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  1. northnorfolkwolf

    World Cup Draw

    England out 2nd ball. Will play on opening day 21 November.
  2. northnorfolkwolf

    Not a bad time to discuss the team re-build

    The last few games have been poor and looking at the table with 11 games left 8th looks likely to be where we will end up (hopefully no lower). Whilst this season isn't over I think we will do well to move higher. Lage seems to have thrown his toys out of the cot in the dressing room at WHU and...
  3. northnorfolkwolf


    My daughter in law has arranged online to give some kids' stuff away and the bloke coming to collect it tomorrow, as it turns out, is from Walsall. I know nothing about Walsall but wondered if there is usually any anti-Wolves sentiment there or are they often Wolves supporters. Is it best to...
  4. northnorfolkwolf

    The Big Match Re-visited - ITV 4 (ch 26) ITV 4 +1 (Ch 60)

    Apologies but I don't know how to change a thread title so I've done a new thread for this topic. I had no idea these old programmes were being shown on ITV 4 usually around 6pm. They are classic Big Match shows from the 70s and 80s and will be well known to those of my age who loved the...
  5. northnorfolkwolf

    Bees predictions.

    Started this early as I just noticed that after playing Liverpool today the Bees play again on Wednesday night v Utd. That gives them just 2 days rest before facing us on Saturday. Hopefully we can take advantage the longer rest period gives us and make amends for our horror show v them earlier...
  6. northnorfolkwolf

    VAR compared to cricket's review system

    I know we've done VAR to death on here but watching the cricket has made me realise how good and open their review system is. I know it's a different game and all the rest but the principles are the same - basically to review a potentially wrong decision by the ref/umpire. The reviewer is in the...
  7. northnorfolkwolf

    The Overlap with Gary Neville

    Not seen this mentioned on here but came across this on You Tube and loved every minute of the hour he is in discussion with Roy Keane. Really enjoyable and very funny and very insightful into life inside football. Not much going on at present so can recommend this as a really good football...
  8. northnorfolkwolf

    Keeping Neves and Traore - is that good enough?

    This may prove to be premature with 4 hours still to go but I remember asking the question some weeks back if nothing else happens is hanging on to Neves and Traore good enough? TBh I'm hoping and praying for this right now. Who knows what's going on inside the Club and with Fosun's plans for us...
  9. northnorfolkwolf

    Wolves membership

    Further to my ST thread it seems there are several on here, like me, who are unsure whether to renew next season. I've been looking at the Membership scheme as a possible alternative but can't see that for the £35 joining fee there is any guarantee of getting match tickets? If we do well next...
  10. northnorfolkwolf

    STs for 21/22 season

    Reading the ballot thread and seeing about 50% applied got me to thinking about next season's ST. I expect things may change through the summer but I wonder what people think the maximum attendance will set at for August? I doubt it will be full capacity? I also wonder how people, esp older...
  11. northnorfolkwolf

    Nuno please go now.

    I said it when he surrendered against a poor Southampton team and I'll say it again - it is time for Nuno to go. Let's get a new manager in asap and build a new side ready for the new season. Nuno has overseen a shambles this season and today sums up where we are under him. No fight, no...
  12. northnorfolkwolf

    UK football grounds you can see from a bus

    You can see the KCOM Stadium from the following East Yorkshire Bus services: No 2 from Hull Rail to Boothferry Estate No 66 Hull BR to Hessle No 154 Hull BR to Cottingham and the return No 63 Cottingham to Hull BR No 350 Hull to S****horpe This is a handy cut out and keep guide for those on here...
  13. northnorfolkwolf

    Relegation? No chance

    Reading through many threads I'm surprised people are still saying we need to keep one eye on relegation? Assuming Sheffield and Albion are down, for us to drop to 18th, even if we lose all 10 remaining games, all this has to happen - Fulham and Brighton both have to make up 9pts, Toon 8pts...
  14. northnorfolkwolf

    The Footballs On - Thur 11th Feb

    I put a thread on the other week about this show on BT Sport. Just watched the recording of last night's show and a nice chat on there with Tim Spiers towards the end about Wolves. Ian Stone, the host, relates a tale when he went up as a journo on the Wolves fans' coach to a Carlisle away game...
  15. northnorfolkwolf

    Lose on Sunday and Nuno should be sacked

    He's taken us as far as he can. He has no 'solutions'. We've been **** for 12 months now and with the players he's got that's a disgrace. I think he's out of ideas and time for a new face to take this group on.
  16. northnorfolkwolf

    Looking at the same thing (almost) different ways?

    We've stayed up and it's the summer. Nuno/or new manager will build his new side, 433, : Patricio Semedo Boly Kilman Johnny...
  17. northnorfolkwolf

    What actually is our contractual link with Mendes?

    Sorry to start yet another transfer thread but but all our discussions about transfers, either written on here or implied, seem to centre around the Club's links to Mendes. Does anyone know for sure exactly what we are committed to with this guy? Do we have to buy all our players through him? Do...
  18. northnorfolkwolf

    The Football's On

    Used to love watching this show with Ian Stone some years back and I think it got taken off. Just turned on BT TV to check tomorrows game times and blow me down there it is on BT right now. Still bloody funny and nice to have an intelligent football programme. Highly recommended for those who...
  19. northnorfolkwolf

    Team for Burnley

    I've never started one of these but so thrilled with that attacking 2nd half display and the solidity that the 3 at the back gives us I'd love to see- Patricio Semedo Boly Coady Saiss Marcal Vitinha Neves Otasowie Podence Neto I think Burnley is a decent match to give this line up a go.
  20. northnorfolkwolf


    Does anyone hear from Rhos? He doesn't seem to have been on here for ages. I hope and assume he's ok?
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