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New Profile Posts

  1. So'ton Wolf
    So'ton Wolf Dukinfieldwolves
    Hi, is the Saints ticket still available ?
  2. wolfgar
  3. Kal
    Kal Sketchead
    Soon as they are released will give you a shout.
    1. Sketchead
      Thanks mate.
      Sep 25, 2018 at 4:07 PM
  4. Richard Fletcher
    Richard Fletcher bigwolf
    Just after a single ticket for Palace. Any chance of it still going mate?
  5. cookey
    cookey SE Shropshire Lad
    Sorry missed this reply so sent it again, let me know before they go on sale please scookey @ gmail dot com
  6. Alienwolf
    Alienwolf wolvesultra
    Any chance of taking up your offer of using 2 adult supporter numbers for the Watford game?
  7. jackdusty
    jackdusty Mr Wolf
    Ticket is face value mate so with the booking fee it's £24.My mate has mine but has the other as well,his name is John(Muzz) and his number is 07961 463714.He is travelling with Cannock Wolves if you are around the parking area to meet him earlier.
  8. cookey
    cookey SE Shropshire Lad
    Hi SES as promised I'm giving u 1st dibs on an away, Brighton, I'm going but my mate isn't & he has full points, I'm staying overnight then Am Footie in London on Sunday, He, His Mrs & her Bro are staying in London for& the Am Foot - so you can (a) have my number so you can sit by your mates or (b) you can suffer me for the match & I get both tickets - either way you can get the Telford (?) coach down, cheers Cookey
    1. SE Shropshire Lad
      SE Shropshire Lad
      Hi Cookey, thanks very much, when do you need to know by? I may need to ‘negotiate’ on this one
      Sep 22, 2018 at 5:26 PM
  9. JimmyMac
    Still breathing when I woke up this morning ...
  10. CS_wolf
    CS_wolf dennison11
    No worries. Can you start a private conversation with me (not figured out how to do that yet!).
  11. Urko
  12. CS_wolf
    CS_wolf dennison11
    Hi mate, ive got a palace ticket if your still looking?
    1. dennison11
      That would be amazing please thankyou and any other superlatives you want to hear :)
      Sep 19, 2018
  13. Postiewolf77
  14. JadeWolf
    Wolves Ay We
  15. Earl Of Essington
    Earl Of Essington
    Out of darkness cometh light
  16. Old Heathen
    Old Heathen
    Black Country Born and Bred
  17. goldfish
    background patricio
  18. goalden wolf
    goalden wolf
    Once a Wolf ALWAYS a WOLF c'mon me babbies
  19. Nomadic Wolf
    Nomadic Wolf bod101

    Just a quick question and I know this may be a silly one: how can I PM people? Do I not have the capability until I’ve posted say x amount of times?

    Thanks in advance!
    1. bod101
      Yes that correct, from memory I think we set it at 10.
      Aug 22, 2018
    2. Nomadic Wolf
      Nomadic Wolf
      Ok, thanks for your response.
      Aug 22, 2018
  20. Pete Campbell
    Pete Campbell
    I love Ikeme and Neves
  21. ShifnalWolf
    ShifnalWolf The Wolf Of Wombourne
    Oh my days you are on Mol Mix...... this changes everything!!!!
    1. The Wolf Of Wombourne
      The Wolf Of Wombourne
      Depends who you think this is haha
      Aug 10, 2018
  22. waltononthehillwolf
    waltononthehillwolf stuart green
    hi m8 i started a conversation with you - not sure if thats the right thing to do? my email address is - if you send me the ticket ill pay you later today - do you have a paypal account? or do you prefer bank transfer?
  23. stuart green
    stuart green waltononthehillwolf
    hi there. i'm legit. that's why i've posted the ticket. to prove i purchased.
    If you want, I'll send the ticket and then you transfer the money when you get the ticket?
    I'm not here to rip off a fellow supporter for 20 quid. LOL I'm just trying to give someone a cheap way to see the match that i can't attend :-)
    Better than it going to waste.
    Send me your email i'll send the ticket.
  24. Charlie176
    Watching brief
  25. Aldridge
    Aldridge Petr Voves
    Do you still need a single for Everton? I have a ticket that I can email you so you can print it? £27 face value
    1. Petr Voves
      Petr Voves
      Thank you very much, mate. Already grabbed one. Thank you!
      Aug 8, 2018
      Aldridge likes this.
  26. Rufio
    Up to London
  27. JC14M5 Wolf
    JC14M5 Wolf
    Gone away, 5 months ish....
  28. lordbob5
    I have been stalking MM for the last 10 years and have only now bothered to setup an account!
  29. Lisas Husband
    Lisas Husband
    I prepare all of my food in a Moulinex because it nearly sounds like Molineux.
  30. Hinckley Wolf
    Hinckley Wolf
    Leicestershire’s 39th biggest Wolves fan
  31. SheldonWolf
    SheldonWolf lostwolf
    Evening buddy!
    Thanks for the Leicester ticket “like”....actually trying to get your bro one through other means also.

    Any chance you making it to the Walkers?
  32. SanktPauli
    SanktPauli bod101
    Hello Bod, I was wondering if you could change my username please? It changed from Vösseh to Vösseh when the Mix changed from its old format to the current look (around 2 years back?) I can still log in but Vösseh is a bit weird and I can't type it with that symbol being in there. If you could change it to SanktPauli I'd appreciate it. If not the old Vösseh will do. Thanks kindly!
    1. bod101
      done :) I was going to message you that it would need changing with those odd characters in! :)
      Jul 25, 2018
    2. SanktPauli
      Thanks, appreciated :)
      Jul 25, 2018
  33. Torquay wolves
    Torquay wolves
    Proud to be from the Black Country
  34. PulverWolf
    oh liitle mo i love you so ,especially in yer nightie , when the moonlight flits across your tits , oh jesus christ almighty..Spike Milligan
  35. Wolf_In_Züri
    Wolf_In_Züri Clifton Wolf
    Hello sir........I am new here and wish to PM you but cannot for the life of me find how.

    Cheers for any help he he
    1. Clifton Wolf
      Clifton Wolf

      You have sent me a DM. Can I help?

      Jul 23, 2018
    2. Wolf_In_Züri
      I cannot see how to send a PM on here. Any help welcomed haha. I was interested int he SB tickets but I immagine they are gone?
      Jul 25, 2018
  36. Ponty
    Ponty Jam Tam Van Man
    Guessed it was you from the name!
  37. Amsterdam Wolf
    Amsterdam Wolf
    A Wolf in Amsterdam
  38. Our Kid Wolf
    Our Kid Wolf
    Long time lurker
  39. rg4352
    rg4352 Louis Taylor
    Anyway I just wanting to thank you directly, as I feel the crap you got in response from a minority is unjustified. Take care. Rachael
  40. rg4352
    rg4352 Louis Taylor
    I just want to thank you for bringing to attention his activity on Twitter, because this showed me he is actually a vile homophobe, which as a gay woman I find horrifying, especially knowing he classes himself as a wolves fan, a football club I am proud to be a part of, and who have shown nothing but kindness and camaraderie, irrespective of gender/sexuality.