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    Small heath alliance.

    Never knew Birmingham changed their name.
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    Nuno and his pals.

    Dean Smith,Aitor Karanca,Sam Alladyce and Nuno are sat in a pub having a chat. Nuno let's Smith get the first pint in,They down that and Karanca pops off for the refills.A bit of chatter later and they're all empty,so Big sam goes to the bar to fill the glasses,and they continue chatting and...
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    goalden gate draw.

    Is there anyone on here do this draw,and if so have you had notification of its still taking place.I do £21.70 a month but cannot see how they can do it if they are not working at Molineux.And this month's money has been took out of bank.I have not received any information about this at all ?
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    How much

    Does anyone know how much the season ticket in the South bank was,on the monthly payment scheme,and is December the last payment.? Asking for a mate.Cheers.
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    I've got the feeling admin have put everyone on my ignore list.Let's see how this goes :D
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    Ticket office.

    Is anyone else having trouble getting in touch with the office.Cannot order my Liverpool tickets and I'm not in town until Wednesday.:(
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    Freedom of Wolverhampton

    Well done bully,thoroughly deserved.Have a great night Steve.
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    Nobody bothered about tonight.anyway we are 1-0 up Doc scored.
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