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    The same old, same old, repeated arguments transfer thread

    I fully understand why it's reasonable to sell Gibbs-White if he doesn't sign a contract as he only has two years on his contract. I think he will be good enough for the Premier League but I understand why Wolves might sell him. Then Neves is in the same situation. Two years left, so if he...
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    U18 & U23 news and info...

    I know there's a lot to sort out this summer and far more pressing issues, but I would like to think we can get around to giving Corbeanu a new contract soon. I believe he only has a year left on his current deal and he was impressive at both Sheffield Wednesday and MK Dons last season. Just...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Tim Vickery, a South American based journalist, is on Talksport soon. He might have some information on Fernandez.
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    Wolves Summer 2022 Recruitment Plan by Dan Butler

    I think the part that's tough for someone not directly involved in football to analyse is what the footballer is like off the field, particularly relatively unknown players. I would imagine this is where contacts within the industry and a 'friend of a friend' can give advice. I've sometimes...
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    Non-Wolves Transfers (Summer Transfers 2022)

    It looks like Sterling could be going to Chelsea.
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    Why he didn't sign is just another unknown that grates on a football fan's mind. Maybe the club didn't think he was good enough? Maybe we couldn't afford the fee? Maybe Vitinha had enough of covid lockdown life in Wolverhampton and fancied being back in Portugal? Maybe it was something else...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    If/when we do sign someone I think it would be funny if Wolves announced it on its esport social media first just for a laugh. Palhinha and Nunes playing the latest Fifa game together.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    It would be nice if we did sign Nunes. It feels a bit like the Luis Diaz situation in January when Spurs were reportedly negotiating for a couple of weeks then Liverpool swooped in and got him. I can see Man City or another club just blowing us out of the water. Still, it keeps the transfer...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    There'll come a point where Palhinha will want his future sorted, whether Wolves are ready or not.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    I wouldn't normally share a random twitter post as they are usually a load of crap, but this account has a few thousand followers and is a bit of a different rumour. Cutrone to Club America?
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    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    Some good news from last night - Trevor Jennings had travelled from Harlow, Essex, to Wolverhampton for the match. He said: "I cannot believe it, I just brought a pint for £2.68 in Wolverhampton, the prices are like 1980. You could not get half a pint in London for £2.80. We follow England...
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    Southgate - In or Out?

    I read an article in The Athletic earlier about how the England fans turned on Southgate. There are some unintentionally funny lines in it, one being - "There is a perception — one growing among England fans — that Southgate simply is not an elite coach." I think with that type of analysis...
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    "You don't know what you're doing" ringing out across Molineux reminded me of old times. I hope Wolves have a good start to the season. We need some positive performances to get Molineux rocking in the right way.
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    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    Hungary once embarrassed England at Wembley. Wolves achieved redemption for English football by beating Honved at Molineux. Hungary gets redemption by embarrassing England again at Molineux. Football fate is a cruel mistress.
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    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    It was a cracking strike to be fair. The Mighty Magyars return.
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