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Aug 7, 2016
Jun 11, 2006
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Just doesn't shut up

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Aug 7, 2016
    1. Wednesbury Wolf
      Wednesbury Wolf
      Why are you allowing a thread on OT to carry on containing several threats of violence ?
      Doesn't show the forum in a very good light does it ?

      I have complained but nothing has been done.
      Still the "bogey team" watched some of the game on my computer on, quality ok and get to see most of the game.

      Semi R is suiting me, I can organise my week better, I have worked for 45 years not stop now and I think I deserve a bit of a rest.

      Hope your business venture is going well.

      Good win today, just hope we can get some more points over Christmas, have a good one by the way.
      Fine thanks Leeds, going into semi retired mode at the moment.
      Haven't be going to matches a lot this season, find the weather affects me, still have yet to see them lose. Because of that I haven't felt that it was right to post to much and has you know this board has it's fair share of "non combatants".

      Still want them to do well and victory today would be a tremendous boost.

      Hope you are well and still enjoy your put downs.
    4. Huge of Sharjah
      Huge of Sharjah
      Good thanks amigo... Trust all is well with yourself and your family... Been a little busy trying to set up the new business over the last year... Hopefully, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, all will go well and in approx five years I can do the semi-retirement bit... insh'allah.

      Be good mate... Huge.
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