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  1. Autistic Kangaroo

    Nuno facing the sack today

    Breaking in the press: here is one outlet. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/10/31/exclusive-nuno-espirito-santo-could-face-immediate-sack-tottenham/ If this is true, I doubt many of us are surprised. Yet, I would like to express my sympathies towards the great man. The club is a mess...
  2. Autistic Kangaroo

    150 for Sir Nuno

    Thank you :hearteyes: Nuno's recipe for success as Wolves look to down Arsenal Nuno Espirito Santo: Inside the Wolves manager's inner sanctum and the secrets to his success
  3. Autistic Kangaroo

    Football Social Daily Podcast May 25

    Listened to this a few times across the barren sporting days of lockdown - heavily PL based and not bad imo. Anyway the first episode this week concentrated on ‘what might have happened’ scenarios, manager of the year, european places, top scorer, relegation etc. On the European places one...
  4. Autistic Kangaroo

    “Drunk on the atmosphere alone”

    Great quote - good article, lots of Wolves references From Mané to Ings: awards of the Premier League season so far
  5. Autistic Kangaroo

    Crusaders Away match build up...

    Why leading Crusaders out against Wolves was my proudest moment in football: Sean O'Neill - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Good lad our Ruben
  6. Autistic Kangaroo

    Kit launch success

    Thought it would be interesting to use the mix as as a microcosm as to the launch success and the sort of money the club will make
  7. Autistic Kangaroo

    Manager of the season

    Nuno nominated!!
  8. Autistic Kangaroo


    Can’t express how excited I am about tomorrow. I’m a 38 year old man and seeing Wolves at Wembley tomorrow has meant that I’ve spent today especially lacking concentration about anything but the game and the day tomorrow. It’s a long way from standing on a milk crate in the south bank for a game...
  9. Autistic Kangaroo

    Trevor Steven has his say

    amd I quite like the positivity with which he talks about us in the main. Trevor Steven: Wolves are back, thanks to Nuno and Mendes
  10. Autistic Kangaroo

    Detailed article in Nuno

    Nuno Espirito Santo opens up on his Wolves revolution and the power of the collective | Daily Mail Online Great read. Love Nuno. Press are starting to take notice of him though. Really hope that doesn’t bring a ‘sting in the tail’ anytime soon
  11. Autistic Kangaroo

    The Villa sympathy thread

    hahahahahaha!!!! Top team in the midlands
  12. Autistic Kangaroo

    The Hinterland

    Anyone else feeling a strange heady mix of excitement of what should, could, will happen imminently without wishing to indulge in even too many thoughts after the last few weeks of highs and just a couple too many lows as well. It’s like a tantalising purgatory that will soon slowly unravel...
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