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  1. Royal wolf

    Newcastle verdict

    Top 6 back in sight and we **** the bed yet again. How many times has this been said? Bigger bottle jobs than spurs. I’m bored of this season now.
  2. Royal wolf

    Arsenal verdict

    Worst thing we could’ve done is score so early. Fully deserve to lose with **** tactics throughout. Diving, wasting time. Embarrassing. Didn’t win one 50-50 all game and just try and hold a lead for 80 mins. Morons
  3. Royal wolf

    Southampton verdict

    Excellent win and scoring 3 is a breath of fresh air although could’ve easily been 2-2. Absolutely delighted for Adama and thought Silva out performed Raul again albeit him scoring.
  4. Royal wolf

    Chelsea verdict

    Good point. Boring. Unadventurous. Uninspiring
  5. Royal wolf

    Burnley verdict

    Far to slow on the ball as usual. Main culprits tonight Moutinho and Ran. Our tempo is yet again the problem and always will be against a team like Burnley.
  6. Royal wolf

    Norwich verdict

    Classic wolves following on from an excellent performance with a dismal one against a weaker team. Some things just never change. Why are we unable to build momentum? Why do we rarely look like scoring?
  7. Royal wolf

    Palace verdict

    Classic wolves. Get to one win away from 5th and bottle it. Bruno is proving to be reactive instead of proactive which is a major concern for me. Yes our front 3 were magnificent against Everton but it clearly wasn’t working today so why wait to change it?
  8. Royal wolf

    Everton verdict

    Probably the best 60 mins I’ve seen us play in a long time. That’s the kind of fluidity in the front 3 we don’t get with Adama and it was great to watch. Still would have liked to see Traore on in the last 15 standing on the half way but oh well Jimenez Neves Moutinho Ait nouri All...
  9. Royal wolf

    Leeds verdict

    Did anyone honestly think we would win today? Wolves don’t get 4 straight wins. As I said in the comms thread old habits die hard and sitting back and defending a lead for 70 plus minutes is always gonna end one way.
  10. Royal wolf

    Brighton verdict

    Substituting Vitinha for kilman at 3-2 confirms in my head that Nuno is too defensive to take us further.
  11. Royal wolf

    Football cancelled again?

    With rumours of a national lockdown and press conference from Boris today is there a chance football will be put on hold again? I really hope not :eek:
  12. Royal wolf

    Sheff Utd Verdict

    Absolute bore fest We literally have nothing going forward apart from an Adama burst and cross
  13. Royal wolf

    Arsenal verdict

    Too much respect shown to a team with a dreadful defence. As soon as I saw a front 2 with Adama up top I was concerned. How many times does he have to play there before nuno realises he isn’t a striker
  14. Royal wolf

    Olympiakos verdict

    Would’ve taken that result before the game but with the sending off is a massive chance missed and could be unforgivable. One thing that bugs me is why can’t we take advantage of traore having 3 men on him especially when playing against 10 men? I’m also getting bored of watching vinagre’s one...
  15. Royal wolf

    Brighton verdict

    Disappointing but not at all surprising
  16. Royal wolf

    Leicester verdict

    Var decision aside not good enough Our finishing is dog**** No urgency Opposition down to 10 men but keep 3 at the back. No urgency We need to transition to a back 4 in games like this
  17. Royal wolf

    Question on our future and nuno

    Does anyone think we will ever outgrow nuno? Everyone knows he is a cautious manager (not a dig) but if we continue to progress we will be expected to take games to the opposition instead of playing on the counter. Is our style of play down to our quality and playing to our strengths or is it...
  18. Royal wolf

    Newcastle verdict

    Yet again Nuno costs us We don’t create playing 3-5-2 We’re guaranteed to go in at half time losing or drawing 0-0 Play 3-4-3 for god sake
  19. Royal wolf

    Wolves v Braga Verdict

    Every mistake is costing us goals currently and it’s Really frustrating.
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