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  1. Autistic Kangaroo

    one wish for next season

    Europa League (I wouldn’t say no to the champions league)
  2. Autistic Kangaroo

    Jonny Phillips article.

    The next couple of weeks showcases how our proximity to St George’s Park can elevate the global perception of our club. There is a uniqueness to our stadium from design to the colour of the seats. However the stadium particularly the Steve Bull is beginning to look aged even from inside and...
  3. Autistic Kangaroo

    Bust up

    It was obvious a falling out has happened. Quite a few speculating about it from half time onwards
  4. Autistic Kangaroo

    The buck stops with Jeff Shi @ WWFC

    I would like to invite Jeff Shi to get the hell out of our magnificent club. He is a patronising disingenuous parasite. Please let him **** off and do whatever he is qualified to do because his zero previous experience in football is nauseatingly obvious
  5. Autistic Kangaroo

    Bruno- stay or out?

    That was embarrassing. The players neither run or attempt to shoot on target. We will go down next season unless there are sweeping changes and strong investment.
  6. Autistic Kangaroo

    Burnley verdict thread

    I’m disappointed with what was another **** poor performance. I’m also disappointed with Lage.
  7. Autistic Kangaroo

    Burnley v Wolves comms thread.

    I think we will win. It will lovely to add a defining nail to Burnley’s coffin too.
  8. Autistic Kangaroo

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Haaland confirmed as moving to Man City. Conor & Kilman will keep him in their pocket at Molineux
  9. Autistic Kangaroo

    When will Fabio score his first goal?

    When we get Albion in the cup next season
  10. Autistic Kangaroo

    Romain Saïss x 200

    He is a cult hero. I would like him to stay. A two year contract on improved wages would be deserved is the OP said. The memory of him lying in the floor after our 9 men dug deeper than deep up from the corner of the Riverside will stay with me forever.
  11. Autistic Kangaroo

    Bruno Lage

    I’m not sure where you take the new connotation from. I simply stated he deserves credit which he does. Not everything has to involve a comparative angle. At least not in my world.
  12. Autistic Kangaroo

    Bruno Lage

    We bounce back impressively from periods of adversity, the latest being Arsenal and Palace results. The obvious start to the season being the other. Bruno deserves massive credit for cultivating this resilience
  13. Autistic Kangaroo

    Everton Verdict

    Neves is the best player I’ve seen in a wolves shirt, he’s surpassed Mouts. Not sure we will keep him. Everton fans are cretins - Coady scoring was like rubbing salt in their wound.
  14. Autistic Kangaroo

    Wonderful to have Willy Boly back tonight

    But I think we all know who might bridge that problem playing defensive midfield
  15. Autistic Kangaroo

    Weekend Prediction Game, Season 2021-2022

    The Wolf In The North said: Week 23 Fixtures, March 5th-6th Leicester 2-1 Leeds Aston Villa 1-1 Southampton Burnley 0~1* Chelsea Newcastle 3-0* Brighton Norwich 2~1* Brentford Wolves 1~0 Crystal Palace Liverpool 2~0* West Ham Fulham 3~1 Blackburn Preston 1~2 Bournemouth...
  16. Autistic Kangaroo

    West Ham v Wolves comms thread.

    I think it’s a weak looking team. Bruno has proven me wrong more than once this season so hopefully that trend continues
  17. Autistic Kangaroo

    Arise Sir Maximilian, England international

    I think he’s that good he will be in an England XI when win a trophy (with the current plethora of talent I think this is more than feasible)
  18. Autistic Kangaroo

    Tottenham v Wolves comms thread.

    Cundle’s last touch dispossessing Kane who was about to shoot. ❤️
  19. Autistic Kangaroo

    Weekend Prediction Game, Season 2021-2022

    Man Utd 3-1 Southampton Brentford 0~1 Crystal Palace Everton 1~1 Leeds Watford 1~0* Brighton Norwich 2~6* Man City Middlesbrough 1~2 Derby Nottingham Forest 2~0* Stoke Napoli 2~1 Inter Milan Lyon 3~1 Nice Burnley 0~4 Liverpool Newcastle 1~1 Aston Villa Tottenham 1~1 Wolves...
  20. Autistic Kangaroo

    We let Bruno down

    We should have invested more in the last two years. Fosun know this (Lage has even made it clear in several different ways) but they have made a strategic decision that anywhere from 8th - 14th will suit them happily.
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