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  1. Chisels_n_ommers

    Managers Dining Out

    With the lockdown restrictions easing next week (hoorah), we can all now start to dine out. I'm sure the Prem managers will be looking forward to popping along to their favourite eateries. But what do you think they will go out and have? I'll kick off with Moysie. I think he'll go for a...
  2. Chisels_n_ommers

    All time top flight goals

    Guess who comes out top before you watch it....
  3. Chisels_n_ommers

    Wilder Gone

    By mutual consent according to Talksport
  4. Chisels_n_ommers

    Computer Says No (To Big Fat Samosaurus)

    This is how the Sun's good old supercomputer predicts it will all finish.... Link: Supercomputer predicts final Premier League table
  5. Chisels_n_ommers

    Ground Rankings

    Courtesy of Talksport Every Premier League stadium rated from best to worst - pies, pints and prices reviewed
  6. Chisels_n_ommers

    Backing a Loser

    Jeremy Corbyn supported Wolves before giving up to follow Arsenal
  7. Chisels_n_ommers

    It goes to the last game!

    We've defeated every team this season apart from.... Sunderland!
  8. Chisels_n_ommers

    How old to attend?

    My lad is 13 soon and wants to go to some games on his own (with his mates). And I thought I was a cool dad ! Oh well :confused: I was just wondering what age kids are allowed to go in the ground unattended? I went to my first game unattended when I was 12 (played Southampton - Shilton was in...
  9. Chisels_n_ommers

    Embarrassing Sponsors

    Look what Birmingham's partners have been up to. They used to be the shirt sponsors and now sponsor Birmingham's stand etc http://rdo.org/industry-updates/17532/ What an embarrassment of a club they are!
  10. Chisels_n_ommers

    Not giving the ball back

    I'm not up for this. It wasn't a nasty, bad tempered game and Bristol weren't messing us about at all. This sort of thing could work against us even with refs. Give the ball back Wolves, play the game.
  11. Chisels_n_ommers

    The Pant Wetting D-Day Forecast

    It's a damp start, with light showers looming in the West Midlands
  12. Chisels_n_ommers

    Trade Places with West Brom?

    Would you swap places right now with the ****? Squads, owners, finances, management, league position, ground and so on...lock, stock and barrel.
  13. Chisels_n_ommers

    Hell of a Beating Thread

    Tarby, Doe Corkhill, Andy Pitkin, Bob Carolgees.........
  14. Chisels_n_ommers

    There's only one Roger Johnson

    There's only one Roger Johnson One Roger Johnson He used to drink pints :vollkommenauf: but now he's alright In a Roger Johnson Wonderland Worth airing if he keeps this form and attitude up
  15. Chisels_n_ommers

    "Up for it" Doyle

    I thought it was noticeable how much Kevin Doyle was fired up against Newcastle. His body language seemed totally different to that of recent months and his whole performance was back to the level of a season or two ago. Endeavour, tenacity and a team ethic. I've always felt that one of...
  16. Chisels_n_ommers

    The case for Warnock

    Of the available candidates COLIN is the clearly logical choice.:stupido3: Why? We need an experienced manager who can handle a high pressure situation, We need a new manager to have an immediate effect, The new manager won't be able to change personnel (to any degree), The new manager...
  17. Chisels_n_ommers

    Mick McCarthy Ate My Hamster

    This is a thread for all of those posters on here who feel the need to be rude and abusive to an honourable man. Whether you feel it is time for him to go or not, are the "&$## off muppet" jibes befitting? Get it out of your systems. I'm going onto another thread where the levels of...
  18. Chisels_n_ommers

    James Mc will save the world

    James McFadden Song.... jLWPyfpow2g James McFadden will save the world - YouTube
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