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    Attendances 86-87

    The longer you stay out the top flight you lose so many thousand per season 19 seasons out of the top flight you end up loosing supporters. Same now molineux holding only 31000 all we can get is arm chair fans
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    Attendances 86-87

    If we where successful and stayed in the top flight we would easily get 50 plus thousand problem was the fans around the area supported Liverpool Man U Everton
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    Attendances 86-87

    If we stayed in the premier league like Newcastle or Everton we would be getting crowds of 50 plus thousand you can see from Burnley in the Sherpa van at Wembley how many supporters we had that had stayed away
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    Attendances 86-87

    Teams like Newcastle attendance never changed much with crowds of 20000 + in the 90s now they have 50000 we lost loads of supporter being out of the top division
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    I meant the stand was already there they decided to demolish it all then rebuild a temp stand
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    They chopped a quarter of the south bank off to which was already there and now decided to put a temp stand there
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    I like the north bank design and it is has to be carried on around the steve bull stand. Surely wolves plans on ask wolves can’t go ahead
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    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    Great seeing other supporting event in Wolverhampton. Atmosphere was great pre match and in the ground until the goals started going in
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    I noticed the rust and the discoloured glass on the Steve bull stand
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    Billy Bingham RIP

    He use to pick Robbie Dennison for norther Ireland I think
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    Stadium Plans

    I thought you could exit the stadium from the side by the ticket office the gate is there and press use it to gain entry
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    Walsall Takeover

    I hope they expand the market to maybe before games
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    Stadium Plans

    Build another tier on the north bank and put the away fans in there
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    Stadium Plans

    The Steve Bull stand needs to be to the profile of the Stan Cullis stand. I don’t see how this would work and all seem mismatched
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    Stadium Plans

    You can see it in this clip https://www.macearchive.org/films/atv-today-13071979-wolverhampton-wanderers
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    Stonewall penalty!

    Liverpool second goal should not of stood our player got battered twice from the corner
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    Verdict Season: 21/22.

    Bad parts this season no backing for Bruno Lage not replacing MGW letting Adama go in January. Buying players who should be in the under 23s and trouble scoring goals. Plus points our defence and podence. Also a shout out for Sa
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    Rumours from the pub

    I heard the rumours about the neves chant was started in a pub
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    Wolves Women - News and Info

    If only they played like they did second half in the first half with 11 on the pitch they would of won
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