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  1. northnorfolkwolf

    Wolves Summer 2022 Recruitment Plan by Dan Butler

    I think we've all known what we need for perhaps 2 seasons now? Does he tell us anything really new that we did not already know?
  2. northnorfolkwolf

    Would anyone like to talk about about Molineux on TV?

    Not much notice was there? They must have known about doing this some time ago.
  3. northnorfolkwolf

    Fixture Bias - Big 6 / FA

    What difference does it make either way? Who cares? City play Liverpool before the WC or City play Fulham? Irrelevant really but the Prem does give fans the chance to have a go at it.
  4. northnorfolkwolf

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    What a stupid comment to make. My wife is Welsh, I've lived in Wales. I don't like Bradmore or people from Bradmore.
  5. northnorfolkwolf

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    I think/hope that if Lage puts his arms around MGW and gives him the reassurance that he will be in the starting line-up come August in a new-look, attack-minded Wolves he will want to stick around. He's been pushed from pillar to post over the years (admittedly he's not been that great for us)...
  6. northnorfolkwolf

    Players you'd like us to be looking at

    When you have watched football for as long as I have and you have (?), once in a blue moon you see a youngster who has everything. He looked like that youngster to me. Looking back at my Wolves supporting years only Robbie Keane and Joleon Lescott looked top quality when I first saw them...
  7. northnorfolkwolf

    Players you'd like us to be looking at

    I caught the 2nd half of the Ukraine game last night and I was blown away by the 15 minute substitute appearance of mf Mykhaylo Murdryk. He is 21 and was unbelieveable. Passing, dribbling, you could see he has it all. He is presently with Donesk but someone soon needs to move in and sign him up...
  8. northnorfolkwolf

    Pardew leaves CSKA Sofia due to racist fans

    Their black players had bananas thrown at them during their last match. How on earth in 2022 does this still go on? There again I don't know anything about Bulgaria and they are most probably light years behind most civilised countries. Good for you, Pardew.
  9. northnorfolkwolf

    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    Not true. I have until the 8th of June to renew. Still thinking about it.
  10. northnorfolkwolf

    Joao Moutinho Surely Deserves a New 1 or 2 year Contract

    With or without Neves Moutinho is less influential each passing week. For me I'd rather see him go as I'm sure he will not want a cut in wages and I can't see him playing so many games, certainly the season after next. Fosun have let things slide so much so that we pretty much need a team...
  11. northnorfolkwolf

    The ‘Sustainability’ Paradox

    Didn't the spending in the Champs cost us a FFP 3 year penalty, which we are now just coming out of?
  12. northnorfolkwolf

    Verdict Season: 21/22.

    ****. Pretty much every way you look at it. Blew a top 6th spot so we will lose Neves. Jimenez shot. Silva ? No mf. Even the defence, so good for so long, blew it. A season of what might have been. I think 10th is perhaps better than we deserved. Please God give us some attacking inspiration...
  13. northnorfolkwolf

    Neves x 200

    Is that Jimmy Greaves?!
  14. northnorfolkwolf


    Agreed. You have to see Toon go past us and even possibly Villa and Everton. With Lage in charge, Neves gone I can't see us making the progress we need. Hope I'm wrong.
  15. northnorfolkwolf


    Just looked at the final table - we finished 20 (yes, ****ing 20 pts) behind Spurs? We were right with them a couple of months back. This just proves that bringing in a quality manager and quality players will make a massive difference over a season. If Fosun are genuine in their desire to make...
  16. northnorfolkwolf

    Relegated Teams - Anyone to Look at?

    slightly OT but the lad from Hull, Lewis-Potter.
  17. northnorfolkwolf

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Absolutely this. I've never been his greatest fan but I've been really impressed with him at Sheffield. They seem to know where to play him; never sure we did. He'll come back to us and it appears Lage likes him so he should get games next season in our re-built side. We need more attacking...
  18. northnorfolkwolf

    Consider this...

    Loved both players, esp Cav. I've banged on on here about the Club stagnating but this thread is further evidence, if it was needed, that we've got rid of good players and brought in lesser ones. I pray when Neves goes we get cash up front and we use those funds to buy 2 quality replacements.
  19. northnorfolkwolf

    Do Wolves want Liverpool to win league?

    I thought exactly this as I scanned that article. Jota and Traore, 2 of our most saleable assets in years, and we get get taken for a ride by both Liverpool and Barca. God knows what will happen with Neves - we'll let him go for a free, then an instalment at Xmas and another in 12 months?! Makes...
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