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Molineux Mix

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Appointed Interim Manager of Eastbourne Borough in the National League South.From the ‘next’ Man Utd Manager to a fill in job in the 6th Tier .
In case you can’t see it properly it’s “An Evening with Dean Saunders”. Bet that’s good lol
Tipped me into buying a home shirt.
Can't attend matches to wear it, but it may well get an airing when I go to the Walton Centre in Liverpool.
in the 27 years of the premier league survival has been extremely tough. 49 teams have been in the premiership but apart from the big six how many can say they are an established premier league team.? Possibly only Everton.

Many teams have looked at one time to be established and competitive only to fall away villa , West Brom, Fulham and others.

In fact 14 ( ie over half) seasons in the premier league other than the big six and Everton has only be achieved by Newcastle, Villa ,West ham,Blackburn,Fulham,Middlesbrough,and Sunderland...and four of them are no longer there.

I mention these statistics to show how in 27 years it has been incredibly hard to sustain a challenge in the premier league and become established...

Wolves have had a wonderful first season back but it would be wrong to assume continuous improvement or that sustainability is easily achieved.It is also notable that sustainability also depends on revenue streams from a growing support base.
Bournemouth - Simon Hooper

Huddersfield - David Coote !!!!!!!!!!!

How have we not complained about him - he's beer totally biased against us every time !!!

"We always get **** refs !!!"

Have we had Michael Oliver at all this season ?
I did a search and couldn't find this linked so enjoy