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I know this will probably be merged with my other post, i just wanted to ensure this message got across, thanks for a brilliant effort in sponsoring our Rally run for Prostate Cancer Read Polypipe's story :);)
The Mirror had to apologise to her for getting some details wrong, but read to the end for an old classic Sir Jack correction.

The Mirror apologises to Katie Hopkins and it's an all-time classic newspaper correction
Not sure if this is widely known, if I’m reading this How to watch the Champions League final for free: TV, 4K, online, mobile right none BT Sport subscribers can watch a free stream of the Champions League final tomorrow.

It’s available at Real Madrid v Liverpool: FREE Champions League final live stream, TV channel and preview and also in 4K on the BT Sport YouTube channel here... BT Sport
Reading the thread about saving Wolves led me to the attic to look through some contemporary programmes to try to get some idea of how things were then. In the programme for the Blackburn game on 28 August 1982 there was an article on John Burridge, the gk who had joined us on loan from QPR. I'm still laughing 2 hours after having read it! He proudly reports that he is so dedicated that 'he comes back for extra training 3 afternoons a week'! I'm not surprised if I remember how fat he was! He regards the training facilities at Castlecroft as the best he's ever seen and 'there is a gym, weights room and climbing ropes which are ideal for the work I love to do'!!!! I can just hear Nuno screaming at Jota to get up higher to the ceiling! Burridge goes on to say that 'if he makes a mistake he wants people to know it was a genuine blunder and that I have not been out smoking and drinking all week' - oh well, that's ok then! He finishes by saying that he's at home in the Midlands and is presently 'scouring the area for rented accommodation'!!!!!! I can just picture Mr and Mrs Neves traipsing around Tettenhall knocking at doors for a room to rent?! I know this was 36 years ago but it could have been written in the 1940s!!!
Non-League allocations in Step's 5 & 6 of the English Football Pyramid have been released this morning - and you won't believe it that YouTube team Hashtag United: led by a big Hammers fan by the name of Spencer Owen - of whom has led the side to having nearly 370,000 YT subscribers: have been admitted into the Spartan Midlands South League Division 1 for 2018/19: which is the 10th tier of the football system!

Let quite a debate rage whether this kind of move is good or otherwise for the game we love.

The FA’s League Committee reveal provisional Step 5&6 club allocations for the 2018/19 season
Good luck Fulham. .......
Beckenbauer created the role, Coady made it his own :D

Now Bastian Schweinsteiger excelling at the heart of a 3 man defence for Chicago Fire.

Bastian Schweinsteiger's New Position Actually Works Well
Unai Emery has been told that, whilst he manages the first team, he won't be the major descision maker at the club when it comes to making new signings.

It's not a new club structure in english football, Chelsea, for better or worse, implemented that style of set up a good 15 years ago, but I personally would predominantly leave it up to the manager appointed to make such decisions.

It was common on the continent in the 80's and 90's when I was a kid. But even back then, when I was green in life, I thought it was strange. Guys who weren't responsible for the first team's results AND, who had never played the game professionally picking the signings? Are you sure mate?

Admittedly back then it was well known that continental clubs hired and fired managers ten times a season and english clubs used to stand by their man, and perhaps that's why this style of club structure developed in europe a couple of decades before the likes of Chelsea, and now Arsenal circa 2018, adopted it, but do you really trust thay way forward?

Btw the guy's name who is in control of new signings at Arsenal is

Sven Mislinta

Can you imagine what work life will be like if Arsenal don't start getting results from day one for Unai Emery? He's going to go home back to the misses saying "who the **** is that Sven geezer, he signs the ****wit failures, not me."

Just putting it out there but would you like/accept that way of approach at Molineux?

Be careful, it might just happen.