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    Mirror Article

    Not sure if this has already been posted. If so, please remove. Paints a rather dismal picture of Wolves future prospects. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/wolves-news-ruben-neves-transfer-27123730?fbclid=IwAR0m7xR8IUEjyzu5c9Yk1QJt1AB46_9MqAjc8KLxZO2d9MPcSyla3A6BIp4&fs=e&s=cl
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    How Simeone has reinvented Atletico

    Interesting article on Simeone changing style after becoming ‘stuck’ to one system, with they key change being a switch from 442 and style of play. I thought it parallels Nuno, with how he wants Wolves to be less predictable and more creative. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56154118
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    Nuno not happy with squad

    Not happy with balance of squad. Which begs the oft asked question, who was in charge of our transfers this summer? We’ve heard it’s Nuno but his comments seem to contradict this. Last paragraph of article.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55371930
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    BBC - Wolves at a crossroad..

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    Chelsea Predictions

    Should this be merged with the Team v Chelsea thread? Anyway, if we repeat our post international break form this season this will be an easy win for Chelsea. 0-3 I'm hoping things will be different this season so I'm going for 1-1.
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    Martin O Neil Sacked

    That went well then!
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    Connection Problems to MM

    Hi All I have regular connection problems to MM. The site will show as unavailable for a few minutes or hours then come back on again. Sometimes it happens when I am flitting between threads. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. Has anyone else had these problems? Thanks :)
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    Wolves 7 year plan....a game changer

    Meant to post this from yesterday's Daily Mail. A very interesting piece. SAMUEL: Seven-year plan at Wolves is no pipe dream... it's a game changer | Daily Mail Online
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    Crouch on Wolves

    'The first thing you say about any team that wins promotion is they will do well to stay up. With Wolves, though, I think we change that statement. We played them a few weeks ago in a friendly. I was up front and wanted to test their three central defenders to see what they were like, pulling on...
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    BBC Article on Wolves

    Don't know if it's been posted elsewhere but a good read and some great stats. Wolves: Super agent Jorge Mendes, Chinese owners and global ambition
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    That Save - Gordon Banks

    As a brief aside to the big game, just been reminiscing as it's Banks's 80th. Beeb website have a bit of a profile on him including THAT save. I'm old enough to have remembered seeing it live and, despite seeing some great saves since then, for me it is still the greatest save I've personally...
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    Lambert - BBC Report

    Still adamant he won't change his belief in the recruitment process but now acknowledges Zenga brought in some good players! He does sound a happy bunny and quite content. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40314365
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    Fosun by Paul Lambert

    Sometimes, I just wish PL would stop giving us all the benefit of his perfect wisdom as to why everything is wrong but he is the man to put it right. In his latest effort reported in the E&S, he's telling Fosun that they are learning and Shi and Thelwell are working well on our close season...
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    Fighting Talk from Lambert

    From last night's E&S "We'll be a lot better next year, that's for sure," Lambert added. "I'm telling you right now we'll be better. This club needs a few to come in, there's no two ways about it. You can never promise anything, but one thing's for sure you'll come out the traps next season...
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    Fosun President and PL

    From the E&E, Fosun president and joint-founding member Wang Qunbin was at the Mol. Read more at http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2017/02/20/paul-lambert-optimistic-for-wolves-future/#vC8qFUBCxMMlyzRW.99 We all want to see nights like Saturday although not the...
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    We'll Go Again!

    Hahaha...Villa fans were spot on. PL actually said it after today's defeat: .."We're a young team aspiring to get out the league. We got beat, but we'll go again".
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    'We're in a relegation fight' - Lambert

    After all the money spent and big promises, just what we need to hear from a new manager less than half way into the season. This sets the scene for more turgid 0-0s. Granted, we are in a mess but come on, Mr Lambert: instil some fire and belief.
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    McDonald Offer Clean Slate

    I find this rather depressing tbh: http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2016/06/30/wolves-kevin-mcdonald-offered-clean-slate/ It's business as usual. Straight from Jackett's motivational manual and dragging old scars from last season's debacle. He has pretty...
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    KJ's last post match - still not a clue

    Admits we were up against Sheff Wed reserve team with special mention in despatches for the 'right side'. Looks like the left side is still suffering but at least he didn't pick on it. Too right wing is our Ken at times. Bottom line..he knows where the problems are and they seem aplenty...
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    Villa bigger than Wolves?

    Hate to say it but they are reportedly in negotiations with potential buyers. Meanwhile, under the tenure of Moxey, Morgan and Jackett Wolves are drifting off into the peripherals. Next season will be telling.
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