behind them Ince was leading the line living up to his Guvnor reputation Kennedy and Newton were terrorising the wingers and even Nathan Bloody Blake a man who should have been dropped for Dean Sturridge months ago scored a glancing header to make us all go crazy and then when Miller made it 3 before half time I was speechless. Ince had one scare where he nearly scored an own goal but we held on played well and were leading 3-0 in a play off final!

    This is wolves I remember thinking no club in this country would throw this away but us and Sheffield United had an epic season and it was only a matter of time before Brown or Tonge punished us. Second half came and they got a penalty. This was it right in front of the sheffield faithful i waited for wolves to throw it away like they did every year. Since I started supporting them it was thrown away at the last with millions spent on players long since made the butt of the jokes

    So when it came that a wolves recruit who went to school down the road from me to save it my heart lept. Murray that game was quality. Years from now regardless of what happened I hope everyone will remember him for his contribution not just that game but all season. The way he commanded his area was a sight and when the penalty was saved the wolves fans went crazy

    Clock watching followed. I swear now even though I watched it back a hundred times I cant tell you anything about the second half other than we saved a penalty and Adam Proudlock came on such was the nerves I felt as I watched that clock mock me. We never did blow it that day and when the final whistle everyone around me lept for joy and I got to once again witness how I had it a lot better than some older fans. For me it was a chance to have banter with Villa fans or see Wolves on Match of the day (Cheers ITV for killing that dream) But seeing grown men who had watched as the club had risen from greatness to despair and back up again and the emotion they felt made me even prouder. Whatever you can say about wolves fans it was their support and fight for the club they loved my dad included that we even got to this point where I could be there to see promotion and it was this game and that banner that forever reminded me

    19 Years 13 Days 22 Hours 20 Minutes....I hope it was worth the wait
  2. ChesterWolf

    ChesterWolf Has a lot to say

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Sent shivers down me that mate. Quality stuff.
  3. bideyourtime

    bideyourtime Groupie

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    Feb 14, 2011
    Anybody got a decent image of the banner? I also can't remember much from the 2nd half, just the penalty save, fantastic day.
  4. Sedgley Wolf

    Sedgley Wolf Guest

    That was an incredible day out. The coaches and cars adorned with Wolves scarves on the M5, the breakfast in Cardiff city centre amongst what seemed like 100,000 Wolves fans at 9am, meeting Don Goodman in the pub before the game, the incredible atmosphere on the way to the ground and the view of a sea of gold and black as we looked down from the stadium steps.

    The game itself was almost too perfect. To crush a decent team like we did in the first half was a sight to behold and, as mentioned, Murray was beyond heroic in the second half.

    The walk from the round was surreal, we were just completely and utterly stunned - but not for long as we reached our pub and the booze flowed again. I think it ended at 5am the following morning where I found myself at a friend's house with a bottle of JD in my hand.

    No doubt a similar celebration will ensue should we survive from this pig of a season at the expense of Sandwell...

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