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    Molineux Atmosphere

    I feel that Molineux a lot of crowd noise is not echoing around the ground. At Newcastle you could hear the atmosphere trapped in the ground through congregated sheeting up against the side of the stands and a longer roof. I suppose what I am trying to say is you want to create the sound effect...
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    Financial Fair Play

    I heard on the radio that they are trying to bring in a new rule that teams can only spend 70 % of there revenue on transfers
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    John De Wolf on this day 25 years ago

    25 years ago today John de Wolf scored his hatrick against Port Vale
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    Team of the 90s v today’s team

    Manager Mark McGee Mike stowell De wolf Dean Richards Mark Atkins Naylor Andy Thompson wing back Gordon Cowans Simon Osborne Kean Kelly Don Goodman Subs Bull Emblem keen Thomas muscat Froggat Venus Corica
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    Some Video clips from the 80s

    Central News: 19.03.1982: Sport - Football - Wolverhampton Central News: 06.07.1982: Wolverhampton Wanderers ATV Today: 13.07.1979: Wolverhampton Wanderers With this video you can see the bottom tier of the Steve bull stand was just added on
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    Why is there only a Sunday bus timetable on a match day when wolves play. They run every 30 mins and is a poor service it is to. I also had a right game getting to the game with the lights staying on green for 10 seconds it added 25 minutes to the journey from bilston to Wolverhampton
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