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    Life support training.

    Life support training requested by the players. Not sure I would want Adama pushing down on my chest !!! Oh... and look who is there !!!
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    Sky Sports repeat

    Last season we had a half hour show showing extended highlights. Searching the " after MOTD" slots no sign of the slot,but ow an 1hr 45min show tomorrow morning. Is this right ? Full match replay ? (Apologies trying to set TIVO to recorded via phone away from home)
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    New away shirt.

    Went back 6 pages to find the Castore thread, couldn't see it and got bored. What do we think ? Plasterers radio comes to mind !
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    FIFA "Rankings"

    Dont play it myself, but check out the Wolves FB page for players new ratings !! Adama and Ryan not happy !!! :)
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    You know they love it here .....

    Wolves on Twitter
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    Opening game moved

    ...to Sunday
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    Pre season on TV

    Set the recorders Premier League World were in Switzerland to cover Wolves' pre-season preparations. The feature will air tonight on @btsport at 6.30pm and @SkySportsPL at 7.30pm. Wolves on Twitter
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    Poor kid... out for entire season. Just goes.to show how fragile any new signing can be.
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    Sky Sports News

    In the last half an hour we have had two pearls on SSN First ,an in depth analysis on our purchases including signing R Miranda on loan from Olympiacos! Second , had George Boateng giving his opinion on who, of the promoted sides, would were best equipped to stay up. Said we would do well and...
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    A.C. Milan banned

    Welcome Mr Silva.
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