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    Jeff Shi - Interview in The Athletic

    So Spiers has just tweeted about an interview with Jeff Shi he's done for The Athletic where he talks about the transfer window, amongst other things. Unfortunately I don't have a subscription so can't read it. Can anyone who does sum up what he says please...
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    Dreamteam Fantasy Football

    Anyone doing a Dreamteam Fantasy Team for the Euros? https://www.dreamteamfc.com If so, I have created a Molineux Mix League, which you can enter using the pin below: EUZD475W :)
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    Next Season Expectations

    This may be a bit premature as we don't fully know the squad for next season, but now that "phase 1" of the plan is complete with the appointment of Lage; what is everyone's expectations for next season? Personally, I'd be happy with a top half finish if we get some entertaining football and I...
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    Romaine Sawyers

    Not often that I like to talk about them lot down the road, but just saw that Romaine Sawyers has been subject to racist abuse from one of their own fans. Absolutely vile behaviour. Can't believe this is happening in 2020. I hope no Wolves fans do this to any of our players - or any player for...
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    M'Bala Nzola

    Linked to this chap apparently...let's the get YouTube videos on the go! :D
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    Olympiacos Tickets

    Apologies if there is already a thread for this, but has anyone been contacted regarding a refund for the Olympiacos tickets? I've had my refund for ST, but heard nothing about Europa refunds. Thanks :)
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    UEFA Nations League

    Apologies if someone else has already posted about this, but another England squad without Coady. I understand that he hasn't played in a back 4, but to not even include him in the squad to see how he'd do is shocking...Southgate is a cretin.
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    Boly vs Huddersfield

    I haven't seen anything dedicated to how **** Boly was last night. Who agrees/disagrees? He looked like Bambi on ice. Yes - **** was purposely used, so cue to ****ing Wily/Wily ****er jokes.
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    E&S Wolves Podcast Live 100th Episode

    Have any listeners heard about the live recording at The Mol on Thursday 6th December? Anyone going?
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    England fans after Sweden :(

    Anyone else seen this? Disgraceful behaviour!
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    Just a quick note to wish Saiss good luck for the start to his tournament. Show the world what you can do son!
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    SB Upper vs BW Upper - Difference?

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a season ticket and have found options in both the SB Upper and BW Upper. The SB Upper is J1 and the BW Upper is in the same respective part of its stand in W9. The SB ticket however is £79 cheaper. What's the difference in view/experience (if any) to justify the...
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    Ikeme in FIFA

    Just a quick note to say a great touch of class from EA and FIFA for including Carl in the WC mode of FIFA 18. Fantastic to see how much the footballing world has come together for Carl. :D EDIT: A great point made by a few which I did not think about in my early morning state - Well done to...
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    Vincent Aboubakar

    Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted everyone's thoughts on Big Vince. With all this Andre Silva talk, does anybody else think that Vince would be a better buy? Silva will cost maybe £30 million whilst Swansea were in for Vince for around £6 million in January. Even if...
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