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Would someone like to explain why Nuno is third favourite Premiership manager to leave their post - on Betfair !!

Maybe it's not the sack .
One Senior ticket v Bournemouth, print at home, for sale. £15. Message me.
Somerset Wolf
Does anyone know if next year the Away silver ticket holders will get first choice of renewing theirs or does it go out to the highest points first like this year?
I could only get this table from 2003-2013 but it gives the average points per league position for the Premier League


Here are the average PPG for each position


as of Game 16 we have 22 points with an average of 1.38ppg. If we keep exactly the same form we will end the season with 52 points. Which means that we are on target for a 9th place finish.

However as the margins are so fine in the middle of the table if we allow for some variance I predict we will finish 8th, 9th or 10th.
Just watching the Everton Watford match and Richarlison hurts himself while backing into the Watford defender who merely does a standing jump to win the header. Everton fans are screaming for a foul and even the commentators suggest it could be. What planet are these people on..? Why are there certain incidents in football such as defenders blatantly blocking off people for the ball to run out for a goal kick that are just accepted as fair game..?
Bournemouth I mean. I'll go for 2-0

Jota and Neves with a screamer
Well I enjoyed indulging in it...........................courtesy of Wolves Twitter

When will we know if this game will be changed for Sky...I thought the date for the next games was on Saturday unless I read it wrong. I know it's not set in stone just wondering if I'd missed anything.