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Martin Atkinson
4th Official Stuart Attwell :eek:
From what I’ve seen, much better in front of goal than bonnatini .

Does anyone know why he doesn’t even train with the first team?
Norwich have painted the away dressing room a shade of pink because it allegedly lowers testosterone levels. :eek:

How would you react in it given that you don't want to get into trouble with your club as they'd have to repair damage?
Breaking news on the BBC.That will go down well in Liverpool.
**** off all you moaners :D:D
A key attribute of a top manager is the ability to spot a problem and deal with it quickly and decisively. Even if that problem stems from one of your own decisions.

The failure to confront problems quickly is the common failing that separates decent managers from very good ones. If an issue festers, the players and the fans lose that little bit of confidence in the manager, and quite suddenly the manager is being publicly doubted, where he enjoyed 100% backing. Especially in an intensely competitive environment like the Premier League.

The disastrous mistake of retaining Leo Bonatini as the second choice striker absolutely falls into this category. We dont know if it was Nuno's decision to retain Bonatini and sell Afobe, but it may have been. But what we do know, and what has been obvious since Bonatini's purple patch dried up already last December, is that Leo is not cut out for this level of football, and quite possibly is not strong or quick enough for Championship football either. Wolves dont have the luxury to wait and see if that purple patch can be miraculously recreated. Nuno needs to act now, however he can, (and it doesnt look like there is an easy option, given the club's failure to use the transfer window to get a second striker).

Nuno hasnt really been in this position before, having previously been in charge of teams, who were amongst the strongest in their division, (Wolves, Valencia, Porto, where he has enjoyed an average of 56% win rate). One might have to go back to Rio Ave to see anything similar, and it is hardly a comparison worth making. So he is in new territory here and needs to think and act fast.
Calm down mods this is legit -I hadnt realised the efl were doing this.

Think I can live without it -presumably the amazon deal next season is the prem alternative .

EFL: 31 matches to be shown online in UK live streaming debut
Any fellow Mixers enjoy going to watch a bit of non-league? It’s something a few mates and I try and do a few times a season (usually picking a town with a decent pub crawl). We’ve done Halesowen, Stourbridge, Hereford and Lichfield City among others and think we’re planning to do Solihull Moors v Salford later in the year. Usually good craic - cheap entry and you can’t take your pint pitchside. Any other grounds people enjoy visiting?
As an away season ticket holder, it doesn’t really directly affect me to be honest, and there is a fair point that why weren’t people moaning so much when we were ****, but given we are where we are and where we hope to be for the next few years, i think it has and will become a growing problem that people will seriously struggle to get away tickets now. Especially younger fans who haven’t built up loyalty points, as well as people whose circumstances have changed (genuinely, not just miraculously, now were good again :rolleyes:), and also those who like to pick and choose only a few games each season.

So, what would people think to the following proposal on the club selling away tickets?

Presuming we will get 3000 at most grounds

1600 for away season tickets. A one week window to buy, starting four weeks before the game.

Following that, controversial maybe, but reserve 100 for people within a 30 mile radius of the away ground, who have attended Molineux at least once within the last 12 months. They also have a one week period to buy them, four weeks from before the game.

After that, starting from three weeks before the game, 1000 broken down and sold on a loyalty points basis. Pretty much as now, broken down each day over one week.

And finally, the remaining 300 (plus any extra unsold in the above groups) are sold in a ballot, which gives people a chance at least without having to go to every game, or know a friend of a friend with a supporter number. You could apply for this in the week a fortnight before the game, with the draw being done on the last day, a week before the game.

I don’t think that would be too difficult for the club to administrate.

Going forward for next season I'd like to see away season ticket holders whittled down to 1300, which is the minimum allocation we'll receive (Bournemouth). It should never have been more than that anyway, and that way you can do away with the Gold/Silver nonsense. I don't think it'll be too difficult once...
So this week iv noticed a hell of a lot of people relinquishing there supporter number so they can point boost with not having to go, this I find bad due to the fact that majority of the folks doing it are AST gold and silver members, the ones that were moaning when the new scheme was introduced but are now taking advantage of it and abusing the purpose it was designed for.

These tickets may have well well gone on sale to general public with how many iv seen advertised.
I'm not going myself but that's not the point.

Maybe the folk will learn if an X banned supporter thinks this is a glorious chance to go on someone else's name and decide to smosh the lot up.

Also I noticed a large amount of people having a moan about folk getting nice new leather wallets with there membership cards, bearing in mind members have payed a fee for said membership whilst also having many points accrued from last season, I miss say 5 home games a year and I'm not one for selling my seat on on forums and such so stick with my membership as it gives someone else the chance that can make 23 or 19 games.

That being said the same people that have had a whinge about not getting extra things for being a season ticket holder whilst receiving a large discount on tickets, and an opportunity to be an AST seem to be the same folk still moaning and now giving up tickets to pointminger.

why moan about paying for the privilege for away tickets whilst expecting everything free extra on those that will pay 25 quid to try and make the 19 games at a lot more cash than a season ticket would cost, and not have the opportunity for away games so ya can sell them yours?